What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Flooring linoleum attracts consumers ease of installation, low price, variety of color and applied graphics, ease of care. If you decide to use linoleum, you should care about the choice of the substrate under it. What is the substrate under the linoleum is better and why it is needed, you learn, having read the article till the end.

Why the need for substrate under linoleum? ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Floors under linoleum substrate performs the function of:

  • insulation;
  • of the insulator;
  • equalizer surface.

More should be said about each item to understand the purpose laid between the floor and the linoleum material.

Insulation ↑

Located on the bottom unheated room strongly cools the surface of the floor. Purchased linoleum without basis will not be able to protect the room from the penetrating cold. With high heat indexes the substrate creates an additional protective layer between the living room and space below. Using the substrate as insulation, it is important for flooring in children’s rooms.

The insulator ↑

In old buildings the level of sound insulation is so low that in the apartment of a man clearly hear conversations from the neighbors. Floors under floor covering underlay will muffle sounds coming from below and increase the comfort of the room.

The equalizer surface ↑

Linoleum will last much longer if the base underneath is perfectly smooth. To even out small irregularities in the substrate will help laying of the substrate under the linoleum.

Principal ↑

Distinguish between substrate materials used for their production.

Cork ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Roll material is made from the bark, cut from balsa wood. The bark is crushed and succumb to a special method of pressing. The product has a high sound insulation and heat insulation. Under the linoleum use the hard grade material, able to withstand the pressure of furniture legs and virtually no deformation. The high price level of the cork substrate is a major drawback.

In the opinion of the consumers living in apartment buildings, particularly marked sound insulation properties of the material. And the owners of private buildings to write about the excellent ability of the cork the substrate under the linoleum keep warm sex.

Jute ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Non-woven fabric made from plant fibers by way of punching the fibers. The fibers interlock with each other during rolling at high temperatures reaching 1500 degrees. As a result of processing turns fluffy elastic fabric. To improve the resistance to high temperatures and decay, the material is impregnated with antipyrine. Jute cloth quickly absorbs moisture, but once dry, regains previous form.

Linen ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Industries produce a rolled material made of pure linen and blends of jute, wool and linen fibers. Universal substrate of several components characterized by high strength, excellent density, good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

Natural air circulation between the flooring and the base provides a linen material that helps to protect the lower part of the linoleum from moisture and development of fungi. Made canvas with double-needle punching, and then treated with a special antifungal compositions.

Foamed ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

The material is characterized by good insulating quality, but not well suited for use in residential areas. At constant substrate load quickly pressed.

Sheet ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

The need to use rigid sheet substrates of fiberboard, plywood or OSB occurs when linoleum flooring on old hardwood floors. Only with hard leaves can properly align the decking boards. The disadvantage of the material used as a substrate is its instability to moisture. If before styling to coat the leaves with special tools, this disadvantage is minimized.

Choice depending on the reason and type of linoleum ↑

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

If the flooring uses a layered linoleum on a solid basis, and the base has a perfectly smooth surface, the substrate is not placed. For single layer thin linoleum use any of the on the market types.

For levelling of small irregularities of the screed using a cloth made of jute, wool and linen. It is best suited for strength and insulation characteristics. The use of sheet material is possible only in case if the concrete base is dry and during operation there will be no strong fumes.

A wooden floor has excellent ventilation and require no further preparation for laying sheet substrate. Other types will not be able to align the wooden base. A single layer of linoleum it is desirable to lay on a jute or linen backing. The wooden base itself is warm and it is necessary to provide good ventilation, which is possible when using one of these types.

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

To determine which substrate under the linoleum still to choose, we need to learn about floor covering that is used for living quarters. Household linoleum consists of:

  • lower part made from polyester fabric or jute fabric;
  • fabric base made of fiberglass;
  • paste PVC;
  • «scrim» layer of PVC with printed pattern;
  • the protective layer.

The substrate on the linoleum is applied mechanically or chemically. When using glue, the cells of the leaf are closed, which significantly reduces the strength characteristics of linoleum. Mechanical method of applying the substrate does not change the structure of its cells, which makes the coating quality and extends its lifetime.

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

The best way to lay linoleum on a concrete base after its preparation. Leveled the base with a special mix. After application of the screed must leave the base to dry a minimum of 4 weeks.

What is better to choose a substrate under linoleum

It is important! Before starting work on the installation of floor covering you need to check the floor for moisture. On the basis laid kissed and fastened at the edges with tape. 12 hours later checked his condition. If the oilcloth there is no dew, the base ready for laying the floor covering.

Before laying the underlay and flooring screed clean of dust and cause the waterproofing layer.

Linoleum can be laid on a base of ceramic tiles, pre-gluing loose items, close up all ruined joints, carefully removing the grease stains and the dirt. The substrate is used only in the case if you fit a single-layer coating or it is necessary to insulate the Foundation.

To summarize the presented material. Before use the substrate under the linoleum base you must carefully prepare to align, dry, remove dirt and dust, apply a waterproofing layer or primer. The cloth just laid on the ground. Between the sheets are held together with tape, resistant to moisture. The mounting substrate of balsa wood to do at a temperature of 18 degrees and above. The humidity should be below 60%.

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