Coating materials

Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

When choosing paint for wood floor, consider the following options:

  • the humidity in the room;
  • the degree of permeability of this room;
  • the possibility of additional treatment of wood with protective solutions;
  • optimal operating period of service surfaces.

Given these characteristics, it is possible to use certain paint coatings. On the correct choice of paint depends on the aesthetics of the floor and maximum operational life.

Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Prepare hardwood floors for painting ↑

Before painting it is necessary to conduct the following activities:

  • to remove surface dust and dirt using a detergent;
  • with a spatula or knife to clean the cracks dirt;
  • solvent to remove the wooden floor grease stains;
  • to hammer in all the nails, get rid of the irregularities.

Rules of painting a wooden floor ↑

It is not enough just to apply evenly on the wood floor paint, using a roller or brush and wait for its complete drying, the coating is durable and beautiful. There is a special algorithm painting the floor made of wood. This sequence of actions is ideal for those floors that do not have significant defects:

  1. On the floor apply a thin layer of a special protective oil. For the full drying it is necessary to wait 2-3 days.
  2. Armed with a sprayer, brush or roller, a thin layer of paint over the entire surface of the floor, thoroughly dried.
  3. Applied the next coat of paint (if necessary), dry it for 3-4 days. If desired, cover the floor with 2-3 layers of paint, the painting frequency is 4-6 days.

?Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Painting a wooden floor with defects ↑

If you need to paint the floor, having severe defects, as follows:

  1. Before painting get rid of all flaws visible to the naked eye: irregularities, cracks, ledges.
  2. To eliminate the cracks use the putty, the excess material being removed with sandpaper.
  3. After complete drying of the wood surface, begin to paint a floor (2-3 layers).
The Council! To consolidate the paint layer use an additional lacquer layer or a protective oil, giving a visual glossy flooring.

Professional version floor ↑

The stages of painting:

  1. Dry paint powder (200 g) dissolved in a liter of natural linseed oil.
  2. The finished mixture is applied to wood surface to dry completely.
  3. Apply to floor with a thin layer of putty, waiting for complete drying, remove the excess material with sandpaper.
    Attention! Such actions are performed 2-3 times.
  4. Apply on the prepared surface of the floor 2 coats of paint. After drying, the floor needs to pan out with a damp cloth.

Features painting wooden floor ↑

Wooden flooring creates the feeling of warmth of coziness. Those homeowners who dream about that painted floor has kept the original aesthetic characteristics, as long as you can use special varnishes, regularly caring for a painted surface.

Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Try modern coatings such as laminate, carpet, linoleum, a return to the traditional version of the floor is natural wood. This natural material has many positive characteristics, making it a popular element in modern decoration:

  • the aesthetic qualities;
  • excellent thermal insulation characteristics;
  • environmentally friendly, the coating does not emit toxic substances;
  • can be applied to the surface of the figure, depending on the chosen design space.

About the paint consumption ↑

The average consumption is 200 to 300 grams per square meter of the wooden floor. The minimum flow rate would be when using a roller or spray, the maximum amount of paint consumed during painting paint brush.

Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Processing wood coating ↑

For a long time as the only material used for painting the wooden floor was made by oil paint. The hue range was small, from light brown to dark brown. Wood eventually loses its natural uniqueness, became «faceless».

The «advanced» the townspeople covered the floor with green oil paint, and the contrast achieved with the help of brown or Burgundy skirting. The use of Polish, mastic, wax material, oil, has significantly increased the scope of using hardwood flooring.

Coating «zero» ↑

  1. Selecting for sex in your city apartment or country house, the wooden planks have to be patient, as nastilanie hardwood flooring – long procedure. Since the start of finishing work not completed in full will be quite a lot of time, but the final result is worth the effort.
  2. Once all of the floorboards will be laid to impregnate the starting layer of protective varnish. Depending on the initial state of the tree, complete drying floor will take from 4-5 days to 1-2 months.?
The Council! To accelerate the preparatory phase, use a dry floorboards.

Return «new life» the old floor ↑

Among the main problems faced by buyers in the secondary real estate market, select the remove old paint from the floor. To cope with this problem by the following methods:

  • Arm old iron;
  • To purchase a special remover for the paint.
  • Stock up on sandpaper;
  • To use the grinder with attachments designed for grinding wood;
  • Find a sharp knife and spatulas construction.

?Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Old iron to be heated, through a layer of paper applied it to the old floor. After some time, the paint becomes soft under the iron, partially remains on paper. All its remnants can be removed from the floorboards with a sharp instruments. To eliminate all remnants of paint on the floor surface apply the wash, then remove it with a soft cloth.

If you decide to use electric tools (grinder, planer), first verify that no protruding heads of the nails.

Removing with a plane old paint, you need to eliminate with the floorboards irregularities and roughness. These actions are performed efficiently, give a perfectly smooth and flat floor surface.

The Council! To accelerate the process of smoothing wooden planks, you can use the scraping machine.

In the course of works associated with the removal of old paint layer from the floor, produces a lot of sawdust and wood dust. Mixing them with PVA glue, you can get a homemade putty.

Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Varieties of coatings ↑

For wood preservation, underlining her natural beauty, you can use different coating:

  • Water-soluble varnish. It has no unpleasant odor, suitable for the treatment of gender in children’s rooms. The composition of the varnish is a special adhesive components to ensure reliable adhesion to the wood. Water-soluble varnish is one-component and two-component. The second option has a maximum wear resistance, keeps the coating is 8-10 years.
  • Alkyd paints are oil-resin. Such Polish is used by professionals, it is important to choose the right proportion.
  • Oil paint. The oil is absorbed in the tree structure improves wear resistance, reduces abrasion of the floorboards. You can pick up an oil paint of the desired color, for applying it on the tree is good a roller and brush. Sex among the disadvantages we note the complexity of care;
  • The wax coating. Beeswax is environmentally friendly and completely safe for plants, humans, animals. This material is applied 2-3 times per year for polishing using cotton fabric;
  • Acrylic emulsion paint. Among its advantages should be mentioned: the consistency, the variety of color palettes, durability, ease of care.
  • Polyurethane varnish. The material has excellent mechanical properties, suitable for use in public areas with high traffic.

Features applying lacquer coating:

  • The strokes perform across the floorboards, then along, creating a cross-lacquering.
  • The first coat is applied by brush or trowel.

How to care for painted wood floors ↑

To wood floors for a long time retain their aesthetic characteristics, it is necessary to observe certain rules of care.

  1. Wet cleaning is done 3-4 times a week, wiped the floor with a damp cloth.
  2. Contaminated floor wash with a solution of ammonia.
  3. Give the floor Shine by rubbing it with a cloth soaked in vegetable oil. All excess oil must be removed cloth fabric.
  4. When painting the floor with oil paints, you should not wash it with soap or soda solution (coating deteriorates).
  5. To remove dust and dirt from hard to reach places you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Selection of wear-resistant ink ↑

The best option for hardwood floor is by using Tikkurila paints. They have the following advantages:

  • wear resistance;
  • hygroscopicity;
  • resistance to fading and peeling;
  • the speed of drying;
  • reliable protection against fungus and mold

?Quick-drying ink is odorless floor

Such paints are suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces, have good elasticity. Tikkurila easy to apply, dries in minimal time, economical, in addition to several years, the color of the floor remains bright and saturated.

The modern market is full of different colors that are suitable for flooring. The choice depends on the following factors: purpose of sex, the functionality, assets buyers. I advise you to choose such paints which contain natural components: dispersion the acrylic or rubber paint.

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