Bedroom design minimalist

The rhythm of modern life, the need for processing huge amounts of information, constant stress, high noise levels, forcing designers to choose the interior options that the person had the opportunity to rest from their daily problems, to relax. Style bedroom «minimalism» involves the withdrawal from the abundant decor, ornate finishes. Instead, selected by simple lines, natural materials, neutral colors, high functionality.

Bedroom design minimalist

Today style bedroom «minimalism» actual, this option combines the simplicity and conciseness.

Talk about minimalism, filled with optimal functionality, no frills, elegance of lines and design thoughts. In combination with neutral colors interior design minimalist turns into versatile style.

Bedroom design minimalist

The Council! Lovers of infinite space in the room, visual volume, we recommend you to decorate the bedroom in minimalist style.

Bedroom design minimalist

Types of style ↑

Bedroom design style «minimalism» for those who do not like things scattered around the apartment. The basis of the minimalist trend is functionalism. He subjugates the major stylistic aspects and design elements of furniture, characteristic for this area. Such a concept assumes the maximum versatility of minimalism, the combination of amazing functionality and neutral colours, sleek shapes, clean lines, natural and artificial decorative materials.

Bedroom design minimalist

Among the specific features of minimalist style and highlight the dominance of functionality over the external decorative.

Style bedroom «minimalism» performed according to certain rules, it must seem light, airy, infinite. Before proceeding to implement such a project, it is important to get every detail right. Special attention should be paid to the layout of storage space for personal items, bedding.

Bedroom design minimalist

Style bedroom «minimalism» convenient to necessary items in the room to no effect «cluttering».

Japanese bedroom Europeans owe interesting details in minimalism, like the bed placement on a special platform – a pedestal. The bed itself is chosen in the form of a low platform and inside elevation installing modular extendable system. This semblance of the chest decides the question of placement in the bedroom and linen, and personal belongings.

Bedroom design minimalist

Attention! Classics can also be used as the basis of minimalism for the bedroom, if you pick up the right furniture.

In the interior of the ethnic focus on the use of natural materials, high – tech pick a combination of plastic and metal.

The main features of minimalism ↑

There are certain parameters that you can define minimalism.

First and foremost, it is important to note furniture. In small apartments, in which difficult to find a place for the construction of a separate dressing room, to accommodate things need small furniture.

Bedroom design minimalist

If the room panoramic Windows located in the wall, you get a chance to create classic minimalist bedroom, adding to its defined sources of artificial lighting.

The decor in minimalist use very carefully. If you do abandon them, the bedroom will seem uncomfortable, «inanimate». Designers are advised to use a small variety of decor options: 2-3 photos with a modest part, wall clocks round or square shapes, a few figurines, 2-3 flowers in a modest pots.

Bedroom design minimalist

Large quantities will be misplaced in a minimalist bedroom and items of textile. Instead of the traditional curtains of textile, it is better to choose a modern system of blinds, choosing the shade, matching the color of the walls.

The Council! If you still decide to purchase for the decoration of window opening fabric curtains, choose neutral shades.

The advantages of bedroom style «minimalism» ↑

Focusing on efficient use of space in the room, which is decorated in a minimalist style, it is possible to mention about the main advantages of this bedroom.

Bedroom design minimalist

In this room will be easy to clean as there are a few pieces of furniture. In addition, the bedroom will be much less dust because it is simply nowhere to accumulate.

In this room, with the rational organization of the available space, uncluttered by excess furniture, visually much more spacious, but because such version is optimized for small bedrooms.

Bedroom design minimalist

In the absence of numerous items in a minimalist bedroom, you can always change the interior, rearranging items, selecting another variant of textiles, thus not making much physical effort.

Color for minimalist bedrooms ↑

If the room is intended for sleep and rest, dominates this stylistic concept of minimalism, it will fit natural neutral shades. An interesting solution is a combination of natural wood color with natural stone. Designers often prefer the contrast of black, white, gray colors.

Bedroom design minimalist

As «classics» this genre think the combination of pastel shades and white, complemented by olive, brown, terracotta color.

If you want to make «his contribution» in modern minimalism, allowed the design of the walls in bright colors, but in this case, all other details of the bedroom must be in muted, natural tones.

Bedroom design minimalist

The combination of white and black, in addition refined red accents, has in recent years become a particularly popular version of the design minimalist bedroom.

The lack of decoration it is possible to compensate with additional ambient lighting.

Features wall design ↑

When decorating the walls allowed the use of a whole range of modern materials, starting with a plain Wallpaper, decorative plaster finishing. Among the latest fashion trends in this direction – the selection of non-woven Wallpaper for painting.

Bedroom design minimalist

The ceiling in the bedroom, executed in a minimalist style also has some peculiarities. It needs to be simple, no «screaming» decorative elements: bright borders, moldings, bas-reliefs. The best option of ceiling design for minimalist bedroom ceiling is a simple design, having a standard geometric shape. As the main source of lighting in minimalism assumes the use of point of built-in fixtures. Details of decorating a bedroom in a minimalist style presented in the video snippet

The Council! If you want to make a bright accent in the design of the ceiling, you can pick up a small vistanow painting.

Bedroom design minimalist

Decorating the walls ↑

Paul also requires a serious approach, proper selection of material. An interesting solution is the use of parquet boards, chosen to match the color of the walls. For bedrooms, you can use a soft carpet neutral colors, devoid of decorative ornaments and figures. The texture of the materials used in the decoration ceiling, floor, walls, can be as rough or smooth. The choice remains with the owner of the bedroom. The basic requirement for combination of textures, blend them together, creating harmony and aesthetics in the bedroom.

Bedroom design minimalist

As not to overload the room furniture, ↑

The furniture in a minimalist style has its specific features. The furniture should be devoid of ambitious ornaments, decorative thread, calling painting.

Bedroom design minimalist

A platform bed or a futon bed is the Foundation of a minimalist style. Designers prefer Japanese tatami bed with hidden legs. The headboard is unusual for this architectural style. The left and right of the bed you can put bedside tables. To accent on your bed, pick up reserved Wallpaper with a muted floral ornament.

Bedroom design minimalist

Conclusion ↑

Such a design style as minimalism is not only suitable for spacious and modern rooms, but small bedrooms. If the right to distribute all items of furniture, small decorative elements, you can get the comfortable and functional rooms, adequate sleep and rest. In such bedroom will be equally cozy and newlyweds, teenagers and the elderly, only need to choose the right color, and evenly use the main focus of minimalism.

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