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Photo Design House 16 squares

When space in the living room a lot,easy to think through the interior to suit your taste and needs of the residents. It is much more difficult to find a suitable design for the room of 16 squares. light seems necessary to calculate in detail, style, atmosphere and color scheme so that these same 16 squares were comfortable and harmonious despite the size.

Photo Design House 16 squares

First of all, you should choose a compact and functional furniture for the room. Modern technologies allow to allocate space ergonomic, visually increasing it.

built-in cabinets will look good andhanging shelves, mirrors and stained glass, reflecting the room. Interior room is dependent on the destination, with this factor begins any design direction.

The overall plan ↑

How to arrange 16 squares ↑

In big cities becoming more commonStudios get a great solution for people who have a room in a former communal apartment, or are not yet able to finish the house, but for some reason are forced to live in one room.

Photo Design House 16 squares

From Europe came to us a new solution for this kind of trouble - any room, even a 16 sq.m. It can be turned into a completely comfortable and functional accommodation. Do not believe me?

Photo Design House 16 squares

Mini apartment ↑

To equip this tiny space under thea maximum of necessary functions, such as living room, bedroom and kitchen, leading designers have brilliantly used every centimeter of all 4 surfaces. studio space is completely open for creative flight.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Firstly, the built-in or hanging cabinets are always significantly save area visually.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Secondly, a two-level floor divides the roomhalf. Here comes all multifunctional and compact sliding furniture. For example, a sofa bed and two in a sofa in fact - a bed that is included in the half recess of the higher level of the floor, forming a comfortable sofa that instantly transforms the bedroom into the living room.

Secret professionals ↑

The kitchen, which is set at a higher level floor, should be very functional - it equipped with all the necessary elements, such as:

  • plate;
  • oven;
  • sink;
  • hanging locker for food.

The kitchen has a modern look then agreedstudio with the overall design style. In front of the kitchen is good to put the bar in the same minimalist style, it will serve as both a dining table.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Photo Design House 16 squares

Even a few steps that separate two-level on the floor, used for storing household trivia. This ladder is made of blocks with a drawer, where also a lot of space.

Photo Design House 16 squares

↑ Bedroom

Cell in 16 squares ↑

A similar technique is used in a cleversetting bedrooms, Limited 16 squares. By putting a double bed on a podium, designers seek distinction space to sleeping area, and a movement. In addition, many models are now equipped with beds drawers for storing clothes and bedding.

Photo Design House 16 squares

In Soviet times, people were hanged in the middle of the roomscreen that separated the bedroom from the children at night, but this is wrong - the room always seems cluttered and cramped. Translucent curtains will correct this misunderstanding.

Shades of comfort ↑

All items are of great importance forsmart design - floor covering should contrast with the desirable multi-level lighting. The bedroom will look great wall sconces and lamps spotlights, at the same time they are arranged in the desired accent lighting.

Photo Design House 16 squares

The color of the furniture and walls in a room 16 sq.m. should not be combined solid uniformity, on the other hand - a nice contrast must be present. The only rule is to experiment - not to hang wallpaper with large and colorful patterns - such a move will ruin all the previous work on the interior.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Living ↑

The maximum in the minimum ↑

For the most important room in the house, where households spend while away the evening and welcome friends and guests also have some simple tricks that will help to arrange the living room in the best possible way.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Here again use the popular compactlight shades of the furniture. Wood and natural materials to emphasize the natural background. It is inappropriate to put in a small room furniture, upholstered in leather or leatherette - gloomy bright colors create the impression of narrowing, not blagoprepyatstvuyuschee visually expand the space.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Nuances ↑

The walls and ceiling staining mainlypastel shades are used - with appropriate lighting it profitable to increase the space of the room, the main thing - do not hang wallpaper with horizontal stripes coloring.

Photo Design House 16 squares
Photo Design House 16 squares

An interesting solution is to stick wallpapers or landscape wallpapers - attracting attention, they distract from the assessment of the size of the room.

Abundant light from the additional light fixtures,apart from a small chandelier, reflected in the mirrors, will create a three-dimensional impression. But this impression can be spoiled by painting the floor in dark tones or bed fleecy carpet. The best option would be a laminate, parquet, carpet bright colors - they gently contrasted with the situation.

Living room + kitchen and living room + bedroom ↑

Modernity and minimalism ↑

Today can be found in many homescombining the kitchen with living room, especially a 16 squares design for extended studio layout. This home just two rooms, in addition to the bathroom - a bedroom and a shared living room, accommodating cooking area.

Photo Design House 16 squares

This interior is magnificent in its diversity of variations and always makes the apartment a stylish and multi-functional, despite the number of square meters.

Aesthetics in American ↑

In America, have long used a minimalist style evenin a spacious room. It also needs the partition of Plexiglas or plastic bar home desk or small table sizes - in short, everything that we have repeatedly seen in American TV series back in the 90s.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Originality of design thinking in the treatment of the back of the modern interior is welcome, the only specification - for the kitchen is better to use a light texture.

The bedroom and the hall ?! ↑

And here is the most interesting design feature forRoom 16 squares - if tired of hearing about the embedded bed, sofas - transformers, folding chairs - beds, the easy choice partition type can be successfully delineate the areal territory into two zones.

Photo Design House 16 squares

The partition is constructed of drywall or wood, and attached to the wall and ceiling, completely excluded the door - instead, you can buy a bamboo partition, if necessary.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Especially good openwork and arched walls,where you can hang translucent curtains or climbing plants. But the most fashionable trend of the season is the bookshelf partition on which are placed decorative accessories and books, and sometimes - TV, turns in one direction and then in another direction.

Photo Design House 16 squares

Thus, the design of the room of 16 squares - is actually not a problem, but a great value for the pilot of the interior.

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