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Paint silver: pros and cons

The silver – paint with metallic color, or simply put, aluminum powder, which produce method melktert grinding of aluminum. Grinding used 2 different categories of PAP-1 and PAP-2.

The silverfish can be used for painting any surface on the street, in conditions of high air temperature (painting furnaces, radiators), etc. So it’s great for protecting surfaces from the effects of negative environmental factors. It also perfectly protects the surface from corrosion, exactly lies, but that you need her to breed.

Paint silver: pros and cons

What is the composition of silverfish? ↑

Despite the name of this paint, it does not contain a single gram of silver. In fact, in its composition has only grinded metal dust, which is obtained by grinding aluminum waste and aluminum. Thus. It is clear that the silver is a fine powder of aluminum, which gives the material when painting steel color.

How breed silver? ↑

It is important! There are two different powder silverfish, which differ from each other technology of cooking. The powder can be diluted with varnish or synthetic drying oil. The main difference in the preparation of PAP-1 and PAP-2 are the proportions.

Thus, PAP-1 is diluted in a specific ratio with lacquer BT-577 – 2 to 5. This paint can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees and not burn out. First, sleep powder, and then pour lacquer portions and stirred the mixture with a mixer.

PAP-2 was diluted in the ratio 1: 3 or 1: 4 any varnish. Again, all mix thoroughly. But it is worth noting that by mixing we obtain a sufficiently thick mass, which is impossible to use. Therefore, it should be brought to the so-called painting consistency.

It is important! The degree of fluidity of the paint must be choose based on the way you will apply – roller, spray, brush etc.

Paint silver: pros and cons

To paint became more fluid, use a mixture of solvents or something one- white spirit, turpentine, solvent. If you are going to spray the silver, then paint and solvent should be mixed in equal proportions and for the cushion and hand fit the proportion of 2 to 1.

When diluted paint, synthetic varnish, the process will not be much different, the proportions are kept the same as for varnish. The shelf life of silver powder has no boundaries, but the diluted composition is no more than six months.

Where used silverfish? ↑

The field of application of this paint is quite wide. It is used in everyday life and in industry. Often it is used for painting:

  1. Radiators, batteries.
  2. The parts used in the production.
  3. Parts in boilers to protect them from overheating.
  4. Bridges.
  5. Port structures, ships.
  6. Pipes.

Paint silver: pros and cons

The pros and cons of silverfish ↑

Silverfish used by people for centuries, and during this time the paint did not have time to annoy anyone. On the contrary, it is used increasingly for various purposes. What is the secret of such popularity? The whole thing in a huge number of advantages it offers:

  1. Serebryanka is not foliated, is strong enough and at the same time, delicate material. But at the same time, if you need, from the paint you can easily get rid of.
  2. The paint turns into a protective layer to surfaces to which it is applied. It creates a thin but smooth layer, fully displaying the texture of the surface.
  3. Can be applied on various materials – from wood to concrete and metal.
  4. Long service life, so in water based paint does not deteriorate for 3 years, nominally, about 7 years, and really longer.
  5. Not afraid of high temperatures.
  6. Invulnerable to corrosion.
  7. Non-toxic.
  8. Dries quickly.
  9. Staining in a nice color of silver.
  10. It can help to achieve different metal colours using pigments.

Of course, in addition to the advantages of this paint has its disadvantages, chief among which is the risk of explosion. Therefore, to keep such powder in a dry place and in tightly sealed containers, of course, away from possible fire sources, direct sunlight. It is impossible to keep the paint next to food due to a fast absorption of the smell of silverfish.

Paint silver: pros and cons

It is also worth noting that the paint is incompatible with oil and alkyd paints. In addition, the silver should not be applied on top of paint NBH and nitroemali, as in connection with such coated paint will not last long on the surface, quickly depart and will probably be blown up bubbles.

The secrets of applying silverfish ↑

In applying the silverfish is no big deal. To begin this process you must first perform a thorough cleaning of the working surface of the previous layer of paint, metal, lime etc. the Metal surface should be cleaned of rust, scale. If you did not get to remove the layers of old paint, the surface can be primed.

If you’re going to cover with silver wood materials, they should first be properly sanded. For painting, you can use any tools that you prefer will work – spray, brush, roller. The silverfish should be applied to the surface in two, and preferably three layers. When choosing a brush as a tool for painting, remember that you need to be very agile and nimble, because if you hesitated even slightly, the paint can get dry. In the end, everything will be colored unevenly.

Wash the silverfish ↑

If during coloring you dripped paint does not go where needed, and it has dried up, you should not worry about scrubbing it will not work. The silverfish can be easily clean off with solvent you used when breeding paint.

If you have purchased ready to paint and have no idea on what basis it was made, then you will get a kind of folk remedies:

  1. Drip on any painted surface a little sunflower oil, wait 10 minutes and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
  2. On the spot, apply the liquid nail Polish remover that has no acetone. This tool perfectly removes fresh traces of paint. After dissolution of the paint, the surface should be rinsed with plenty of water.

Paint silver: pros and cons

When using silverfish need to observe basic safety precautions, personal protective equipment. Be sure to work with silver gloves, in a ventilated area, protect from paint in the respiratory tract.

Apply the paint in several layers, each layer has to dry. Primed surface can take place in a single layer.

When applied to the grooves on the coating, which has clean surfaces, remember to paint nitroenamel, NBH and oil paint with silver not.

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