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Machines for concrete blocks

The modern building like a dull saw the arrival on the market of building materials is relatively unfamiliar concrete blocks. Unusual material was uninteresting for high-rise construction, which occupies more than 70% of the portfolio, especially its production fended major manufacturers focused on wealthy buyer.

Machines for concrete blocks

Available machine ↑

What machine available for the production of blocks with their hands from wood concrete mixture? Tasted the novelty of ordinary people who took simple and convenient method of production of blocks of lightweight and durable material with their hands. Was manufactured the first machine, more resembling a box for casting of curbs. Began mass production of handicraft machine tools to manufacture their own concrete blocks.

Further – is easier, small firms and factories, sought a suitable product for small batch production machine for the production of a block of concrete mass has modified and partially supplemented from the Western experience and put to use.

Now, if you want, you can get one of the variants of production of concrete building blocks with their hands:

  • The machine is made in the handicraft way, requiring great skill to produce a concrete block is more or less acceptable quality, very cheap and easy to work with.
  • Custom industrial equipment machine with comfortable but simple functions, designed to work primarily with their hands. Such a machine is allowed to raise the quality of concrete blocks to commercial level;
  • The vibropress. Or rather, the whole production line of concrete blocks, which includes production quality control of the preparation of the concrete mixture and vibrating. The latter creates the necessary efforts for compacting material in a carton, unattainable in molding concrete blocks with their hands in makeshift conditions.
Note! The production process of the block, using the machine requires a power of the power plant and cost of electricity by about an order of magnitude smaller than in the static compaction process, as is the case with the materials of clay-based.

Homemade machine ↑

Handicraft machine, whether to contact the manufacturer and use? The easiest way to produce a concrete block with his hands is a collapsible or easily removable form and manual tamper. The prepared molding composition is filled and compacted with a special tool until the level of mixture reaches the edge of the molding box.

Machines for concrete blocks

Artisanal press dramatically increased the productivity of concrete block. As a rule, the machine is equipped with a detachable form for the manufacture of stone and podpisuvaus lever. All operations – loading concrete mixture into the form, setting it on hand press, pressing with a shock linkage or the vibrating mechanism and removing from the press, everything is done manually. The main thing – the quality of such a concrete block is slightly higher than in the case of hand-moulded.

Machines for concrete blocks

Machines industrial manufacturing ↑

A similar technique can safely be called semi-professional. Most often purchased for the production of blocks in the individual construction under the order or for sale. They are simple in operation, require minimal skills, associated primarily with the provision of safety rules.

Industrial designs can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Manual machines;
  2. Machines bunker with food and the machine;
  3. Complex hybrid machines, combining a hopper with initial mass, vibrating and static moulder, ensuring the preservation of the density of mass concrete before the final setting of the block in the finished product.

Manual machines for pressing ↑

One of the most famous machines for manual pressing are the device type РПВ1500. The algorithm of their work is simple and unpretentious. Two forms are loaded manually-concrete composition, placed on the Desk, lowered the top cap with the vibrator, and the crude product ready for pressing concrete block.

The force applied to the lever, combined with the vibration of the eccentric in the top of the form. In the end, for 1-2min, the mixture is compacted to desired consistency. Further, with treadle bottom cover open, and ready pressed blocks are squeezed down onto the receiving tray.

Vibrating device for compacting the mixture of ↑

Among the mechanical devices, made by hand, all the more common artisanal simulate professional vibratorhow or of the machine. This only confirms the effectiveness in the machine the principle of molding by vibration. It is based on the vibration generator, transmitting vibrations of the steel box-concrete mixture. When you successfully selected the frequency of oscillation of the concrete mass can samoletnaja to considerable values, making it the most successful solution in the design of the machine.

The vibrating table is most often used as auxiliary equipment to prepare the form before passing it on a vibrating or static formulacell block.

In the simplest scenario it is a small frame, welded from a steel profile or area, in the upper Central part are vertical slide for mounting a collapsible form for the block. Top form has a small add-in, which is fed concrete mixture in the molding process. Skids rigidly connected with mounting a pair of motor – top cap. On the shaft of the motor mounted a massive eccentric. The mass of the eccentric and size of the artificial imbalance is regulated by extra weights or heavy washers. Thus, the manually selected amplitude and frequency and vibration shape with the sealing mixture.

Machines for concrete blocks

Compaction-concrete block such equipment is performed in the following order:

  1. Prepared in and purified from residues of a mixture of the form is loaded 80% of the required volume of the concrete mass, the mold is installed to mount the slide on the machine;
  2. The mass is spread manually, close the lid and 30-40sec include vibropress. Under the influence of vibration the mixture uniformly over the whole cavity of the box.
  3. After preliminary obessolivanija concrete mass of the vibrating table is disabled, the form is filled, the remaining required quantity of the material, and the pressing process is repeated.
  4. After 2-3min of operation, the machine stops and the pressed unit through the hinged bottom or using the rollover shape is extracted on the prepared metal pan. Svezheproseyannuyu unit hands better not to take, and transfer to the drying pan.
It is important! The most complex pressing process is the selection of the required moisture content of the mixture. The mixture should be fairly loose and sticky, but when pressing on the vibrating water or solution should not go out of scope.

Modern industrial machines and vibropresses ↑

The use of the machine during the manufacturing process allows to refuse from heavy and powerful hydraulic presses, and to organize the production of concrete block, which is called, «stream». The vibropress is in commercial production in most cases is equipped with one or even two bunkers-drives, in which the mixture is constantly mixed and stored before being loaded into the form.

Machines for concrete blocks

The installation itself is performed as a single unit with a metering device and a mechanism of release of the stamp from ready-made blocks. Often included with the machine install a second tank lining plastering material. The result is a concrete block with a plastered surface.

Performance this setup allows for the working day to produce up to 20 mThree wood concrete mixture. Advantages – much higher quality unit, high ROI and maintainability. If you work 50% of the maximum performance and ongoing implementation of the manufactured product, the machine pays for itself in 6-7 months of work in one construction season.

Conclusion ↑

The above figures relate exclusively branded machines, Chinese or handicraft machines usually fail long before the term sustainability.

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