Dressers for bedrooms

Dressers in the bedroom are used as part of a Suite of furniture. From the vintage «grandma’s trunk», pre-programmed with additional details, was sleek, modern chest of drawers. For the last time form his quite significantly improved, transformed. The designers have added in this piece of furniture with elegant lines, there is a convenient drawers. Fans of minimalism can choose any model in the bedroom. You can buy will not arise, as the market they are presented in a large number of these products are for the modern bedroom. You can select separate drawers in the bedroom, or buy a ready-made set of furniture.

Dressers for bedrooms

Attention! When choosing this item of furniture in the bedroom, consider the color scheme of the created interior, otherwise your chest will be «white spot» in the room.

The designated location for ↑

It is not fair to say that the dresser is a necessary piece of furniture in modern bedroom.

The Council! If the bedroom is small, discard this item.

At certain places in the bedroom, keep in mind that it has drawers. The bedroom should be enough space to freely open them. In the photo – the model sample for bedroom.

Dressers for bedrooms

If your dream is analogous to a «my grandmother’s trunk», first, we define the dimensions: length, width, depth, which he should have. Then you can go shopping for new furniture, armed with a tape measure.

The Council! During measurement, keep in mind the thickness of the rear wall. Dresser in a modern bedroom, designed for small things can be shallow.

Dressers for bedrooms

And what dimensions it will have, what material is made, what additional elements of decor he has, will directly impact on its cost. Cheap furniture is made from materials of poor quality, so such a thing is unlikely to be a decoration for your bedroom.

In the video there are options that can be used in the design of the bedroom

Choose the material for the manufacture of furniture in the bedroom ↑

For a classical interior, a wooden version, made from solid wood: maple, cherry, oak.

Dressers for bedrooms

For a modern minimalist style and strict hi – tech suit design with simple and smooth lines, complemented by aluminum or plastic accessories.

If the dresser in the bedroom according to your idea should be the main element of the interior, you can choose a model that will combine several materials: metal, leather, stone, glass.

Dressers for bedrooms

An important element of this piece of furniture is the hardware: the handles of the drawers, doors. All these details should be not only beautiful, but durable, have a long operational life. Don’t forget that the hardware needs «fit» in the overall design of the room.

Dressers for bedrooms

Alternative dressing table ↑

Increasingly, instead of the dressing table in the bedroom you can see the chest of drawers. It has a large capacity, can «fit» there are many useful things and things. For a small bedroom important for every centimeter, so the chest of drawers with mirror is a real find. For the bedroom, designed for two, will be enough one such subject with 2-3 drawers. Everyone will have the opportunity to put personal belongings according to their taste preferences, guided by common sense. In the photo sample with mirror for modern bedroom.

Dressers for bedrooms

In this article mirror the mistress of the bedroom will be able to arrange your jewelry, cosmetics, to place on the dresser frame with family and loved ones.

Dressers for bedrooms

The Council! Gracefully will look at such furniture candle holders that will fill the room with additional light, it will create comfort and cosiness.

The packaging of the products ↑

The standard version requires from three to five drawers. If more of them chest turns into a wardrobe, is out of place in the interior of a small bedroom.

Dressers for bedrooms

Set the dresser by the bed (to the side) or opposite to it, depending on the embodiment, the location of the mirror. The color purchased for the bedroom the dresser needs to repeat the color scheme of the other furniture elements.

On instruction, which is always attached by the manufacturer to the chest, there is similar information about the stages of its Assembly, the number of component parts. High-quality boxes has a special mechanism for door closer.

Dressers for bedrooms

The advantages and disadvantages ↑

Large drawers can be used as thumbnails under video and audio equipment, TV. Among the disadvantages – the complexity of such structures.

A narrow chests of various colours and shapes have a unique appearance, suitable for small rooms.

Dressers for bedrooms

For those who prefer a stylish sleeping sets, will be thrilled with clean lines, restrained shapes of dressers offered by Italian furniture craftsmen. Extravagant details that complement the cabinets, such as handles of unusual form, highlight the taste and individuality of the created in the bedroom design.

Dressers for bedrooms

Long dresser can be put in a small apartment, keeping part of the premises. At desire it is possible to find a model, decorated with Swarovski crystals or genuine leather.

Dressers for bedrooms

Not all property owners have the financial ability to purchase expensive designer chests of drawers, trying to find a way to restore the old piece of furniture.

Interesting decisions ↑

The smooth wall in the bedroom can be used as a background for a chest with bright colors, additional ornaments. To create this «masterpiece», you will need the remnants of Wallpaper with large floral motifs, as well as a couple of sheets of wrapping paper. First you need to cut the Wallpaper, making 5-10 cm on the seam allowance. To fix the Wallpaper, you will need a transparent PVA glue. The edge of the Wallpaper carefully podgibayutsya inside after gluing on the chest, smooth the Wallpaper gently with a napkin. Once the glue dries, the surface is covered with a transparent acrylic varnish to increase the life «design» chest. In addition to the Wallpaper, in the same technique you can decorate the dresser with fabric or leather, turning a standard piece of furniture into a work of art.

Dressers for bedrooms

The decoration chest with his hands ↑

Glassy facade, or its imitation in art Deco style, gives a normal chest more beauty and charm. You will need gold or silver aluminum foil, depending on the taste preferences of the owner of the room. For black chest of drawers will need a special black paint for wood and clear lacquer, suitable for foil. First, the drawers are painted in black color, pre-accurev of old paint. The facades are decorated with foil, to obtain a small «creases». Such an effect can be obtained if you to move the foil with a damp cloth. Then a chest of drawers covered with varnish, and after drying it to fasten the handle. Spending a small amount of material, you will become the owner «new» stylish chest of drawers for your bedroom.

Options for bedroom dresser ↑

The minimum height of this piece of furniture is 850 mm. At a lower height of a dresser is transformed into a stand.

Attention! If you choose a bedroom curtain design, its height may be less than the standard.

Dressers for bedrooms

The average length – 50 cm depth – 30 cm, length up to 2 m. Small «decorative» chests of drawers are not suitable for bedrooms because they can hardly be called functional, they will not be able to place your personal belongings, bedding. When calculating the parameters of the product, come from the average height of a person. Optimum height 130 cm.

Attention! The dresser is a Desk, a TV stand. For such purposes, pick up special chest – secretaire.

Dressers for bedrooms

In addition to the classical variants with 2-4 of the same mailbox, there are models that have different sizes of drawers. The smallest you can put jewelry, deep and high to use to store pillows and blankets. Deep and long drawers are optimal for bedding and storage knit.

In long and narrow can be folded scarves, ties, scarves.

Mobility and stationarity ↑

First the furniture was mounted on a plinth or legs, to move such a structure was only possible when emergency: repairs, relocation, redevelopment of the room. Modern furniture manufacturers offer options for mobile designs. Such designs instead of the classic feet are fitted with special rollers with clips. Lifting the latch, you can move the piece of furniture to another place when lowering the lever is fixed. In addition to the basic function of placing things, this dresser can be used as a mobile partition. It is important for owners of apartments – studios.

Form bedroom furniture ↑

The vast majority of the proposed models has a classic rectangular shape. Such a construction is put along the wall or mounted on the wall.

Corner model ↑

Dressers for bedrooms

They have several versions: l-shaped, trapezoidal, five-wall. The advantage of this options to save space in the room occupied by only the angle.

Radius options ↑

Dressers for bedrooms

Have curved contours, approximate to an ellipse or a semicircle. Such furniture is suitable for hi – tech or modern. The round model of the section are rotated relative to each other, and they are Autonomous.

Combined models ↑

Dressers for bedrooms

Common option is considered to be the top mobile table top that can move in a perpendicular, parallel form, while making the countertop a compact and convenient chest with drawers.

Conclusion ↑

Designers can turn an old «Granny’s chest» in a modern and stylish piece of bedroom decor. When choosing, it is important to consider the recommendations of professionals. For classic style you chose for your bedroom, it is better to choose a model with legs. Replacing the round handle forged «bronze», stick figure thin molding from the sides, giving this design extra charm.

Dressers for bedrooms

For the Empire style or Baroque, selected to design a modern bedroom, you will need more molding shapes, imitating gold. Handle it is advisable to choose an unusual, «gold plated» view. To updated piece of furniture has served you faithfully for a long time, it is necessary to treat the surface of a colored or transparent high-gloss varnish. Allows modern design boxes mirrors, edging the usual baguette. Among the contemporary fashion trends – the use of decoupage for decorating the old product for the bedroom. Don’t forget that this design is suitable for storage, fits into the modern interior of a bedroom, has all chances to become its real decoration.

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