Plastic floor skirting

A small but important detail in the interior of the plinth, allows you to give the floor covering a finished look and hides the ground near the floor to the walls and allows you to do hidden wiring. Today in stores you can buy this product of wood, cork, MDF, aluminium, ceramic, polyurethane and plastic. Perhaps outdoor plastic skirting is the most popular type of available in the market.

Plastic floor skirting

Plastic floor skirting

The types, sizes and properties ↑

Produces two basic types of floor plastic plinth: solid (dull) and flexible with cable channels. The first inner side has special grooves designed to wiring and hidden fasteners. The second, consisting of two parts, a basic cable channel for the transaction. After installation of the product the cable channel is closed with a decorative strap.
Plastic floor skirting
Plastic floor skirting
The choice of size will be dictated not only interior space, but the number of cables that you have to lay in cable channel. It is clear that the more wires and cables to be laid as they are thicker, the more you will need the cable channel and, accordingly, the width of the product.
Plastic floor skirting
Plastic floor skirting

Sizes ↑

Standard strap length is 2500 mm, which is associated with the ability to transport to transport and easy to use. The cross section of the strips varies from 15 to 22 mm. But such a size, as the width is from 30 to 150 mm.

The universal is the product with dimensions of 50-60 x 20-22 mm. This product is considered universal because it is suitable for most indoor.

Plastic floor skirting

For small rooms with low ceilings it is recommended to choose a narrow product, to the spacious rooms a great height need the baseboards from 80 to 100 mm.
It is important! Try presenations rule which says that in areas with a ceiling height of 2.6 m you need to choose the skirting Board up to a width of 70 mm. For rooms with a ceiling height of 3 meters should opt for product width up to 90 mm (but not less than 70 mm), and if the ceiling above that is the plinth you have to buy a minimum width of 100 mm. But every rule has exceptions, no matter how universal the rule was not. In rooms where a ceiling mounted wide baguette, it is necessary to mount and wide skirting boards.

Plastic floor skirting

Properties ↑

Outdoor plastic moldings features:

  • Light weight and ease of installation. Installation can be performed in several ways. The flexibility of the straps allows you to tightly press them even to the walls with uneven surfaces.
  • Durability, resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Moisture.
  • Immunity to UV light.
  • The ability to maintain its properties at small and high temperatures. However, outdoor plastic moldings not designed for use outside of premises.
  • It is non-toxic and fireproof.
  • Additional processing of the product prior to installation is not required.
  • A rich selection of colors and surface patterns. Plastic products can mimic wood, cork, stone, metal.

Plastic floor skirting

  • The presence of the cable channel allows easy to hold wiring when installation of product and provide easy access to the wires if necessary.
  • Easy care.

Plastic product with cable channels ↑

This kind of outdoor plastic products are very convenient in modern apartments with a large number of wires and cables. The entire bundle is simply retracted into the cable channel and do not spoil the appearance of the room.

Design ↑

Is such moldings are usually in two parts. The main part of the product performs all the functions of a standard plinth and cable duct to lay cables and wires. So we can take a thick antenna cable, telephone cable, alarm wires. Laying can be made at any time. After laying wires decorative piece installed in its place and latched.

To replace any wires you need only remove the upper trim panel without dismantling of the product.
The Council. Consult with the experts about what size you need to pick up the cable channel in the plinth floor plastic. Bought a beautiful plinth, which you will not be able to accommodate all of the required wires, you will hardly please.

Plastic floor skirting

Plastic floor skirting

Features of adjustment ↑

Unlike plastic moldings from most of his «fellow» is that it can be mounted three ways. In practice, the preference for two: the hidden clips or screws.

Accessories for installation ↑

Before starting work it is necessary to attend to purchase additional items for installation: internal and external angles, end covers (right and left pair supplied), connecting elements for connection of two slats of the product. For this we need to count the number of internal and external corners in the room, as well as the number of required connecting elements (it’s not hard to do, knowing the standard length and the length of each wall). The plugs you’ll need in the junction of the baseboard to the door or to elements that will interfere with installation. It is better to buy all these elements with a small margin.

Plastic floor skirting

To install the required tool:

  • Drill.
  • The screwdriver (or screwdriver).
  • Roulette.
  • Pencil.
  • Building a knife or hacksaw.
The Council. When cutting plastic products with cable channels separately cut off the main part and a separate decorative panel.

For any method of installation it is necessary to check the color of each plank of the floor. Even in the same package, shade may vary. Strap a darker shade installs right up against the light, so the difference between the bars would be almost invisible.

Mounting clip ↑

With this method, first, the perimeter of the room mounted hidden fasteners – clips with a pitch of about 300 mm. Clips are fixed with screws that tighten into the anchors. During the installation you have to look carefully to the clip was installed without warps.

Plastic floor skirting
On the installed mounting clip is put on the plinth, on the inner side of which has special holes for mounting. The product shall be snapped on the clip.
Plastic floor skirting
Plastic floor skirting
It is important! Way to install hidden fasteners effective with smooth walls. If the walls are far from perfect, the use of clips should be abandoned – it will be difficult to connect them with straps products.

Installation using screws ↑

To mount using screws is possible as a one-piece baseboard, and a product with cable channels. It is very reliable and fairly simple method, however, if you install the whole (deaf) plinth you will then need to disguise the screws with decorative plugs that are matched to the color of the product.

Plastic floor skirting

It is also important not «win» screw, to avoid damaging the surface of the floor. The product first a thin drill drilled through holes for the screws with a pitch of 300-400 mm. it is better to start from the corner of the room. Then in the wall drilled holes for the dowels using a drill of 6 mm. When the dowels are installed, mount the plinth.

Flexible plastic plinth with cable channel is installed much easier. In the main part with cable channel drill bit 6mm make through holes, which are then installed plastic anchors. Screws with plugs to close is not necessary – they will cover decorative strip.

Plastic floor skirting

Plastic floor skirting

During the subsequent repairs, replacement of Wallpaper installed to dismantle the skirting Board is not necessary – just removed the decorative strap and new Wallpaper get turned down.

In the corners of the baseboard is flush inserted in the outer or inner corner. The only problem is the reliability of the joints during cleaning. Accidentally hitting the corner of the MOP, it can bring down. To avoid this, experts advise addition to fix the angles of the side plugs and connecting elements with glue.

Conclusion ↑

At first glance, what could be easier buying floor?! However, considering all the foregoing, it will be clear that this task is not as simple as it seemed. He should fit in color, size, shape, style, have a cable duct of appropriate diameter. If you started serious repairs, buy a few samples of different products and see how they fit to your interior. Or ask the store assistant to show you in the program a suitable option. In this case, the baseboard can be compared to buttons to an expensive costume for them to save such costs are not accepted.

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