The curtains in the bedroom interior

Curtains help to arrange the living space, visually expand the room and make it lighter, with high walls. The curtains in the bedroom should be matched harmoniously with the General stylistic decision.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

The Council! If you hang curtains in style «Provence» in the living room, which is furnished with beautiful and expensive furniture in the style of «modern», it will look ridiculous.

The choice of the cornice under the curtain ↑

To hang modern curtains in the bedroom nice and original, with an appropriate cornice. There is no unit for mounting, material, design mind. Expensive, heavy Drapes attached to the cornice of genuine wood to the ceiling, be appropriate in the bedroom, decorated in a classic style. Conventional wooden and metal rods attached to the wall, completely out of place in the bedroom. It is better to use for decorating kitchen in country style.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

Features choice ↑

Property owners always want to be overexposed in the interior of an apartment or house changes. Such a room as a bedroom, is no exception. It is here that begins the day and ends a hard day’s work of an ordinary citizen of the metropolis. Often I want to make in your home any changes. The most economical embodiment of such desires is to replace the curtains. Those material costs that you will face much less than the cost of buying furniture or a quality repair. Enough to make the window decoration a slight change, how to change the overall design of bedrooms, examples in the video

The Council! First you can try to change the color of the curtains in the bedroom.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

The trend of the season ↑

Choosing new curtains for the bedroom, you can pay attention to natural fabrics. Thread options are rather unusual and trendy look, they are relevant in this season. The room will be unusual, cozy, comfortable to rest.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

The curtains in the bedroom with a balcony ↑

Often the room combined with a loggia or balcony. Before sleep to come upon him, and to breathe fresh air, besides, the room is always natural ventilation.

To select curtains for the bedroom with balcony is important to consider certain factors:

  • The size of the room. If the bedroom has small dimensions, it is impossible to apply the dark fabric. In the spacious room would be appropriate small curtains.
  • The size of the Windows. Designers warn that all elements of the room should be decorated in the same style decision.
  • Technical parameters loggia or balcony. Consider frame sizes, glazing of balcony, frame sizes.
  • The location of the house relative to the cardinal directions. If the bedroom is on the Sunny side the curtains are to function as protection from sunlight. If the room is on the dark side, the curtains should be thin and transparent, so as not to disturb the penetration of the sun inside the bedroom.
Attention! For the bedroom will be the best option sets in pastel colours.

They should not stand out in the room so as not to irritate its inhabitants. If there is a balcony, you might think about installing shutters, roller curtains, so they easily raised, lowered.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

Design options ↑

When choosing curtains in the bedroom, it is important to build on its design. The style of them must be combined with the blanket, rugs, bedding, accessories, colors, ornament. Among the fashionable variants of the current year – long curtains for the bedroom. Beautiful long matter, which beautifully falls on the floor will make the room more high, will fill the room with light.

The Windows in the bedroom in the style of «Provence» ↑

Many residents of big cities are prone to nostalgia for rural life. This is what led to the trend of a particular situation. Designers have invented modern fashion direction, which resembles a French village. This design direction has similarities with the popular wooden motif like country music. They have a lot in common, there are differences in color and lines.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

The basis of Provencal style and are light and airy curtains. It comes finish with ruffles of fabric of different colors, striped, checkered. Style «Provence» quite a lot of textiles: bedspreads, curtains, napkins, rugs.

Style «country» ↑

Any seamstress can decorate embroidery textiles, add bows to make a ruffle to attach appliques. No boundaries for creative imagination of the hostess, you need only patience and a desire to make a bedroom unique in design, comfortable, really home room.

Classic style ↑

In any room the classic design will be relevant and timely. Bedroom decorated in this direction, always up to date. It would be appropriate pelmets, strict curtains, thin and delicate tulle. Using these simple elements you can make in the bedroom is harmony and peace. Simple, classic style bedroom allows for different curtains, it is important to follow certain stylistic conditions:

  • Sliding curtains with delicate tulle;
  • The fabric should be dense, heavy, heavy;
  • For curtains in the bedroom fit an airy, lightweight fabric with beautiful folds
The Council! Fashion – lady capricious and changeable, but the classic versions will never cease to be relevant, concise, fashion.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

Bedroom for girls ↑

In the room the little girl would be appropriate, soft pink or apricot curtains, complemented with bows, frills, ruches. Little Princess dreams, it was your own cozy house, as her favorite doll.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

The curtains in the room, the boy ↑

Boys don’t care what they have curtains on the window. For them it is important that during the day the room was light, and in the evening the curtains do not interfere with sleep. The best option for the curtains in the room boy will be vertical blinds.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

Tips designers ↑

In the process of choosing curtains in the bedroom, it is important to follow certain rules:

  • In the nursery will not fit the thick and heavy curtains;
  • The best option for an adult bedroom would be the curtains that match the overall design of the room;
  • Curtains should be easily removable, to be ironed, to be erased;
  • It is desirable to have several sets of curtains summer, winter options;
  • In the children’s bedroom invalid curtains made of synthetic fabric and allergens. Suitable for window curtains, here, only natural materials.

Selects the curtains in the small bedroom ↑

If you sleep in a room of small dimensions, when selecting a model, you can use the recommendations of professional designers. They should not be layered, it is better to choose the simplest models of window curtains. It is desirable in such rooms to hang curtains closer to the ceiling. You can choose a model with a small drawing, additional elements.

The curtains in the bedroom interior

Conclusion ↑

In the sale currently there are a variety of finished fabrics and products. In the presence of basic sewing skills, you can make curtains in the bedroom with their hands. In creating the curtains for the bedroom, you can use Roman blinds, pelmets, ordinary curtains. The simplest option for the bedroom are models that are made from beautiful fabrics in pastel colours. If the room itself is decorated in a classic style, you can add fabric valances or ruffles. Selection of a particular model is directly connected with the interior style of the room. In the presence of a bedroom in a minimalist style, sleek furniture, solid walls, curtains of bright colors with ruffles will look vulgar. The bedrooms of this style is look like normal curtains, they do not need additional finishing. Do not forget about how important the material of the curtains. Heavy dense fabric with a special drape, extra items, optimal for classic styles. Light and airy materials are ideal for bedrooms, decorated in minimalist, modern style. Any owner knows how important it is to choose the right curtains for homes and apartments. If you are sure that you will be able to choose the best curtains for bedroom, please contact professional designers. They will offer you several variants of sketches, given the atmosphere in the room, the size of a bedroom, your taste preferences.

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