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Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

The idea of ​​combining the kitchen and living room each yearIt is gaining more and more popularity. The secret of success of the concept is the desire of every person the most profitable use of available space.

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

The world's leading designers for a long timeWe noticed that baffle reduces the usable space, making a small apartment even less. Unfortunately, before the long-standing prejudices and building codes are not allowed to change the situation. But in the XXI century, everything changed. With such a high price for one square meter of housing designers had no other options, how to combine the kitchen with living room.

However, simply removing the wallnot enough to create a truly comfortable space. It should be something more, namely zoning. This is the newest method of forming a design concept through the use of color and style solutions to highlight certain areas in the room.

Attention! A huge role in the formation of the general concept of space played by the emergence of modern hoods. They will forget about the smoke, the smell of onions and steam released during cooking.

Options zoning ↑

In the evolution of design ideas wasinvented many ideas zoning living and kitchen. Some of them could not be found particular popularity, while others on the other hand, got an unprecedented distribution.

Zoning on the floor ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

Many people mistakenly believe that in order toto separate the living room from the kitchen you need to do is completely unique each half of the room. However, such a scenario is very expensive zoning. two areas at the expense of the flooring is much easier to differentiate.

Such an option zoning living room and kitchen are notonly economical, but also practical. In the kitchen, much more often than in the living room spilled water and other liquids. Therefore, the floor covering in this part of the premises must withstand heavy loads and easy to wipe. A good option is a special laminate or tile. But in the latest version to take care the right insulation.

In the living room is best to lay parquet. But there are other options. The main thing that zoning was smooth. An interesting option is to create an artificial drop height. This step allows for zoning, even with the use of one type of flooring.

Attention! Sex in the kitchen it is best to raise to 10-15 centimeters.

Raising the floor in the kitchen allows you to not getonly zoning visual effects - this option allows to hide the design of the pipe and the other communications, without which no cost, no kitchen.

Kitchen island ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

This option can be used zoningonly in large rooms. Imagine that in the middle of the room stands a huge table top, which can be put utensils. In addition, it is also a convenient table. On it you can always put a cup of coffee.

The main advantage of this option zoning livingand the kitchen is that the island is not just a shared room, he is also creates additional comfort, being an important part of the kitchen units.

Council! It is best to entrust the kitchen island two tasks. From the living room, he will serve as the bar, and from the kitchen worktops to play a role.

Sofa ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

Even a trivial piece of furniture canbecome an excellent option zoning in the hands of an experienced designer. Sofa itself recalls recreation opportunities. It is necessary to put it back to the kitchen and living room to the soft seats as each guest will be clear where that is.

Particular attention in this embodiment usingzoning should be given to the parameters of the sofa. He must have exactly such dimensions as to allow a free passage from one part of premises to another.

Council! Quite common option zoning living and kitchen is a combination of the bar, walls and sofas.

It is best to buy a sofa with leather upholstery. Despite the good drawing, and even some smells spray can reach the outskirts of the sofa. Therefore it is necessary to choose such a trim, which will quietly endure these hardships.

In addition to the leather sofa, which will be coincident to the kitchen and living room, it is much easier to wipe off the dust. I do not even need a vacuum cleaner. Simple enough to take a rag and wipe the piece of furniture.

Option Zoning living room and kitchen with the help of the sofa is good because it allows you to quietly go about their business, watching TV or reading a book, seeing what was happening in the kitchen.

Using mobile partitions, screens and shelves ↑

Mobile partitions Zoning living room and kitchen are good because they can always move to another location, thus pushing the boundaries of one or another part of the room.

Council! To try out some new version of the zoning kitchen and living simply rearrange the mobile partition.

The best option in zoning living room and kitchenIt is a semi-transparent partition. It not only has a futuristic look, but also in the actual separation of the two areas does not reduce the space visually.

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

However, such an option zoning living room and kitchen very superficial. It does not allow to achieve a truly weighty separation effect. However, this disadvantage is compensated by low cost.

Some better than nothing ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

An interesting variant of zoning living room and kitchenis part demolition of the partition between the two rooms. In this case, the remaining part of the wall can be an important design element that allows to achieve differentiation with minimal cost.

As a result of this option zoningliving room and kitchen passage begins to resemble the arch. With proper skill of the builders of this element of interior design become a real decoration of the apartment, giving it a unique and unusual appearance.

The bar ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

The bar allows many design options. It can be part of the wall, which had to be demolished or completely independent element.

Council! With proper planning, the rest of the walls of the wall can be easily converted into a bar.

A rich set of options for finishing allows you to forget about the monotony. Now very popular these materials:

  • tile,
  • wooden panels,
  • facing stone,
  • face brick.

In choosing the material it is important to take into account the overalldesign concept space and make the rest of the room elements are in harmony with a bar counter, thus creating a coherent design concept.

If the wall is already demolished, there is no reason to refuse such a design variant. The bar will look good in this area. Nevertheless, it must be placed exactly at the junction of the two zones.

Dinner table ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

This is one of the most economical ways to demarcate zones. Unfortunately, it does not always produce the desired effect. To be visible distinction table must be large.

Plus this method of breaking into zonesIt is that the dining table at minimum cost helps create a cozy atmosphere in the room. The kitchen-living room has a right to her and captivating openness and hospitality.

To enhance the effect, use the low-hanginglamps. This will allow better separation zone by light illumination. This visual effect is called the art of the design - the light curtain.

Important! The light should be warm spectrum. It will make the room more comfortable and give food appetizing appearance.

Choosing a color scheme for the kitchen and living area ↑

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

Proper selection of colors can also playimportant role in the zoning living room and kitchen. There are many variations of the famous designers, each of which has its advantages. general guidelines are also available that allow you to make the most effective zoning.

When choosing a color scheme for the living room and kitchen need to consider the following parameters:

  • the amount of natural light,
  • the texture and the color of furniture,
  • area destination.

The main thing that you have selected the color version of the zoning living room and the kitchen did not create too much contrast. Do not make the red kitchen and living room green.

Large surfaces are best painted inpastel shades. Of course, there are other options, for example, the same black-and-white concept. But the ratio of invested funds and the results - a pastel color in the kitchen and the living room the best option.

If you choose pastel colors asvariant color zoning living room and kitchen, then you need to pay special attention to small details. They should be bright and saturated. Use the chromatic colors. This combination will create a perfect balance.

Attention! Colors can visually enlarge the space or to reduce it.

Options for Zoning living room and kitchen

If you select a color zoning and kitchenliving room, remember that colors like orange, black, brown, and make the room smaller. In contrast, the blue color to visually enlarge the room.

Results ↑

Modern developments in design, you can createspacious and functional space where the kitchen and living room are combined. This is ideal if you're tired of the small kitchen, where you can not really turn around. Simply carry the partition and select the appropriate way for you to zoning. Remember that the furniture, colors, lighting, and even the floor are your design tools.

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