Boarded ceiling with his hands

During the construction or repair of private houses,cottages, apartments and even a bath, one of the most important parts is the ceiling. Questions about how and what to do the ceiling, a material used for this purpose, there is almost everyone who does repairs on their hands. Who is considered quite fashionable suspended ceiling. They are easy to install and does not require special skills.

You can make a ceiling podshivnoy What material? ↑

Materials for the installation of such a construction lot. The choice depends on where it will be installed: in the living room, office, bathrooms, or in a bath.

The materials most commonly used for suspended ceiling device:

  • wood materials (decorative panels made of particleboard, fibreboard);
  • drywall;
  • polymeric materials (decorative panels of polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and any other plastic);
  • metal products (copper, aluminum, galvanized steel).

There is still a lot of material to mount podshivnoy design, but the most common - it's drywall.

Boarded ceiling of plasterboard with their hands ↑

This design build yourself quite easily. We need only the necessary materials, free time and a little patience.

Important: Not to be confused with false ceiling podshivnoy! Between them, there is one difference, which is of profile frame mounting technology.

In this case the fixed frame profiledirectly to the main overlap without using hangers as false mounting. The difficulty is only in the gasket through the ceiling space utilities. Thus such a construction reduces the minimum height of the room.

What is needed for the installation of suspended ceiling of plasterboard with their hands? ↑

Before you get started, you should prepare the following materials and tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • punch or drill;
  • a hammer;
  • curly screwdriver (Phillips);
  • screws with dowels;
  • otbivochnogo cord or pencil;
  • profile guide ceiling;
  • drywall (plasterboard usually use 9 mm thick sheets);
  • screws 2.5-4 mm ( "bugs");
  • Drill bits for Phillips screws for;
  • square;
  • level;
  • screws for metal 2.5-3 mm (for mounting to drywall profile)

Step by step instructions ↑

In the first stage makes the markup. To this end, the perimeter of a few points at the corners of the room Gaugeable height overlap. Compare the highest and lowest point: difference between them must be less than 2 cm.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

ImportantIf the difference between the maximum and minimum points of more than 2 cm, boarded structure to build will not work, only suspended.

In a second step make marks on the wall. Celebrating the lowest point and use it as the primary. From her around the perimeter of the room with a pencil and draw a horizontal line level.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Third stage. If the walls in the room, brick or concrete, it is necessary to drill or hammer drill dowel holes. They are drilled at a distance from each other of 30-40 cm incised line on the wall. If the walls of wood or gas concrete - no need to drill.

The fourth step is prepared profile. Make a mark so as to coincide with the holes drilled in the wall. Clog the dowels into the holes, and then fasten the profile strictly by incised lines around the perimeter of the room. Connect adjacent profile strips. The joints are fixed "bugs." Related Profile strap bolted to the main overlap.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

The fifth stage is secured using drywallself-tapping screws. They are twisted at a distance from each other not less than 25 cm is necessary to try to pritaplivat leaf hats. After that, all the gaps and joints shpaklyuyut and then drywall paint or wallpaper paste over.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling of wood ↑

Roof structure of a material such as wood, is mounted in the living room, and in the baths.

Boarded ceiling with his hands
Boarded ceiling with his hands
Boarded ceiling with his hands
Boarded ceiling with his hands
Boarded ceiling with his hands
Boarded ceiling with his hands

Types of suspended ceiling made of wood ↑

Boarded ceiling of wood is onToday the most popular. It got its name, however, as the plasterboard podshivnoy, due to the fact that the wood boards or panels are fixed to the ceiling from below, as it were, "Hemming" them. Most often, these designs are installed in rooms with hardwood floors, but in buildings with floors of concrete they can also be found.

There are several technologies of manufacturing of wood suspended ceiling:

  1. From lining (Lining). It is the most common and is characterized by ease of installation, due to which such design loved by many masters. For building used board-lining from a variety of woods. This can be oak, pine, linden, and more. Boards are fixed to the soffit of the ceiling to the frame. Joints on the principle of "thorn in the groove".
    Boarded ceiling with his hands
  2. From panels. Construction of such a coating is similar to the embodiment described above with the lining. The difference is that the frame is not fastened boards and panels. This design is modular. She's going out of wooden boards, which are covered with veneer outside parody of expensive wood.
  3. Relief from cleft timber. To create a rectangular wooden workpiece must be split lengthwise, then attach to the frame the smooth side. Unique embossed pattern creates inwardly facing flat wood chips.

The device suspended ceiling in the bath ↑

In the bath mount design podshivnoypredominantly from wood. For this purpose edged boards, 22 mm thick, or lining, whose width is 120 mm. In this case, you can use the bar instead of the profile.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Mount Technology ↑

First make grooves in the center of the transverse barsthen laid joists. The boards are fixed with nails. When assembling such a structure is necessary to leave an opening for the flue, if it passes through the ceiling slab. After the boards are fixed to the main ceiling, a material for insulation stack steam. As such a material may serve as a polyethylene film, which is attached to the overlapping with the help of construction stapler.

After that the board or lining sutured to Bursa. After podshivnoy ceiling in the bath is ready, it should be a good warm. For more information about how to mount podshivnoy ceiling in the bath with your own hands, you can learn by watching the video on the topic.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling Armstrong ↑

To create such a structure is usedmetal profiles for frame and ceiling tiles. They come in two types: soft and hard. The first - organic and mineral, the second - the metal and glass (with pictures or mirror).

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

this design mount technology enoughsimple. Frame made from metal profiles, as well as mounting cover plasterboard or wood. Just adjacent strips Profile attached so that the squares were obtained for filing plates. Their size is typically 600 to 600 mm. After mounting the frame, attach it to the plate and get a ceiling, as in the photo.

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

Boarded ceiling with his hands

It is important to correctly calculate all and to comply with mounting technology.

Conclusion: despite the fact that the suspended ceiling is now quite popular and in demand, and their installation is simple, without reviewing their construction technology can make some fatal mistakes mass.

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