All about the laminate 33 class

Upcoming repair always puts a lot of problems. One of the important issues on the agenda, is the choice of flooring. Any property owner want to choose a material that optimally combines the quality, beauty and convenience. To solve the difficult question will help the choice of laminate.

The structure of the material ↑

The first developments of the laminate, appeared in the construction market about a quarter of a century ago. The material in shortest time risen to the first tier in popularity, pushing perennial leaders in design flooring – parquet and linoleum.

What caused the rapid rise? Before describing all the benefits of laminate 33 class, consider its structure. Board item consists of 4 or 5 layers:

  1. The bottom layer of the laminate 33 class is made of paper having water-resistant properties. Its main function is to prevent moisture from entering into the base plate, to restrain the fluctuations of temperature and fluctuating humidity levels.
  2. Next is a panel fiberboard. The main challenge lies in the ability to withstand heavy loads in the form of pressure, have the impact strength to ensure the stability of the entire panel.
  3. The basis of the laminate 33 class covers film, which serves to increase water resistance. Depending on the manufacturer of products used to make it.
  4. The decorative layer of the laminate 33 class is made of paper simulating various breeds of wood, stone, tile, and other images.
  5. The protective coating consists of acrylic and melamine resin, the layer thickness does not exceed 1 mm. To increase the protective properties of the laminate 33 class of the most expensive models are composed of corundum.

All about the laminate 33 class

The top layer of the laminate 33 class performs a variety of functions:

  • resists moisture;
  • protects from scratches and chips;
  • prevents contamination and facilitates cleaning process;
  • the resistance to penetration of moisture, UV light;

The structure of the upper layer and its functional performance affect quality of the product and determine its price.

Often future buyers, the question arises about the level of danger of the laminate 33 classes for health. Can you bring harm to others included in the synthetic resins and formaldehyde? Of course, the evaporation of harmful substances are present. However, compliance with the manufacturers established standards and production in accordance with Standards rule out the probability of a significant impact of the material on the body.

Choice of laminated Board ↑

Depending on the upcoming usage, you can choose from different classes and manufacturers.

Division classes ↑

The classification of a material is its ability to respond to exposure to extreme in nature. Original European manufacturers divided laminate into 2 groups – home and commercial purpose. The first group included classes with 21 to 23, and the second from 31 to 33.

Due to the short period of operation of the laminate of the class 21-23, buyers gradually abandoned his purchase, and turned his attention to laminate «commercial» group. At the moment it includes 31, 32, 33 and 34 of the class. For use at home, the laminate 31 and 32 of the class is acceptable. But the desire to have a coating of the highest quality are increasingly motivates consumers to pay attention to the laminate 33 classes. The duration of its use at home is up to 50 years, and in strength he is able to compete with ceramic tiles.

Functional features ↑

The quality of the product depends on the following factors:

  • a base plate;
  • the protective layer in the form of a laminate;
  • castle.

The first two conditions are taken into account in the designation of the class of the laminate, and the third remains unanswered. But the castle has a serious impact on the duration of use of laminated Board. Leading manufacturers, including a significant segment represent the German mark, care about its quality performance. The joints treated with wax to increase the moisture of the material. The manufacturers of cheap material, such work is not carried out.

The Council! When choosing a laminate 33 classes specify the possibility of its re-Assembly.

All about the laminate 33 class

Properties and specifications ↑

Laminate 33 class has a lot of advantages, allowing it to be used in premises with the increased load.

Technical characteristics of the material:

  • Board thickness is 10-12 mm;
  • is resistant to impact, chipping, abrasion and moisture;
  • properties of acoustic and thermal insulation of the laminate 33 classes at a high level;
  • due to environmental safety it can be used not only in offices but also in children’s rooms or bedrooms. Suitable for people with allergic reactions;
  • resistance to sunlight, temperature fluctuations and the formation of harmful microorganisms;
  • anti-static indicators at a high level. This allows operation of the laminate 33 classes in health, computer classes and other institutions with the placement of complex electronics;
  • when properly prepared surface and further stacking the laminate 33 class does not crack between the boards are not formed cracks, creaks.
  • Laminate 33 classes requires a significant time and material costs for caring for a long time retains an attractive appearance

Compared to class 32 the increased period of exposure to water, after which there will occur deformations.

Warning! Long-term operation of the laminate 33 class is possible with proper preparation of the floor surface.

All about the laminate 33 class

Moisture-proof and water-resistant laminate ↑

Taking care of quality flooring in high humidity areas, is to study the characteristics of moistureproof and waterproof material.

Any product made of wood, susceptible to swelling as the result of exposure to water. Laminate, regardless of its class, is no exception. It is based on HDF made of wood fibres, impregnated adhesive composition with the resin content. Partly they reduce the harm from exposure to moisture, however, completely protect the product from deformation is unable.

Waterproof coating for bathroom or kitchen is of several types:

  • At the core of the laminate 33 class is the standard HDF panel with higher density of 900kg/mThree. Such a product can withstand contact with water up to 3 hours, without deformation after drying.
  • The basis of the laminate 33 class is made of HDF with a high content of resin. This option allows you to maintain the integrity of the product in direct exposure to water up to 6 hours.
  • For the base of the flooring is plastic. He has virtually no time constraints in terms of contact with the liquid. New product not known to consumers but has expanded prospects.

All about the laminate 33 class

Choosing a water resistant laminate for a kitchen or bath, please note the following nuances:

  • The density of the plate must exceed 900kg/mThree, such information is contained in the specifications or in the description of the collection. To buy a best laminate flooring 33 class.
  • Make sure you have a moisture proof layer in the bottom of the panel. In addition to visual inspection, will help documentation provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is better to buy the laminate 33 class, having a wax treatment locks in this case, the chamfer should be abandoned. Smaller joints will increase the level of protection from moisture.
  • Know reviews, exploiting some time the laminate 33 class, will help to determine the manufacturer.

All about the laminate 33 class

Calculate in advance the necessary amount, take care of the small material stock in the amount of 10-15% of the total. Discard cork substrate, which has the ability to absorb and transmit moisture, resort to the services of a substrate of PVC, its thickness should be 3 mm. Processing Board joints with sealant will increase the level of protection from water.

Breakthrough is considered to be the floor covering in the form of vinyl tile. This is a serious alternative to the standard water-resistant laminate 33 class. Used in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride meets the standards of environmental safety and moisture proof, does not absorb odors, does not deform.

Reviews ↑

Irina, housewife, 42 years. When preparing for the repair, disputes and doubts about the type of floor covering was on a family Council voted unanimously laminate 33 class. Several questions were ripened directly at the store: what is the producer to stop, what color are more spectacular. Bought a laminate 33 classes Tarkett, color – tango light oak. Yet there was not a single moment when we regretted the purchase. Use for 4 year durability at a very high level. During this period, there were 2 repairs in other rooms, are constantly moving furniture – no marks, scratches, chips on the laminate 33 class remains. Maid brings pleasure, enough to wipe Tarkett laminate 33 classes a well-wrung cloth and there are no dust as with carpeted floors. Periodically after watering flowers at Tarkett laminate 33 class enters the water, can see and remove it in an hour, swellings and deformation does not occur. The floor is warm even in winter. When a year started a repair in the second room, no issues have arose, took Tarkett laminate 33 class, just a slightly different shade of oak tango beige. The exact price is not known, but it was a very viable option.

Igor Leonidovich, retired, 56 years. Finishing works in the house decided to use a laminate 33 classes Versale under the artistic parquet. Board thickness of 1.2 cm has a width of 40 cm and a length of 1.2 m. In connection with the laying of the material on the diagonal, need to take stock, to synchronize drawing flow increases. Pay attention to the integrity of the package. Violations may indicate damage on the Board. In order to have strength for the repair, for transportation it is better to invite the movers, the laminate under the artistic parquet 33 class has a tangible weight. It is very important to give the laminate 33 classes to stand for 2 days, so he could take the humidity of the room. The properly prepared floor is a pledge of long operation of the Versailles laminate 33 classes at no additional cost. A good tie will not allow you to fall through the Board or make sounds spilled cement mortar. When laying it is important to retreat from the wall 8-10 mm, as the change in the level of humidity will lead to a slight movement of the laminate 33 classes. No alternate locations will provoke the raising of the Board.Gender turned out not only beautiful but also very durable. Girlfriend wife the soul danced in the hall on a thin stiletto – marks on the laminate Versailles 33 class subsequently left. After guests sometimes clean added cleaning chemicals – the result is always gorgeous, spots, stains, is not observed. Disposable impressive financial investment for the purchase of the Versailles laminate under the artistic parquet flooring 33 class will allow you to enjoy the result of your choice for a long time.

Oksana, 27 years old, on maternity leave. Before the birth of the child was updating the apartment interiors, the changes were made and the floor. To eliminate the accumulation of dust in the carpets, put Kronotex laminate 33 class. Friends advised me to abandon the dark shades, care for them a little harder – very visible dust or stains. Color oak capital’s bright and suited us perfectly, as the room is a bit dark due to overgrown trees, and laminate Kronotex class 33 as it is impossible by the way its refreshing. Laying husband worked independently significant problems have arisen, locks impregnated with wax and efficiently processed. Everything fits perfectly, the gaps between the planks of laminate 33 class no. In the hallway near the entrance is a small area designed tile to not lay pad under the wet shoes. When the child grew up, the correctness of our decision on buying Kronotex laminate 33 class once again found confirmation. It is convenient to roll, but I am calm when he knocks or scratches the floor. Traces of handling remains. Kronotex laminate 33 class is not slippery when your toddler learns to walk, he gave him discomfort.Parents, looking at all the advantages of our Kronotex laminate 33 class, decided to learn from the experience and lay yourself the same coating.

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