Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Designers always pay close attention to curtains for the bedroom. For many years it still remains popular. In the selection of tulle, it is important to ensure that it conformed to the stylistic direction chosen when decorating a bedroom.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

The reasons for the popularity of tulle ↑

Light translucent curtains used for decorating the bedroom of the window opening, not just create coziness, but does not prevent the passage through the panes of sunlight. For decorating the Windows now use just three options of tulle, and one of them has a fine figure.

Bedroom is a special room in which the inhabitants of the apartment have a rest, so the whole situation must be aimed at peace and rest. To cope with this task can only tulle. It not just decorates the room, but is a functional and decorative element of residential premises.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

The Council! Without curtains, you can use transparent tulle only on a high floor of a private home. To the first floor in addition to veil have to pick up and the curtains complement the created image.

The use of tulle in the interior of the bedrooms ↑

Flying light kits have a high degree of versatility. They go perfectly with the curtains and Drapes in the window opening, complete the decoration of the room. In a modern style, when thinking through interior designers use layered tulle, using material of different texture. In such compositions, a special role is played by a thin veil. It gives the room volume, gives the whole a special charm.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

The Council! Tulle that draped large unusual folds, laid valdani, gives the window a rich decoration.

The variety of materials that are presented currently on the market, allows to choose a model for any style that is created in the bedroom. Lovers of the classics can use a fine lace fabric made on mesh database. Perfect in a bedroom tulle with ornament containing floral or plant motifs.

Rich assortment of fabrics allows you to choose textiles on the basis of any style that is created in the living room. For bedroom, made in classic style, designed weightless finest lace tulle mesh based. As ornament of the used vegetable and floral motifs.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Varieties of curtains for the bedrooms ↑

Such material as organza is a type of tulle. It beautifully shimmers different colors of the rainbow, suitable for bedrooms, decorated in ethnic or minimal style. Use of organza in the interior of the bedroom, see the video

The Austrian variant is a variant of lung models with tails and drape at the hem. This short veil, which is complemented by heavy, long curtains, forms a great bed ensemble.

The Roman version has an unusual sailing Assembly, it is complimented by the long, light curtains.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Turkish version is a fine linen, complemented by intricate ornaments, embroidered with gold thread. Such material is used in the bedrooms of Oriental style, is complemented by a brocade heavy curtains.

How to choose tulle in the bedroom ↑

When choosing you must consider the size and shape of window openings.

The Council! Try to just pick translucent fabric curtains of dense matter to set was harmonious and compatible in style decision.

For rooms located on the North side, beautiful tulle in the bedroom could be a separate option, it is not necessary to add curtains or blinds.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Designers recommend to choose material of light shades so that the light penetrated inside the room. If the chosen design allows the use of dark colors, and it is not contrary to the taste preferences of the owner of the premises, you can experiment.

Guipure inserts on the curtains will make the bedroom elegance and originality. If you add lace or ruffles, the room will be warm and cozy. The monochrome option, you can also use curtains of any type, with a complex pattern. Colored organza designers recommend not to add decorative elements to use separately. For bedrooms, located on the South side, the optimal use of dense patterns that can protect during the daytime the room from the annoying sunlight.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

The Council! If you are uncertain, get the white translucent options that do not have ornaments and figures.

Determined by size ↑

When buying you need to calculate well the size. First, it is important to figure out the window dimensions, the parameters of the cornice, the height of the window. Take the material in the amount of two lengths of eaves, then it can be nice to lay the pleats. The length of this curtain can be different, it all depends on which style chosen by the master bedroom. Length can only be up to the sill, about 3 cm above the floor, and even touch flooring.

That the room turned out harmonious interior, keep the textiles in the same color range. It should complement decorative cushion covers, bedspreads, curtains, not to stand out among them.

Selection of tulle into the children’s bedroom ↑

When purchasing material for the Windows in the nursery, you need to consider the child’s sex, age, personal interests. In addition, it should be safe for your baby. If you decorrelate bedroom for a boy, try to use a space marine or style. Choose organza or tulle mesh white color as the walls in the room decorated in yellow, brown, blue colors. Hang it on hinges to keep the boy tore the tulle during the game.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Maiden room resembles a fairy tale castle. In framing window openings is used many folds, gathers, Ruche, grabs, flounces. Prevailing pink colour, dilute yellow, orange, peach shades. The plain tulle, you can use the additional decorative elements: imitation flowers, beads.

The Council! Colored organza is a great choice for girl’s bedroom.

Basically when decorating these «fairytale castles» use the style of Provence or country. Both allow the use of the Windows lace tulle delicate shades.

In the bedroom of a young girl instead of a diversity of colors appear calm pastel colors. Window while can be decorated with delicate embroidered tulle, making the interior floral motifs. A great option for girl’s bedroom will roll tulle fabric or Roman window design.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

Rules of hanging tulle ↑

To delicate and lightweight tulle was harmonious with the interior of your bedroom, it is necessary to properly hang. When hanging at the Windows of tulle, take into account many factors and functional characteristics:

  • Combination of tulle with the interior space;
  • Matching curtains ceiling or wall cornice;
  • Use curtain tape for a spectacular arrangement of tulle on the window

Conclusion ↑

Man most of its life in the bedroom. This room should occupy a Central place in the whole apartment, become a real area of the family hearth. Psychologists call the bedroom a place for relaxation

.Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

There should be created all conditions for recreation of body and soul. To get the desired result, it is important to choose the right tulle. In this case, the room will be in complete harmony with the inner world of its owner, his preferences, desires, interests. Positive energy is created in the bedroom beautiful and delicate tulle, will create an atmosphere of constant well-being and comfort that will positively affect psychological and physical health of its owner. In this room, sleep will be peaceful and healthy. An elegant, sheer tulle, gently flaring at the slightest touch of wind will fill your bedroom with romance and tenderness. Remember that this material should perform several important functions.

Tulle in the interior of a bedroom

The priority for selection of tulle should be safety, access to sunlight. But the aesthetic parameters of this window material should be taken into account in the design of window openings in the bedroom. Heavenly lightness, consistency of style multi-colored organza, delicate veils, has made these types of tulle popular among the designers involved in the design of sleeping quarters. Remember that the correct choice of tulle guarantee a perfect design of your bedroom.

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