Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cut

Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cutEveryone try to ensure that it would be the house was comfortable, nice and cozy. Modern technologies allow to solve the most creative design tasks.

Stretch ceilings not so long ago it was possible toonly seen in the movies or in the most luxurious mansions. Today, this beauty became available, and even people with an average income can afford to install a stretch ceiling. They are very beautiful and will give any room elegance and charm. A variety of textures and patterns will make your room unique.

Stretch ceilings with professional andproper installation is quite durable and will last you a long time. But, like any other thing has its weaknesses, which may lead to damage and need repair.

Types of injuries ↑

Here are some of the common problems.

On the ceiling was formed a hole or a cut.

A warning! Stretch ceilings are afraid of sharp objects, do not come into contact with the cutting, piercing objects, sharp corners.

Ceiling burst. This can occur when a cut, as well as in the crystallization of the surface under the influence of temperature below 0 ° C.

A warning! Do not allow the room with tension ceilings, or a significant reduction in temperature!

Sagging - Disconnecting the ceiling edge with a profile.

Detaching harpoons from the ceiling of the film.

bay - In other words, you are flooded with cold, or (generally bad) hot water.

Repair stretch ceiling ↑

Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cutWith some of the most serious injuriessuspended ceiling can not be repaired, must be replaced. But there are problems, to cope with which it is possible. Some of them you can decide for yourself, but there are those that only by experienced craftsmen.

What you can do on their own ↑

Repair stretch ceiling for cutsIf the web is not torn badly, you can try it yourself to stick or sew neatly using nylon thread.

If there was a cut on Seamless stretch ceiling or is not significant, you can do the following:

  • Take scotch (only fabric), cover the incision;
  • if the ceiling is monotonous, it must be repainted to patch did not stand out;
  • a small incision can be sewn, picking up the thread color or tint then repair the place.

Repair stretch ceiling after the GulfIf there was a gulf, but mounting location should:

  • dismantle one corner of the ceiling, or (if available) luminaire and carefully drain the water;
  • wait for complete drying;
  • paste angle back prints.

In the video you will see clearly how to do it.

Important! All this you will approach by flooding with cold water! When flooding hot water independent repair is impossible!

Damage to the mounting system. If baguette walked in one place, you can fix the problem on their own, securing it in place.

Repair stretch ceiling masters ↑

There are cases where without the help of a qualified professional you can not do:

  1. A large hole from a cut or puncture.
  2. Separated seam between the blades.
  3. You filled with water or hot water in a large volume.
  4. Separation from the wall moldings.
  5. Sagging ceiling.
  6. Detaching harpoons.

Methods to eliminate the problem. ↑

If the place of break or puncture to be near the wall, he wound up without breaking the integrity of the ceiling with the help of banners.

If the problem areas closer to the center of the masking patch is applied or decorative applique.

Demonstrating eliminate rush to the video:

In some cases it will be appropriate to place a cut set lamp or other decorative element. The wizard will install a special ring around the inside of the cut and will cut the film.

Important! This is a problem whose solution can not be postponed, as the cut will diverge further. It is necessary to seal the cut masking tape or adhesive tape and to apply to the master!

If the seam between the webs broke, it mayoccur due to improper installation or soldering joints or present factory marriage. If this problem does not try to solve it yourself. Contact the Company establish a ceiling, they must at his own expense, repair or replace.

If you have a suspended ceiling sagged due to the fact that you have filled in and solve the problem yourself is not possible, call the masters.

Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cutIf you poured cold waterAfter drying fabric will remain the same. If the water was hot, the result depends on the type of ceiling (fabric or film). But even PVC film does not withstand very hot temperatures, it is stretched and deformed. In this case, you need to change the ceiling.

Sometimes, when a considerable weight of water, the very fabric(It is strong enough) can withstand the weight, but mounted structure can be torn out of the wall or ceiling. It is urgent to cause a wizard that will make the dismantling of the old system and the installation of new hardware.

If the wall torn baguette, The cause may be a defect in the fastening element or irregular pattern of the web.

When bad fasteners simply replaced by installing additional braces. If we blame the excessive tension due to improper cut - it is necessary to change the blade itself.

Even with perfect care of eventually ceilingIt may sag (especially a large area). It can also occur when installing suspended ceilings in areas with rapid changes in temperature (baths, saunas). The ceiling will have to change.

If there separation of the harpoon from the film - It may be the factory marriage. Fix this problem experienced specialist can for an hour on the spot.

Ремонт потолка «звездное небо» – the failure of the light relay (No longer flashing or light up a part or the whole area). We need an experienced master for relay replacement or repair.

Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cut

How much does a repair stretch ceiling ↑

Repair stretch ceiling with his hands from the bay, cutIf your stretch ceiling has occurredtrouble during the warranty period, and because of this work is wrong or factory defects, repairs are free warranty service.

In other cases, the repair cost depends on the complexity of the operations. When you contact the service center by telephone inform you the cost of repairs.

When you need a replacement web payNote: you need only to change the very fabric, hinged design will remain the same. So that the ceiling will cost less than new, and in fact you have the opportunity to change to a new ceiling with a completely different pattern and give your room a completely different look!

Stretch ceilings for a long time will give you warmth and comfort!

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