How to remove cracks in the ceiling

How to remove cracks in the ceilingStarting in the house or apartment repairs, eachIt faces the problem of cracks in the ceiling. Well if they are small and few. But to cement the cracks in the ceiling? They are easy to close up even a person who can not do anything. Small cracks are closed up the old fashioned way, using a plaster solution. A mixture consisting of equal parts sand and crushed chalk. Another may be composed of synthetic components.

Such cracks are closed up a plaster solution, withusing a metal spatula, well leveling solution. This seal is called a point spackling. Suitable luting point in the case where the ceiling is glued wallpaper or painted with bright water-based paints.

Technology repairing cracks ↑

  • clean place cracks, removing all of the exfoliated.
  • well primed place crack deep penetrating primer, preferably in two layers,
  • prepare a solution and well seal the cracks, filling them through the solution and leveling the surface cracks and around the spatula,
  • well to dry, about a day,
  • good clean sandpaper to smooth the surface,
  • We paint the ceiling or hang wallpaper.

Plugging cracks in the ceiling with his hands must be performed in several stages with the laying on small portions of putty.

Council! When sealing cracks in the ceiling, dirty work,the apartment is a lot of debris and dust. Since the repair, if possible, take the furniture and the floor cover with foil. Then clean up after the repair will be much faster.

This method is good if you want to close up smallcracks. And if it is deep and large, how to be? In this case, it is first necessary to fill any filler. As filler can be used a simple fabric strip. These strips should be fed into the crack until it is full. Above the crack filled with strips of cloth, stick with a single strip of fabric, wider and longer than most of its 10 centimeters. Whatever fabric gave no further shrinkage, the flap must first, to wash and iron. Then soak the fabric in the adhesive and overlaps the crack and leveled with a spatula. Also it is possible to seal the top special masking grid. The grid more robust and durable. As an adhesive material used PVA glue.

Так же эти трещины можно заделать специальным материалом – герметиком. При покупке герметика, воспользуйтесь консультацией продавца, что бы подобрать подходящий вам герметик.

How to remove cracks in the ceiling

Sealant and assembly foam wellused for the closing of cracks between the ceiling and the wall. Also important sealant used where there is a possibility of leakage. Sealant adheres very well, has waterproofing properties and has a service life of 15-30 years. Polyurethane foam, in contrast to the sealant, increases its volume during use. To crack is no longer delivered to you trouble to find and eliminate the cause of the cracks.

Council! Cracks in the ceiling can talk about variousproblems in the house: sewage flow, shrinkage of the building, floor strength is broken. Sealing cracks will not solve the problem of the emergence of new, if not eliminate the causes of their appearance. Finding it - try to determine the cause of its appearance, see a specialist.

You can make the prevention of fracturesusing serpyanku. Before applying it you should carefully putty surface, so that later do not appear bubbles. Serpyanku pasted on the puttied surface and top puttied again. This method of treatment of joints and angles will allow you to forget about the cracks. This method is time-consuming, but it's worth it. Better once in 5-10let make prevention than every year to make repairs.

And the cracks in the ceiling, you can simply decorate. Easy and beautiful it can be done withspecial ceiling polystyrene plates. With these plates can be hidden cracks, but variations can visually align the ceiling slabs. What would have been less visible differences on the ceiling, it is best to take a seamless tile.

Cracks in the ceiling and can occur after quality repairs on plasterboard ceiling. Location on the plasterboard ceiling cracks occur?

There are several reasons:

  • drawdown of the building,
  • if the room is big, and the drywall sheets are mounted without offset,
  • если при монтаже использовались дюбели из комплекта, дюбель – шуруп, так как дюбель в этом случае плохо распирается и провисает,
  • during installation. U-shaped hangers are not properly fastened,
  • with putty ceiling previously not covered with ground coat joints,
  • before putty ceiling is not grounded, and perhaps you have filled in the neighbors.

If the suspended ceiling cracks, you need to first find out the reason.

Council! If you click on the false ceiling by hand from below, and it will move, then repair the cracks in the ceiling, this does not make sense - disassemble or remodel it again.

If you decide to patch up the crack, then make sure that it will not have more. To patch up its plasterboard on stream, it is first necessary to embroider, that is slightly increased.

How to remove cracks in the ceiling

Along the edges of the crack need to remove allflaking and bad lies. After that it should be treated with a brush or a broom, not to leave garbage or dust, after these manipulations gruntuete crack and give it to dry. After it has dried, you can putty. Some used a conventional filler, and there is nothing to worry about. And you can use a special, furenfyuller, it is particularly well suited for sealing cracks in drywall ceilings. After embedding the filler must be allowed to dry during the day. Furenfyuller dry now primed. After a few hours at the place of crack must pass satengipsom. In satengipsa fine structure and after processing does not require further cleaned with sandpaper. After processing, finishing putty ceiling needed paint.

Council! If you have a ceiling is not white, but with the addition ofcaramel, then it was not necessary to paint the entire ceiling twice, place sealing cracks to paint a coat of paint, as close as possible to the appropriate color to your ceiling and let it dry. Once you paint the entire ceiling, place of incorporation is not visible.

If you have a ceiling is not white, but with the addition ofcaramel, then it was not necessary to paint the entire ceiling twice, place sealing cracks to paint a coat of paint, as close as possible to the appropriate color to your ceiling and let it dry. Once you paint the entire ceiling, place of incorporation is not visible. Another frequently asked question is how big a crack repaired? Large cracks should be sealed with the metal mesh. After this is applied a layer of plaster. The next layer of plaster is applied after drying the previous one. After drying of the last layer, renovated the place you need to go through a special mesh or sandpaper. Further actions described above.

How to seal the crack in the ceiling between the plates ↑

  • It is necessary to clean the cracks of the old alignment layer,
  • using a punch with a special nozzle, embroider crack
  • with a construction knife thoroughly clean the joint of debris and uneven,
  • with a paint brush well fluff inside seam primer.
Council! The solution is better to choose a primer with the effect of deep penetration.

The depth of the seam seal the mounting foam. Allow it to dry and trim the excess. Prepare a mixture of a building. What would the seam did not differ from the rest of the surface, reinforce its serpyanku. The entire space between the mounting foam and serpyanku must be carefully filled mortars. After drying the mortar joint is aligned with the ceiling finish putty.

To close up the gap in the ceiling of concrete in areas withhigh humidity, you can use water-resistant putty for interior work. You can t use the fine-grained quick-drying putty. A layer of putty can not exceed four centimeters, otherwise all your work will go to the trouble.

A good tool for you is video:

In this article we gave a detailed account of all theAspects of cracks. Using our tips, any of you could independently make repairs in their home or apartment. You can of course hire a firm or organization dealing with repairs, but made their own hands will save the family budget, which is important in our time. We hope that this article will help you, and you will gather from it, how to deal with cracks in the ceiling.

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