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Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

Many of guard dogs too large fortypical apartments (Caucasian Shepherd Alabai), so they prefer to keep in the yard, on the street. However, care must be taken home for a dog, think about where it will rest, to sleep, to hide from the rain. Usually the owners for their pets build booths.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

Common patterns in the calculation of booth sizes for dogs ↑

When building or buying a home for the dogmust take into account its size. In a small booth it will be cramped and uncomfortable. In too large - cold in winter, the guard will freeze. Kennel must allow the animal to freely enter, lie down, turn around.

If your pet only a few months old, thethere are 2 options: to build a 2 booths ( "puppy", with a small margin, and "adult") or to make a house just below the size of the animal grew. In the latter case it is necessary to focus on breed standards, if the puppy purebred. If mongrel, it is possible to proceed from the size of the parents, and the projected growth.

To calculate the necessary parameters of the booth, you will need to measure:

  • the width of the chest of the dog;
  • length from tip of nose to tail;
  • height at the withers;
  • overall height from the floor to the head.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

Being in possession of all the parameters, you can proceed to the calculation of the size of the kennel. Observe the following dimensions of the relationship between the dog and the internal dimensions of the booth:

  • booth height and width are equal to the total height of the dog + 5 cm;
  • Depth is the length of the dog kennel + 5 cm;
  • hole 5 cm wider than the width of the chest and 5 cm lower than the height at withers.

So easy to calculate the size of the booth for dogs of any breed and build the perfect home for the pet.

Video: What should be the booth for the dog. Terms and sizes.

If you buy ready-made booth ↑

Separately, under every rock booths are not produced. Manufacturers come from dividing them into three conventional groups: small, medium, large. And for each of the categories used averaged parameters. Of course, this does not take into account the individual characteristics of each dog, because even within each group there is a significant variation in size. Therefore it is not always sold booth will be appropriate for each individual pet. To choose the right booth ready, you need to know the size of the dog.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

For small breeds (Dachshund, terrier, pug) offers the following dimensions: 60h80h60 to see Laz 40x30 cm or less..

For medium (These are, for example, the size of the booth for the Huskies, Huskies, etc.) to see Laz 80h110h80 45h35 see..

For large (Caucasian, Alabai) to 110h130h110 50x40 cm Laz..

How to choose a kennel ↑

There are a number of requirements to the correct location of the kennel. Whether it's booth for a German Shepherd or mutts, the list is the same:

  • The protected area must be fully viewable. Watchdog to monitor all movement on the territory of the host, because He is constantly on the "service".
  • The room for the dog to be removed from the human to the house of 10-15 m. Then the owners and the guard will not interfere with each other.
  • It is unacceptable mixing of dogs and other animals (cows, horses, etc.). Noise, fumes, irritating odors, etc. negative impact on the condition and health of the guard.
  • Kennel must stand on a light, welllit area. But nearby should be a shadow to pet summer could shelter from the scorching sun. The best option - a tree or a shed.
  • A place for the kennel should be dry, that under it not accumulate water. A good option - put the booth on a hill. Then the water will drain, and the review will be magnificent.
Attention! The pad should be done with a small bias to dripping excess water. Then you need to remove the hole, align and compacted ground.
Caution! From the plot allotted for the dog moves,should remove sharp and pointed objects that the animal does not get hurt. Also on the site there should be other items that impede movements guard.
  • it should focus on the house Installationsides of the world and take into account the prevailing wind direction. Drafts adversely affect the health of dogs. Login must be sent in the direction from which the wind does not blow, or fall to winter in the booth did not blew snow and rain.
  • It is undesirable to put directly on the kennelground. Then in wet weather floor is damp and cold, under it will trap moisture. It is better to take a small foundation, use a stand or put on the legs. The gap width of 5-10 cm between the floor and the ground is needed in order to bottom ventilated and does not get wet from the surface.
  • Bowls should be so that the animal could not accidentally flip them.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

Attention! The most pleasant for dog paws covering -natural. It may be land, or a simple lawn grass, sand and gravel. Artificial turf can be dangerous for animal health. So, on a hot plate pet will constantly slips, resulting in injury. Concrete gains cold and wet, they get cold because of this dog.

Dimensions booths to guard breeds ↑

Attention! If Booth seems cramped and uncomfortable, the dog is unlikely to be in it live. When too large dog will not be able to heat the room and your body will feel cold.

Dimensions kennel for Huskies. The optimal length of the inside - 100 cm, the height (excluding the roof) and width - 80 cm Small Laz about 40-45 to 30-35 cm, with a threshold of about 20 cm in height, it is further possible to upholster anything. to not quickly worn out. In winter, the entrance should hang burlap or other thick cloth so that the door went to a small overlap in the jambs and the threshold.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

The size of the booth for the German Shepherd: length 80 cm, width and height (the lowest point) -.. 70 cm manhole size 45h35 see also desirable to provide a nut to the water, dirt and dust stayed outside.

Residence for the Huskies is practically no different from the place where it will be live or husky shepherd: up to 90 cm length, width and height of 70 cm manhole size 45h35 see..

Several larger booth for Caucasian Shepherd. The dimensions it will have approximately the following: the interior 90h80h110 cm (HxWxL). Laz approximately 40x50 cm.

The most spacious cabin for Alabai: its size 90h100h130 cm (HxWxL). Laz to 45x55 cm.

Next to the kennel can be equipped with a wooden shield100x150 cm. This is a small deck for feeding and dog recreation, so that it does not lie in the mud. Also, it does not interfere with a strong hook or a ring for tying a pet, even if it is not the content scheduled on the circuit. Sometimes you need to hold the animal.

Avilable ↑

For kennel is best suited naturalwood: planks, slabs, thin logs, etc. Materials to be processed impregnation, preventing rotting and fungus formation. Outside you can use plywood, MDF and other materials. From the outside, you can paint booth. So it will look more attractive, and the tree will be protected from moisture. Inside use paints are not recommended.

Council! It is better not to use for external cladding metal roofing because chain will rattle against it.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

The roof can be done uni-directional or gable. The first option is preferable, since dogs love to lay on the roof of their houses. If the pet most of the time kept on a leash, then jumping up and down will allow him not to lose shape. The angle of inclination of the roof is small, no more than 20-30 °. It is best to 15-20 °. From above, it should be covered with liquid impervious material. Knowing the dimensions of the dog kennels and angle, it is easy to calculate the required length and to calculate the amount of material. Flat roof can be done, but in this case it may accumulate water. The roof have to be a lift, it was convenient to put things in order. It is also a good idea if the roof will come forward to form a "canopy" over the entrance. This will be an additional protection from rain and snow.

hint! Roof at the booth must be removable, because this is the only way to spend cleaning and disinfection inside.

The floor and walls must be smooth inside, withoutslits. be sure to consider the insulation booths for areas with cold winters. Typically, the interior walls are sheathed foam. This accessible and inexpensive material, but it retains heat well. Inside you can make a bed. Especially good hay and straw, because they are easy to lay and clean. Summer bedding are not needed.

Attention! Whatever may be the warm shed, you need to provide a place for the night heating or dog in the house in case the street is very cold, damp or strong wind.

Login halt sacking or tarpaulin. In cold areas sometimes use felt. The size of the curtains in the length and width of about 3-5 cm longer than the manhole. Otherwise, it will not close properly input. If the "door" is too large, it will get stuck inside the booth, which will create additional inconvenience to the watchman. When excessive length of the dog will step on it, which will also prevent the free movement.

Dimensions booths Shepherds, Alabai dogs and other

Perhaps most importantly, what you should rely, when calculating the size of the booth for the dog - it was her own size. Only in this case, housing will meet the needs of your pet.

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