Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

Ceiling - is the largest not covered with furnituresurface in the room. Defects and impurities ceiling immediately apparent, for this reason, renovated apartment can not be imagined without the repair work on the ceiling. Among the variety of modern methods of repair: installation of suspended or suspended structures, tiling, wallpapering - whitewash still holds a leading position. It has plenty of explanations: whitewashed ceiling suitable for any interior, to the same whitewash - it is the fastest and most affordable way to update a room.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands - a difficult taskfor the one who makes it for the first time and does not have the relevant experience. But, adhering tips and instructions below, you can do the job quickly and efficiently.

How to prepare the ceiling ↑

Proper preparation is the key to successperformance: whitewash after that will go to more evenly, do not exfoliate some time later from the ceiling, on the surface will not appear on the old dirt stains. Prepare the ceiling takes place in several stages: cleaning t old whitewash, removing dirt and leveling the ceiling.

Attention! Preliminary work - very messy process,therefore, you must first make the room furniture, floors, window sills and other surfaces cover with foil. Be sure to use at work safety goggles, headgear and a respirator.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

How to remove the ceiling whitewash or paint ↑

Old whitewash and paint it is necessary to remove. To start, determine what material was used. Swipe your finger across the ceiling chalk left on his finger white trail, lime wash should not be left.

Chalk can be removed in three ways:

  1. The most dirty way - "dry". He is to remove using a scraper and fixed on it collection.
  2. The "wet" method is flushing with the ceilingusing water. The surface is moistened with the spray, stiff brush, paint roller or a simple cloth (like wash the chalk from the ceiling). After the surface razmoknet, whitewash brushes scraper or spatula. If they were prepared on the basis of the adhesive, then soaking them use a weak solution of vinegar. After cleaning the surface should be rinsed with water or salt soap.
  3. The oldest and clean removal of the Cretaceouswhitewash from the ceiling - the use of glue. The surface of the ceiling is uniformly coated with paste and after drying, remove it along with the old whitewash with a scraper or spatula.

Remove lime whitewash from the ceiling a little harder than chalk. It should dilute the hot water, and after soaking - removed with a scraper.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

Removing paint from the ceiling - the most difficultprocess, but it is necessary as whitewashing badly lays down on the paint. If the paint layer is thick, it is removed by the dryer construction. The thin layer can be removed with a grinder with petal disc (dirty, but cheap way) or by using a special composition - paint shredder.

More information about the methods of cleaning the ceiling in front of whitewash can be, watch the following video:

How to remove contamination ↑

If after cleaning the old whitewash from the ceiling were dirt: mold, streaks, rust or grease stains - they must also be removed, so that later they do not protrude through the latest.

Rust streaks and wash off with warm water, then place pollution should be treated with copper sulfate solution (1 liter of water take 50-100 g vitriol).

To remove grease stains, a solutionsoda ash. To spot you need to make a cloth dampened with a solution, and hold it until the disappearance of the spot. Then place contamination should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Traces of mold wash with warm soapy water and treated surface anti-fungal drug. It can also be added to the solution for putty and primers.

How to align the ceiling whitewash ↑

Smooth surface required for high-quality repair of the ceiling. We can not expect that whitewash the ceiling will help to mask defects on the contrary, it will only accentuate the uneven surface.

If the irregularities are large, ceiling plaster and pre-sanded. Small surface defects can be eliminated by using fillers and primers.

For ceilings more suitable adhesive putty. To prepare it, you need to mix 2 parts plaster, 1 - chalk and 2 - wood glue. For a mass of liquid adhesive may be pre-mixed with water: 1 liter of water is necessary to add 50 g of glue. The filler is applied by hand with a spatula

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

After drying, the ceiling is primed. First, a primer must be applied with a brush on hard to reach places and corners of the room, and then the rest of the primed surface with a roller or spray gun.

To learn more about the intricacies of performing putty and primers can be, watching the video:

Important! Before whitewashing your ceiling, make sure that the primer has dried well, if necessary, carefully treat the surface with a scraper or sandpaper.

The choice of materials for whitewashing ceilings ↑

To whitewash can be used water-based paints, lime or chalk.

Water-based paints are silicate, latex, silicone oracrylic. These inks provide rich white color and applied to the well surface. When choosing colors should pay attention to its coating properties - ability to cover paint the background on which it is applied. The higher the score, the fewer coats of paint has to be applied to obtain a uniformly colored surface, and the lower the probability that it will be visible through all sorts of blemishes or defects of the ceiling.

For rooms with high humidity are choosing silicone water-based paints: water-resistant or washable.

Paints of various parties may differ in tone, so they buy with a small margin.

a piece of chalk for whitewash can be purchased in powder form or in the form ofpaste. Cretaceous paste - a suspension of finely divided chalk, stabilizers and anti-fungal additives. It allows you to get better and more durable finish. In addition, prepare a solution of chalk paste easier than dry chalk: it simply diluted with water.

Instead of the usual quicklime exhaustTo whitewash the ceiling and walls can be usedspecial decorative structured lime. Its application allows you to get the original textured surface. If such a whitewash lacquering, you can simulate the surface of the frescoes.

If you're tired of the ceiling white, with solutions for whitewashing can add pigments. It can be resistant to an alkaline environment minium, vermilion, ocher, ultramarine or finished pigment pastes.

Attention! Ultramarine (blue) has a high inkability, so it should be used very carefully. It is better to dissolve a small amount of methylene blue into a liter of water, and then topped up the solution to whitewash, to obtain the desired blue color.
Important! The color of the solution does not match the color, which is obtained by drying whitewash. For a more precise adjustment of color, apply a few strokes on the white paper and allow to dry completely.

Technology whitewash ↑

The use of water-based paints ↑

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

To paint is better to choose the second half of the day. In this case, the first layer of paint for night time to dry out, and in the morning you can safely proceed to the second layer.

To paint need a little brush, cell paint, roller with telescopic handle.

The paint is poured into the cuvette, thoroughly mixed, diluted with water, if instructed.

First paint the corners and hard to reach places witha brush. The rest of the surface stained with paint roller, since the use of the brush may remain traces of brush strokes. The roller must be chosen medium nap, 20-25 cm long.

The color should start from the window. Usually enough for painting ceilings applying two coats of paint: the first layer should be oriented parallel to the direction of sunlight, and the second - at right angles.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

Movement of the roller must be W-shaped, forIn order that the surface had no streaks. When roll over the paint, walk them again on freshly painted surfaces - this will remove the remaining paint.

Video dedicated to the use of water-based paints for painting the ceiling:

Preparation of chalk and lime solutions for whitewashing ↑

If you use a chalk paste, mix it with water in a ratio of 1 to 4. In order to whitewash the best kept and was more durable, instead of water, use a 1.5% CMC glue solution (aqueous).

To prepare the solution for whitewash from drychalk, need 5 liters of hot water (40-50 ° C) mix with 30 grams of wood glue, then add 3 kg sifted chalk. You can cook and such a solution: 3-4 liters of water, 60 grams of soap, 90 g glue and 2,5 kg of chalk. Whitewashing, made this solution has a greater adhesion to the surface.

For the preparation of slaked lime mortarlime first thoroughly mixed with sifted sand and then water is added. To improve the surface quality and performance properties underlayer can prepare the following composition: 3.2 kg of slaked lime, 50-100 g of salt, 7.9 liters of water.

Chalk and limestone solutions for whitewashthoroughly stirred until complete disappearance of clots and filtered through a sieve, a loose cloth or several layers of cheesecloth. This allows to remove debris and to make a homogeneous solution.

Whitewashing the ceiling chalk and lime mortar ↑

Chalk whitewash and mortar can bea paint brush, special brush - "maklovitsy" or a paint roller. for whitewash brush should be soaked for several hours in the water, so that during the operation, it does not fall out bristles. Roller is necessary to choose a medium bristle brush. When whitewashing large rooms can also use a pneumatic spray gun.

Before use, checkthe degree of density of the solution. You can use a wooden stick: dip it in the prepared solution and make sure it runs. If the stick is uniformly colored, the solution flows a continuous stream - this is the optimal density for whitewash.

In the room where there is whitewashing the ceiling should not be a draft, since the movement of air causes premature drying of the solution and the formation of traces of brush or roller.

Principles chalk whitewash and mortarIt is the same as when using water-based paints: Belim brush angles, starting from the window to put the 2 layer solution - along and across the direction of light. Before applying the next layer, be sure to check the full drying of the previous - at room temperature for 3-4 hours whitewash dries.

Attention! In no case do not do a single layer of lime mortar, and the second - the chalk, as this can form stains.
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