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Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Cinder blocks with their hands at homeCinder block is a universal today building material which has excellent heat and noise insulation properties. Such material characteristics caused by its fabrication technology. Because the cinder block is a hollow building material, formed by vibrating the shrinkage of the concrete in special forms. The hollowness of one cinder block is 30% of its total weight,.

The size of the finished cinder block equal 390х190х185 mm, which makes this material extremely durable with its relatively low weight. However, the owner, decided to produce their own material, to decide what size to make blocks for a more agile and comfortable working with him later.

Cinder block standard ↑

Cinder blocks for exterior and interior masonry walls are different from their competitors best price and complete environmental friendliness. Especially if made personally.

The production of cinder blocks with their hands will give the opportunity to significantly save the family budget and quickly and efficiently erect the desired building.

Important: from one bag of cement in the domestic production of building material you will receive 36 pieces of cinder block.

Equipment needed for home production of slag ↑

For the manufacture of cinder block at home you will need the following tools:

  • Seeder for sand;
  • Forms for grout in them;
  • Conventional cement mixer or trough for kneading of cement;
  • A vibrating table (or a hammer);
  • Bucket and spade;
  • Detached pallets for drying the finished cinder blocks.

While the vibrating table to produce them can be bought, and for future blocks can be made independently.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Vibrating table ↑

It is necessary to take two long boards with a minimum height of 190 mm and connect them on the sides of the wooden walls, creating a distance between the long parts 185 mm. it can be Done with a hacksaw to form a convenient groove for all four parts of the structure. Now the sidebar will be removed and dress to your desired time.

By the same principle make a partition in the mold for the future of cinder block at a distance of 390mm from each other. You should have no more than five or six cups-cells for future building material.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Form to cinder block. Drawing ↑

Ready formwork form can be installed on a large piece of thick cloth. This will be the bottom of our form. The design is ready. Left to prepare a plastic bottle filled with water. They are the basis for the formation of hollow holes.

If you want to approach the production of cinder block more professionally, then get ready metal forms, which will pour a solution.

Important: for the production of cinder block at home you can use the convenient for you means. In any case, the output you will get perfect material for masonry walls. Different will be only the time of manufacture.

The solution composition for the production of cinder block with his hands ↑

To home a cinder block turned out not worse the factory, you must know the exact proportions for mixing of bulk solid and reliable concrete-slag solution. So, you will need:

  • Cement grade 400 or 500;
  • Sand;
  • The slag (burnt coal ash, small broken bricks, expanded clay);
  • Water.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Concrete block ↑

So, take one part (bucket) cement, 3 parts (buckets) of sand and 5 parts (buckets) of the slag. To loose 0.5 pour a bucket of water and knead the solution. For this you can use either an electric mixer and knead the solution using shovels and high capacity.

Important: the solution for self-production of cinder block shall be the average yield. It is worth remembering that too much liquid the mixture will lead to brittleness of the material at the outlet, and too a thick solution will be a long time to harden and threatens unnecessary to form air voids in the blocks.

Preparation cinder block at home (ways) ↑

So, the solution and the equipment is ready. You can start making.

If you use handy tools and not in a hurry, then you do without of. You need the resulting solution is poured into the forms by a third. Then carefully tapped with a hammer wall formwork-shape around the perimeter. This will allow the solution to sit properly. Then again pour another third of the solution, and again with a hammer prostukivaniem the perimeter of the shape.

You can now paste bathed in a solution of plastic bottles at the same distance from each other. So we form the necessary hollow openings in each of the cinder blocks.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

The solution is poured into the wooden form ↑

Flooded building material leave for 2-4 days before drying, after which the blocks are carefully taken out of the casing (removing the sidebar), and gently placed on trays for drying.

If you decide to use metal moulds and vibrating table for the production of cinder blocks, the process will look like this:

betonno-slag mixture is poured into metal molds and set on a vibrating table. When the solution is poured on one-third, it is necessary to include equipment for 10-15 seconds and allow cement to pass good shrinkage. This way you will be able to expel all air bubbles from each cinder block.

Then again pour the solution and again, switch on the vibrating equipment is literally a few seconds.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Metallic form for cinder block ↑

These cinder blocks will also be removed only after 48-96 hours.

Important: the finished material is in any case can not tolerate peresushki in the sun. And so, if the street is summer and is hot, it is best cinder block to sprinkle with water and cover with oilcloth.

Final processing ↑

Already formed and dried, the cinder blocks will be ready to use after 28 days after their production. It was during this period, the solution is gaining his fortress, and the cinder block, home-made, feel durable and suitable for the construction of.

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

Cinder block to dry ↑

Now you have to sketch a plan of the future building and build it using self-made material.

Good luck to you and durable buildings!

Cinder blocks with their hands at home

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