Concrete and reinforced concrete

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands

Typically, the construction of saunas use wood,but today the price of natural wood is much higher than the price level of modern building materials. The structural features of operating under the bath requires a careful choice of materials for walls. Construction bath of aerated concrete is only possible in the case of the correct execution of internal finishing works, including the use of waterproof materials.

Features Aerated ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Gazoblok for bath

Why, instead of wood, experts recommend to use aerated concrete blocks? The answer is simple:

  1. From this material, you can build a bath on their own without hiring a team of builders.
  2. aerocrete at prices below per timber, and operating time is much longer.
  3. The structure of aerated concrete is obtained durable and reliable.

Of all the characteristics of a building materialthere is one that stops many developers from the use of aerated concrete for the bath. This high rate of moisture absorption material. Eliminate this problem can only be using a good waterproofing material in interior decoration. Outside the walls of aerated concrete or treated with special impregnation primer for reducing water permeability index.

Important! Experts do not recommend building gazoblokov from the outside of the plastering and painting.

Aerated concrete is able to perfectly retain heatinside buildings and almost does not need the use of insulating materials. For the construction of baths used insulating masonry blocks, perfectly retains its specifications in the field.

The blocks of aerated concrete is not moldy and attacked by rodents. An important factor for the construction of baths gazoblokov a fire resistance of the construction material.

Small weight of the blocks does not require the construction ofreinforced foundation design that will save on construction time and materials. The building of gazoblokov hardly shrinks. building operation can start immediately after construction.

Design baths of aerated concrete ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Development of the project baths gazoblokov

When developing the project of a bath gazoblokovtaken into account the technical characteristics of the building material. The accompanying documentation should be written recommendations to address hydro and steam insulation indoors. For buildings of gazoblokov recommended arrangement of dry steam room (sauna).

Particular attention is paid to the tightness of the doors andwindows and high-quality docking waterproofing material. Well-designed projects recommended installation of special membranes, overlooking pairs in one direction, and installation of ventilated facades.

When drafting the individual must be considered:

  1. Location and size of the vestibule, lounges, steam rooms, bathrooms.
  2. Connection of communications.
  3. Type of foundation.
  4. Fitted basin.
  5. type furnace for heating steam.

See photos of simple bath of aerated concrete projects:

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Project billiard

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
bath project with terrace

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
A budget option

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Room with Veranda

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Steam from gazoblokov project

Construction stages ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Strip foundation baths of aerocrete

Construction of saunas, as well as any other building,It begins with the laying of the foundation. According to the developed project is preparing a pit under the belt shallow foundation. For the structure of such a construction base gazoblokov enough. Weakly deepened the foundation can be used in virtually all the characteristics of soil at the construction site. During the pouring of the foundation provided outlets for communications.

Before proceeding to the laying of the first rowblocks on the foundation laid roofing felt. Work on the construction of walls begin with the highest level on the corner. The first block is placed at the corners of the building in cement mortar and pull the rope between them.

Important! To build a reliable and robust,It pays special attention to the first row of masonry blocks. With this number of possible errors are aligned with the device of the foundation. Horizontally laid blocks check the level.

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Construction of the walls of aerocrete

Subsequent rows of blocks placed on the adhesive layer is notmore than 0.7 cm. Every fourth row of blocks of reinforced grid shift that make masonry walls more durable. Above the openings of doors and windows made reinforced concrete belt. A similar belt made walls in the upper row.

In concrete belt twisted with wire insertedanchors for fixing mauerlat. Construction bath of aerated concrete is completed erection of the roof truss system. The roof can be pent, gable, hip or other designs. To cover the roof system fits any kind of roofing material.

External and internal finishing ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Block House for exterior finishing bath of aerated concrete

It should be noted that the internal liningCommunications in a bathhouse of aerated concrete is much easier than in the structure of the tree. Aerated concrete blocks easy Stroebe. Sex in the bath can be made of wood or tile.

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Finishing bath of aerocrete

The quality of execution of internal and external decorationBaths of aerated concrete and determine performance characteristics of the entire construction. Before using finishing the walls and ceiling are covered with special waterproofing compounds or obbivat foil wrap. The walls of aerocrete can be coated with liquid glass, which makes them much warmer. For finishing used wooden paneling of alder, linden and larch. Battens for fixing lining provides ventilation gaps.

The exterior of aerocreteunattractive and in need of high-quality protective environment. The exterior walls are covered by a hydrophobic primer. For finishing used masonry, ventilated facade, decorative plates, wooden or plastic paneling, block-house.

The cost of the bathhouse aerated ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
The cost of the bathhouse gazoblokov

The price of building affects primarilycomplexity of the project. The simplest version of the budget baths turnkey in the average cost 10 thousand rubles per square meter. Implementation of complex projects for the price increases several times. You can start building your own. In this case, the main flow graphs will buy building materials.

The use of natural instead of aerated concretewood final bath lowers the cost of two times. To build lasting, reliable structure with long-life special attention should be paid to the proper selection of aerocrete. Products must be of uniform color, uniform size and with smooth edges.

For the development of the project will have to pay one way orotherwise, if you are not an expert in the field of design. Numerous positive feedback from developers say that to do the construction of the baths gazoblokov can practically every man, at least a little familiar with the basics of construction.

Customer Reviews ↑

"We built a bath of gazoblokov more than two yearsago, although many friends tried to dissuade it from using such material for construction. By the choice of the blocks treated with the utmost seriousness and preferred autoclaved aerated concrete, which is absolutely not regret. I had to carefully work on waterproofing surfaces indoors and protected from the outside of the building, but the result pleases "Vitaly Rusov, Voronezh.

"During the construction of baths of aerated concreteno problems have been encountered. Ordered custom design specialists, the rest is all made by hand. The result is excellent. Now every weekend with my friends and going to all enjoy our room "Alexander, St. Petersburg region.

"For a long time I doubted, but still chose towalling aerated bath. The result pleases more than three years. Problems with the operation there. The building is dry, warm and very cozy. We recommend all our friends to take advantage of the experience of building "Elena Demchuk, Pskov.

Photo of bath design gazoblokov ↑

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Simple finishing option

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
One of the options interior design

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Nostalgia for the old Russian bath

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Natural natural material

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Little Steam

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands

Steam from concrete blocks with his hands
Combined finishing

Videotutorial ↑

In the first video footage, you can see all the stages of construction of the building of aerocrete. Construction of houses and bath is practically no different. Video will be your primary instruction.

We offer watch another video aboutbath and its interior decoration. You will see one of the following processing baths in the Russian ethnic style. Unusual interior is made entirely by hand from pine.

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