How to adjust floors

Currently, the main criteria that apply to sexual reasons are strength and reliability, as it depends on them laying a floor finishing material. Below the floor was smooth, experts advise to give preference to regulated structures that are built on logs.

How to adjust floors

What you need to know about adjustable floor ↑

  • as the adjusting elements use the hollow bolts of the wear-resistant polymer;
  • adjustable base is divided into two types: on the plates and joists;
  • if the base adjustable floor used plywood, the bolt must be fixed to the underside of the leaves;
  • when laying insulation between the concrete base and an adjustable floor, on the inner surface of the lag should be fixed with metal clamps;
  • the joists should be placed at a distance from each other in 25-45 cm, and the step tile should be small;
  • if hollow polymer no bolts, the mounting mechanism can be made of a drop-in anchor with thread. In this case, wooden logs or sheets of plywood clamped on the pin of the anchor with washers and nuts;
  • adjustable floor with proper installation can last at least 35 years.

Device adjustable floor ↑

Adjustable floor joists is a device floor-located on special boards, under which is the underground space. Due to this the surface of the floor does not need additional alignment with concrete ties.

Threaded for adjustable floor anchor mounted on the base, which can be wood, concrete or dirt. Floor height is adjustable due to the possibility of the striker to rotate on its axis.

Anchors attach to the base depending on the type of subfloor:

  • fastening to a concrete slab using a polypropylene needle-shaped anchors;
  • fastening to a wooden base by means of screws;
  • fastening to concrete screed takes place by means of dowel-nails.

Anchor design performs the following functions:

  • adjust the height of the floor;
  • provides separation of the load;
  • enhances the strength of the connection of the sub-floor with adjustable.

How to adjust floors

Benefits adjustable floor ↑

Adjustable floors have many advantages, among which are:

  • the ability to use as a base for any finishing material;
  • the possibility of mounting their own, as the work is quite simple and does not cause any difficulties;
  • the lightness of the structure, so that it can be used when the arrangement of the loggias or balconies;
  • the possibility of laying communications, or an insulation layer in the space between the flooring and the base;
  • belt installation of floor joists is a fairly dry and clean, the kind of work that allows not to dirty the wall in the process;
  • hardwood floors are able to cope well with differences exceeding 15 centimetres;
  • the cost of adjustable floor compared to a concrete screed more affordable, which makes them more popular;
  • thanks to modern technologies there is a possibility of making a perfectly level floor, not a scratch.

Adjustable floor with his hands ↑

Adjustable floor in the room ↑

To start on the basis of need to reinforce the joists in increments of 30-50 cm, with screw bolt racks. Then the joists are level on level what bolt racks rotate on the axis with a special key. In conclusion, the logs lay a double layer of plywood, the thickness of each sheet must be at least 12 millimeters. In that case, if will continue to lay ceramic tile, for laying the top layer need to use moisture resistant plywood with a thickness of about 10-12 mm.

During the installation of the adjustable plywood using the pen drill in the plywood are made through holes 16. Then they put in a plastic sleeve, which screw bolt-rack. Then you can start to align the sheets, rotating bolt-rack, fixed to the base with dowels.

How to adjust floors

Attention! For floor installation you need to use lags of durable wood with a moisture content of from 12 to 14%. They should not have cracks or knots, mold, or damage of rodents. The lag length is usually 2 meters and the cross section is 4.5 by 4.5 cm. Before starting work, the material should be treated with special protective compounds. Underground should be enough air for ventilation.

The main advantage of this floor is that there is a possibility of arranging a perfectly smooth and level subfloor on unprepared ground. With this further can be applied to virtually any floor covering.

Placing the horizon level by using the adjustable lag ↑

Due to the construction design of this type it is possible to perform the masking any systems (ventilation, heating, electrical, etc.). If the room you will be installing the system «warm floor», the installation, performed according to this design, will greatly reduce the heat loss through the floor and, thereby, significantly save electricity.

Despite the fact that this adjustable design is characterized by a rather low weight, it is able to withstand heavy loads that may reach 2500 kg per 1 square meter. Thanks to this adjustable floor found its application not only in the regeneration of living rooms, but also warehouses, sports halls and other facilities.

House with this floor construction can be built even on such soils, in which large load on the Foundation is strictly prohibited. If the floor cannot be raised too high, then you can use a special design for an adjustable plywood where the lift reaches just three inches.

The technology of its installation is almost indistinguishable from the installation log. The main difference is that instead of naturally, apply sheets of plywood.

How to adjust floors

Adjustable floor plywood ↑

Plywood – the material used not only in the home but also in the aircraft, shipbuilding, furniture production and many other industries. With plywood, you can easily replace the damaged section of the floor, because it goes well with floor coverings of linoleum, laminate, carpet and parquet. But to not have any misunderstandings, you need to know how to lay plywood.

How to adjust floors

The advantages of plywood over other materials:

  • the strength of the material is the same in all directions;
  • the sheets have a relatively large size;
  • the formation of through cracks completely eliminated;
  • plywood is easily bent;
  • the transport of the material does not cause any difficulties;
  • has light weight but high strength;
  • plywood is of high quality grinding and rigid surface;
  • the material is water resistant and odorless.

Adjustable plywood is an excellent choice in cases if sex are distortions, exceeding the mark of 15 centimeters, or through it communication.

Attention! When adjusting the floor joists on the room height is usually lower by about 7-8 inches, so it is recommended to use in rooms with high ceilings. In turn, when laying floors on adjustable plywood floor rises by no more than 3 centimeters, so the second way is more effective.

Tips on purchasing and installation ↑

  • when selecting materials for leveling floors need to search for lumber and plywood of the highest quality, as this show significantly affects the result of all the work as a whole;
  • for easy installation, it is recommended to purchase a laser level that will allow to achieve more accurate results.
  • slab and base should be as durable, not crumble and does not crumble;
  • do not forget about the necessity of ventilating surfaces;
  • to floors did not creak, in the process of installation all surfaces should be cleaned from dust (as soon as holes are drilled and bolts are screwed, surfaces thoroughly vacuum). In addition, the dowel-nails should be nailed as hard as possible to stand did not stagger;

Using this method, the joists are replaced with bushings, which is located inside thread (to do this in plywood drilled the holes). In the sleeve 6 screwed into the plastic bolt, which then must be attached to the base with dowels. To align the adjustable plywood you have to use key.

How to adjust floors

First, you need to carefully align the first layer of plywood, then install the next layer and screw it with screws. Before laying the second layer is required to carefully overlap the joints of the previous one, thus avoiding the formation of seams. Thanks to the action of the surface of the floor will be flat and smooth.

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