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Paint lime-based with your hands

Coatings of lime paints for facades represent a porous layer with high air permeability, but still quite resistant to changes, and the effects of temperature and increased humidity. Lime paints have a wide application because of its relative cheapness. If, during application to the ceiling or wall of the paint can not enter in advance into its composition salt or oil, and such surface will always stain your clothes and hands. Consider how to prepare a lime paint.

Trade paint lime-based ↑

To prepare 10 kg of lime paint with their hands, you must:

  • 0.1 kg of a combined drying oil;
  • 0.1 kg of salt sodium;
  • 1.5 kg of lime

In a bucket refer to a number of lime pour 8,5 liters of water, stir thoroughly, then add linseed oil or salt.

Paint lime-based with your hands

The salt in the mixture is administered separately in the form of a previously prepared salt solution. When you want to give white this mixture, it is necessary to add a small amount of Indigo and stir. Lime composition after stirring is filtered.

We should not forget that the shade is made of composition and tone of the painted walls will greatly vary.

Pouring blue dye, you need to stir the mixture and strain through a fine-meshed sieve.

One of the varieties of lime paint for external works — compositions on an adhesive base. To prepare some of them, you need to dissolve chalk in water to the consistency of paste and leave the solution to stand for a day.

Then stir and check the tightness of the composition of one of the following methods.

Method first. Dip the stick in a bucket of solution. In a situation when the solution and it flows in a continuous and viscous flow, the composition can be used.

Method two. On vertically installed glass is required to cause a drop made solution. If it has the necessary consistency, the length of the track drop that flows down on the glass, won’t be more than 3 cm.

In order to accurately determine the viscosity using a simple device called a viscometer. This vessel, whose capacity was 100 ml, with a narrow and long nozzle, whose diameter is 0.4 cm, through which the solution expires, which is tested for viscosity. But don’t try to make it at home the viscometer: in order to obtain correct results, observe the fine tuning of the grinding surface of the device and the mathematical precision of the sizes.

Paint lime-based with your hands

Optionally it is possible to obtain paints lime colored. For this advance make to the composition of whitewash prepared dyes.

The pigments that contribute to the mixture to drain, spreading the pre to milky consistency.

Also please note that the pigmented whitewashing in the process of drying, becomes lighter, so when choosing colors it is necessary to make trial colouring.

With this purpose, the dissolved paint is applied on the glass with a thin layer and allow to dry.

It is important! It is not recommended to mix the entire solution at once.

If you wish to the ceiling did not otmelivaetsja and not crumbled in the mortar, you must add ten percent bone glue. Pouring glue, carefully check the level of fixing of whitewash. It is the same old tested way – by coating the glass with smears of the solution.

Industry ceiling for producing semi-finished paint and oxide on the adhesive base. Instructions for using each of them are on the package.

Paint lime-based products is particularly popular in the first place, due to its cheapness. In addition, coatings of this material have a number of other absolute advantages:

  1. Resistance to the effects of temperature.
  2. Resistance to increased moisture.
  3. Excellent air permeability.

Most likely all faced with walls painted with lime paint for interior use. If hurt accidentally by a sleeve the wall, there are traces. The whole point is that earlier in the paint on the lime plaster did not add salt or oil, and with the help of their use, the painted surface does not stain clothes.

Mentioned adhesive colors that are one of the varieties of paints based on lime. For their preparation should be diluted chalk up to such density that left the pasta, then the mixture is left for a day to settle. At the end of this period in the capacity of a solution dip stick and see how the fluid is flowing: a continuous viscous stream suggests that the solution is ready.

Paint enamel ↑

Consider whether it is possible to mix latex paint with lime mortar. Enamel paints are colorful compounds made from mixtures of pigments and varnishes with the aid of rubbing in kraskoterke. For enamel pigment diluted oil varnish.

Term savings for enamel paints from six months to a year. Their compositions over time can thicken, because before the beginning of works of the paint it is advisable to dilute any solvent. For various enamel paints are suitable various solvents, and only white spirit (the universal solvent) – suitable for all types of enamel.

White spirit is a purified solvent in order to dilute paints: oil and alkyd.

Dry inks ↑

Dry powder pigments are ground so finely that the particles of pigments when sifting could pass through the cell’s small screen. The quality of the paint dry depends on how finely they are ground.

Paint lime-based with your hands

Dry pigments are divided into metal, inorganic (natural), organic and inorganic (synthetic). To get a paint, pigments are mixed with binding materials. Natural pigments are produced by heat treatment, grinding, beneficiation of minerals and rocks. Synthetic (sometimes they are also called artificial) pigments are obtained in a result of chemical reactions, dyes and metal fine powders of different alloys or individual metals.

The most popular pigments are metal powder silver color metal aluminium powder and gold bronze.

In order to distinguish inorganic from organic pigments must be calcined for this, a little powder was poured into a test tube or on a steel sheet and heated. Organic pigments due to the carbon which enters into their composition, will quickly turn black.

Paint lime-based with your hands

When working with different paints do not forget about their toxicity and danger to health. Are poisonous pigments in the composition are compounds of arsenic, lead, zinc and copper. When the pigments have these substances, it is better to paint the walls with a brush: then it is possible to avoid the danger of poisoning. But when using different spray systems (spray gun and spray), manifest toxic action.

Anyway, you need to adhere to strict safety rules and use when working with varnishes and paints protective mask or respirator in order not to get poisoned.

Thus, it is possible to make their own paint from lime and use them to paint walls and ceilings.

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