Design curtains for bedroom

When decorating a city apartment or country mansion, the question arises of what to choose curtains in the bedroom. When you purchase blackout curtains, you can hide the bedroom from prying eyes, to add comfort and coziness.

Design curtains for bedroom

The function of the curtains ↑

In some cases it depends on their protecting the bedroom from too much sunlight, outside noise. In winter they will help keep the heat in the room.

The Council! When choosing curtains in the bedroom try to stick to the style chosen for the bedroom.

Design curtains for bedroom

Selection rules ↑

Sewing blackout curtains in the bedroom will fit the following fabrics: velvet, corduroy, cotton, satin, linen, velour.

Velvet is a beautiful fabric. Sets for Windows made him almost miss the sunlight. They can be used to increase the visual height of the ceiling if the curtains have vertical stripes.

Velvet and velour should not get involved. They are suitable for decoration of window openings of bedrooms in classic style. Well, these materials are in harmony with stucco and gilded decorative elements.

Design curtains for bedroom

Elegance simplicity designers consider beautiful linen curtains in the bedroom. For them to use virtually no processed, coarse linen, but it looks elegant. This environmentally friendly material is breathable, does not accumulate dust.

Cotton is increasingly used for making window kits in the bedroom. The texture is similar to denim, you can use different colors with patterns and drawings.

Satin and silk are smooth and glossy fabrics, with their selection to the bedroom you need to be careful. With the large number of items glossy, satin options is simply lost in the room, or be unpleasant in excess. Such kits for Windows should fit in with the bedroom interior to be harmonious with all the elements of décor and furniture.

Design curtains for bedroom

The Council! Noble view has a beige, bronze, Burgundy, black, gold colors of the curtains in the bedroom silk.

Choosing a bedroom style, the color of the curtains, you have to consider the overall style of the room, otherwise they will look vulgar in it. There are many options for blackout curtains to sew which you will be able your own hands.

The most suitable for the bedroom is an intimate London, Japanese, Roman, roller options. Analyze their features.

Design curtains for bedroom

London style ↑

Their designers call the English classics. Their pick up special sirumem mechanism is fixed almost at the eaves, getting the bulk of the Central fold and small creases on the sides, similar to bows. When lowered the curtain get a smooth continuous sheet. Basically, these models use a floral pattern, vertical stripe, tartan plaid, choose a calm color.

Design curtains for bedroom

Roman blinds ↑

Such models are best used in small bedrooms. They have beautiful and concise form, emphasize the minimalist style. For these curtains, choose natural fabrics. They should fit into the window settings, their length is often to the window sill.

Design curtains for bedroom

Japanese style ↑

This panel with sliding mechanism, suitable for minimalist style. Mostly such models are used in spacious rooms with large Windows. Suitable such models for zoning of rooms. They are comfortable to use and easy to operate.

Roll design ↑

For them, choose a thick cloth, smear it on the lintel under window options, and is fixed to the wall or ceiling, that is enclosed in a box. Raise the matter through the chain, or use the electric drive with remote control. The modern bedroom they are appropriate in the neighborhood with other types of curtains.

Royal look bedroom will become when using valances. They are suitable for bedrooms with high ceilings. A set of blackout curtains, curtains, lambrequins are ideal for spacious bedrooms with huge Windows. For harmony you need to choose decorative pillows and bedspread that combined set of curtains.

Design curtains for bedroom

Choose window curtains for bedrooms ↑

In order to help to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom, you need to follow certain rules. Let’s start with the style pick up kit for Windows. It should correspond to the maximum selected for the bedroom the design.

Depending on the floor space choose the design and size of curtains. If the bedroom is small, it is better to purchase light curtains, with minor dimensions, to obtain a visual effect of expanding space. When choosing, it is important to consider the placement of the window. For decoration of window openings, placed on the Sunny side, choose the curtains dark, cool colors.

The fabric for the Windows that overlook the noisy street, it is advisable to take dense, to reduce the noise penetrating into the room.

Design curtains for bedroom

The selection of material for tailoring heavy curtains, also take into account several important factors. For the room, busy patterns and bright colors, large designs, the model fit of the solid calm of the fabric. Bright curtains will fit in the quiet interior of the premises, provided that on the walls there is a small figure, either he is completely absent. It will be curtains in this bedroom emphasize your individuality, will make the room a cozy, warm home.

In order to make the right choice, you need to have an idea about the characteristics of materials used for sewing heavy curtains in the bedroom.

Cotton fabrics, absorbent, strong and durable. You can choose to design curtains for the bedroom the option of printed pattern or dyed fabric. Among the disadvantages of cotton curtains need to allocate them fading from direct sunlight. Such fabrics suitable for decorating the Windows in the children’s bedroom.

Design curtains for bedroom

The Council! Washing colored cotton curtains spend in warm water without the use of bleach.

Linen curtains drape easily, suitable for blinds. Their Laundry service is held in delicate mode at a temperature of 30° C. If you violate these requirements, the linen curtains will sit down and look at the window are very unpredictable. Len has excellent thermal conductivity, it is strong and durable, so is a practical fabric for blackout curtains. In addition linen curtains almost no static electricity, easy to leak air, the sun’s rays. Such curtains, you can sew for children’s bedrooms without fear for the health of their kids.

Tips on making curtains in the bedroom ↑

If you decide to sew the curtains in the bedroom, in that case you’ll need mounts. Simple to operate will be plastic or metal eyelets installed in the top of the curtains. With their help, get a uniform wave of hangings, blind do not lose their original appearance even after repeated washings. In addition to the grommets, you’ll need curtain and tape. This braid of thick polyester has a loop for fastening. Sew the tape to the piece of fabric to create draping drag to the desired width.

The Council! The curtain tape will help you to any type of Assembly, from the classic «accordion» to chess or parallel folds.

Before you start making your hands heavy curtains in your bedroom, check whether all the sewing supplies you have available. You’ll need material for curtains, eyelets or curtain tape, thread, matching fabric, sewing machine, needles, scissors, pins, a long line. The creative process start with the pattern making. At this stage you will be able to fully demonstrate his creative imagination. Thinking through the General bedroom decor, pick the version of the curtains, and only then make the pattern. If you are sure that you will be able to sew a beautiful curtain for the bedroom, you can pick up ready-made kits, or to order your sketch the desired option in the sewing room.

Design curtains for bedroom

Conclusion ↑

In making such an important room in any home as a bedroom, every detail matters. From how harmoniously and correctly matched the curtains depends on the end result of design. When choosing curtains it is important to follow all recommendations of professional designers, then in this room will reign peace and harmony, and you can fully unwind after a hard day’s work without fearing for their health.

Currently offers a variety of models and fabrics, so hard your eyes stop on a particular model. The examples presented in the video

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