Outdoor flexible skirting

When renovations periodically to neobhodimosti floor plinth curved section of wall, pedestal, column, install the profile in the Bay window. For such work use a flexible baseboard which allows to qualitatively perform the installation. In the market of building materials a flexible skirting from polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride (plastic) tubes. Which one to choose?

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

Plastic flexible skirting ↑

The most popular type of skirting boards – plastic. It is defined by its versatility and affordable cost.

Dimensions plastic plinth ↑

Length standard profile plastic is 2.5 meters, and in transport it can be carried and conveniently. The cross section profiles are different, it varies usually in the range of 15-22 mm. Height narrow products starts from 30 mm, a skirting Board can reach 100, and even 150 mm.

The most common size is 50-60 mm with a cross section of 20 mm Profile is used in most standard flats.

Designers recommend for homes with low ceilings choose a narrow plinth.
It is important! There is a rule according to which the products are up to 70 mm recommended use in rooms with a ceiling height of up to 2.5-2.6 m. When the ceiling height is 3 meters, the profile must be in the range of 70-90 mm. the Plinth with a height of 100 and more millimeters is optimal for very high buildings with ceilings higher than 3 meters. A rule is considered to be quite versatile, however, necessary to consider the interior design of the room, and the size of the already used elements of decor.

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

Different flexible plastic moldings? ↑

Distinctive features:

  • The flexibility of the strips, ease of installation and light weight. This profile can be tightly pressed to the surface of almost any wall.
  • A sufficiently high strength and durability.
  • Moisture.
  • Resistance to UV – plastic moldings on the sun light does not lose its color.
  • Flexible plastic profile maintains its properties at relatively low and high temperatures, but it cannot be used outside the home.
  • A very important feature – it is non-toxic and fireproof.
  • Flexible plastic moldings ready to use without pre-treatment.
  • A variety of surface patterns and colors. Plastic products can simulate cork, natural wood, ceramics, metal.

Outdoor flexible skirting

  • Flexible plastic profile with cable channel gives you the ability to secretly lay any number of wires and cables, as well as later during operation to provide them easy and convenient access.
  • Flexible baseboard maintenance.

Design flexible profile cable channel ↑

In the main part of the product is a cable channel in which cables. There is enough space even for the thick antenna cables. Before wiring this part is attached to the wall, and after the strip is closed with a decorative panel. Replace or remove unwanted wires can be very simple – to remove the top panel to perform the replacement, then put the decorative cover to snap in.

The Council. Consult with experts about the size of the cable channel, which you’ll need. You need to choose the model with the cable channel of sufficient size.

Outdoor flexible skirting

The installation of flexible plastic skirting ↑

Flexible profile can be installed on screws, on hidden mounting clips and adhesive. Usually used to install screws and clips.

Accessories (accessories) for installation ↑

Before installing, you must purchase the required number of elements that will be required during installation. This external and internal corners, right and left side stub (they are always sold in a pair) and connecting elements for joining two straps. Make calculations of internal and external corners in the room, the number of plugs (they are installed in places where the plinth is suitable to the doorway and to the elements from which direct laying is possible. Connecting elements are also easy to calculate. Buy these items in the color of the product and with a small margin.

Remember that the profile in the corners clipped flush with the wall and inserted into the corners.

Outdoor flexible skirting

To work I have to prepare:

  • Hacksaw or knife.
  • A screwdriver or screwdriver.
  • Punch.
  • The tape measure and pencil.
It is important! To install the profile, check the color of each strap, and strap a darker shade mount in front of the window. Because sunlight will make the colour difference is unnoticeable.

Installation methods: ↑

  • For installation on concealed clips at first along the walls in increments of 300-500 mm Monty with ethyl clip, fixing them to the walls with screws. Avoid distortions during the installation! Flexible plinth is worn on clips mounted with a light press with your fingers until it clicks. This method is used for smooth walls because the curvature of the surface very difficult to install.

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

  • The easiest way to install flexible plastic moldings. Installation begins from the corner of the room, make a layout for the dowels in increments of 300-500 mm and in the field to drill a through hole in the main part of the profile (in cable channel). In the wall, install plastic dowels and fix the profile with screws. They will be closed with a decorative panel.

Outdoor flexible skirting
Outdoor flexible skirting

  • You can attach the flexible skirting Board with cable channel and on the glue, but experts suggest for reliability to use a way of fastening on the screws. Removing trim panel for access to the wires is not difficult to violate the reliability of adhesive bonding. Better to glue the connecting elements, because during cleaning they can shoot down a vacuum cleaner or a MOP.

Outdoor flexible skirting from polyurethane ↑

Flexible profile made of polyurethane (Flex) – decorative item for the completion of the floor covering allowing you to hide imperfections in areas adjoining the walls and floor, and slip lead wires. Flexible products made of polyurethane repeat a line of standard products in size and shape and different material composition for the production of polyurethane rubber added, to achieve a bending of the product in a radius of 0.5 m.

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

The dimensions of the flexible profile ↑

Standard length flexible polyurethane profile is 2 m, but in the market there are products up to 2.5 m. the cross Section is usually 20-25 mm, height can reach up to 150 mm. a Number of companies offer profiles with a height of 250 mm.

Properties ↑

Characteristics of the polyurethane depend on its constituent polymers. However, the profile of this material features:

  • A relatively small weight.
  • The flexibility of the product and ease of installation.
  • High strength.
  • No restrictions on installing in children’s rooms and bedrooms.
  • Easy care.
  • The possibility of coloring in any desired color.
The Council. For painting it is recommended to use acrylic paint in spray cans. The color is made not earlier than 24 hours after installation of the profile. When painting places of an adjunction to walls and flooring glue masking tape.

Features of the unit ↑

The work starts from the corner of the room. In the corners of the profiles are cut at 45°, what is a mitre box. Before the installation it is necessary to verify the accuracy of joining cut pieces of baseboard.

Other tools you will need a square, tape measure, hacksaw with fine teeth, sealant gun and a pencil. It is possible to commit flexible profile sometimes use screws, then these places need to be treated with sealant.

Outdoor flexible skirting

The installation will facilitate the flexibility of the plinth, which will fit tightly even to uneven walls. The wires are laid in special grooves Flex profile (cable ducts).

Glue it is necessary to choose quality. Many manufactures flexible moldings made of polyurethane produced, and the adhesive plaster to it, which is Packed in cartridges. It will be the best solution. Suitable as liquid nails, synthetic adhesives such as «Titan», Styrofoam glue.

Glue gun applied to the back side of the flexible skirting two or three continuous strips so as to press the glue covered the entire back side of the profile. When the profile is installed, the seam on one side is also applied to the adhesive.

Outdoor flexible skirting

The product is pressed against the wall surface, off and give the glue a little dry. Then again, the kiss with an effort and kept in this position for a while, focusing on the manufacturer’s instructions. Excess adhesive should be immediately removed with a cloth or sponge. If necessary, glue is added to until it by pressing start to play.

The Council. Additionally fix it by using the furniture nails. They have no hats, but these places should be treated with sealant.

It should be remembered that the flexible profile should be glued only to the surface of the wall. In any case, it is not permitted to glue the skirting Board for laminate.

Conclusion ↑

Flexible skirting from polyurethane for the floor it allows you to apply radial and curved space contiguity of the floor covering to the walls, but also solve many important practical problems. The right choice to make is not as easy as first seems – we need to find the profile suitable size, texture, shape, color, and even with a suitable sized cable channel. But to establish its special complexity does not make, if you follow the simple rules.

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

Outdoor flexible skirting

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