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Types of paint for children’s room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

Since children are our everything, their health is the priority concern of their parents. Everything that surrounds the child, including the child’s room should be safe. Therefore, having planned repairs in the nursery, should first determine the choice of a suitable paint, and it’s not just about choosing a color, but also the quality and environmental safety of this paint material.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

On security paint say the warnings of the manufacturer on the container and, of course, the composition of the paint material. So, if on the container of paint is specified that it is prohibited to use for decorating children’s rooms, it is necessary to heed the advice of the vendor if you wish your child good.

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Safety! It must be for parents, the most important criterion when choosing paint for the interior decoration of a room for a child. Now, many manufacturers offer modern coatings created on the basis of organic solvents and water. Coating materials with organic solvents is not good for a child’s room because the painted surface, whether it be furniture or walls, will still be quite a long time to produce harmful substances.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

But waterborne paints, including latex, on the contrary odorless, does not emit harmful toxic substances, dries quickly and it is completely hypoallergenic. Only such coating materials is recommended for finishing works and the use in children’s rooms. And to be absolutely confident in the safety of paint should choose the LMB on the container which indicate that products are certified for use in children’s and medical institutions.

Types of paint for children’s room ^ the

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro Sustainability and security are not the only advantages of waterborne coatings. These colors are quite practical, since the coating dries quickly and can subsequently be washed without any damage to the surface. Water-soluble inks in their composition containing tiny polymer particles forming on the surface of the transparent film reliable. They are quite resistant to washing and abrasion. When choosing paint for the nursery should consider one thing – on semi-gloss and matte surfaces, tiny scratches are not as noticeable as on a glossy surface. In principle it is possible to choose a middle ground and choose a paint material with a silky-matte sheen. On this cover minor surface flaws are not too conspicuous.

Depending on the paint materials in binders divided latex, vinyl, acrylic, blamed-acrylic and acrylic-latex paints.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro Acrylic coatings. Due to the presence of acrylic resin, these paints are resistant to abrasion and moisture vapor permeability and can withstand UV exposure. A huge advantage of such coatings, especially acrylic paint Pozitiv, is that they form a durable film, resistant to high temperatures, «wrinkles» and cracking.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

Latex paint. Such coating materials contain in their composition the rubber so that, as acrylic paint is resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion, and have water vapor permeability. The rate of drying of a latex coating is from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the density of varnish and the ambient humidity.

For vinyl paints as a binder used polyvinyl acetate. Such coating materials are inexpensive, however, the surfaces treated them dirty quickly, but at the same time easy to wash.

The sale also features and blended colours. For example, the vinyl-acrylic compositions possessing the qualities of acrylic and vinyl paints, which depend on the percentage content of acrylic, and of course the smaller it is, the lower the cost.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro Acrylic latex paint materials due to the content of rubber have more elasticity and wear resistance compared to conventional acrylic paints.

Silicone-acrylic. A great option for children’s rooms, due to the fact that they treated surfaces can be washed frequently without any consequences for cover.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

Silicate paints are safe because they are water-based, mineral substances and pigments. Feature high vapor permeability and antibacterial characteristics.

Mineral paint materials. These paints are also safe and natural. They have a matte surface and resistance to bacterial growth, will not attract dust and are protected from any fungal structures.

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What the child wants to get something new, and so the old wooden bed or table, painted in bright colors, cause only admiration. Manufacturers produce modern water-soluble paints for metal and wood to protect the material is not worse than the paint materials based on synthetic solvents. They have no odor, dries quickly and is completely harmless to the child’s body. Also pay attention to the special matte paint for children’s rooms Dulux.

We dealt with the sustainability and practicality of paints for children’s rooms, and now should pay attention to the aesthetic side of the issue. Any child in his room, spends most of his time practicing, playing and just relaxing in my sleep and that’s why it is important and helpful cheerful and bright colors that allow you to set the mood for the whole day. Already scientifically proven that color has a direct impact on a child’s emotional state, his cognitive and motor activity.

Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro

According to psychologists, the color white stimulates the activity of the child, and the blue on the contrary, it soothes. Red invigorates and awakens the children’s energy, and the natural green color gives calmness and sense of stability, helping to concentrate. The color pink is traditionally used in children’s rooms for girls, but it is believed that this color makes you dive into the world of dreams and fantasies, thereby preventing the development of leadership qualities and determination. It is best if the pink color will be diluted with elements of purple or green tint. Types of paint for children's room: magnetic, dulux, Tex, Pro And in any case when choosing colors for a child’s room should consult with the child because he spend much of his time. You can offer a child with a stencil to decorate boring walls interesting patterns, and perhaps the young artist or designer wants to create some kind of masterpiece.

After the color is selected, you can safely go to the store for paint. Currently, each specialty store has a color palette where you can choose the desired hue. Here you can get from the experts advice on color combination. Moreover, in many shops it is possible to perform computer imaging to see how it will look one or another color on the wall. In any case, you must choose a paint that she had on the child negative impact.

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