Shutters on the garage

For every car owner and the garage is a second home. Going into it, I want to see comfort, and the gate should be strong and reliable. Such are the shutters. Like all doors they have their own advantages and disadvantages. So just before buying shutters, you should consider all pros and cons, and be familiar with all the features.

Shutters on the garage

How garage roller shutters ↑

The shutters came into our life unexpectedly came to us from Europe and the United States. Their main advantage is that they do not occupy much space. The name they got from the words «roll» and «shutters» because they will easily roll to the back and will be in the box.

They consist of:

  1. Slat profiles that are connected to the flexible band.
  2. Joints, bonding profiles.
  3. Motion.
  4. Components fixing.

Shutters can be made from different material: aluminum, plastic, steel. However, for garage shutters do not use plastic material. It is mainly used for Windows.

Its popularity shutters purchased due to the fact that they can’t hurt neither rain, nor snow. Also they are pretty well protected from unwanted guests. Some owners of cars prefer to make shutters out of armored steel, but it will cost much more expensive.

Attention! More cost will be aluminum doors, combining lightness, durability and reliability.

Shutters on the garage

Roller shutter – manual or auto ↑

The shutters are so arranged that must continually rise or fall. But the question is, will they do it automatically or with manual lever. It’s all quite obviously, the manual labor, of course, much cheaper, but the remote control is more comfortable.

Despite the significant difference in cost in recent times buy automatic shutters. They work on electricity and opened within about three seconds. Most often, the owners of such shutters are faced with the fact that children or Pets get under the gate at closing time. That is why the owner of the garage will have to spend money for security to install gate motion sensors. The cost of them is quite high, which is the main drawback.

In order to use the automatic shutters, you will not have to leave the car. Just one easy push of a button and the gate is already open in front of you.

Shutters on the garage

Installing shutters ↑

Installation of shutters – it’s not heavy. But there are a number of features, which the owner of the garage may not even be aware. In the end, this leads to the fact that the gates quickly break down or degrade. Although when properly installed they can last a very long time, not even requiring preventive maintenance.

It is important! The installation of the shutters is best left to professionals, in addition to the special skills they possess all the necessary equipment, through which the installation will take place quickly and efficiently.

If you still have decided to install shutters, you will need:

  • roulette
  • screwdriver
  • building level or plumb
  • a hammer and pliers
  • punch
  • drill (with bit set)
  • metal shears
  • wrenches
  • set electrician (to install the automatic drive)

Also you should have a foam, sealant to seal the gaps (silicon or acrylic) , steel anchors, dowels made of plastic, screws, tie rods. With all of this you can start to prepare the doorway.

It is important! Form of a doorway should be strictly the same as the shape of the shutters. There should not be any difference. The maximum allowable deviation is 1.5 mm 1m.

Carefully inspect the surface of the walls where you intend to install shutters. All defects and irregularities must be removed. Irregularities can be removed with the help of mixes for this, use a plumb or building level. Also for leveling you can use special strips – it will be easier and cheaper.

Shutters on the garage

The installation process of your shutters ↑

First, gather and prepare the frame, which consists of rails and boxes. Make marks at 0.5 m on the guides of the tire, which drill the holes for the fasteners. For screws with a diameter of 4.2 mm and 6 mm set drill – 5 mm and 6.2 mm, for dowels 8 and 10 mm – 8.2 mm and 10.2 mm. Top and bottom holes needs to move away from the edge of the edge not more than 150 mm. And now:

  • To the place of installation, attach the assembled frame.
  • Check the symmetry of the opening and the correct location in space using a level.
  • Through the holes on the box and the tires, make notes in the opening, then a rotary hammer drill.
  • Lock the frame. Don’t forget with the help of a plumb line to check how you installed the box and tires to avoid bias.
  • Based on the diagram, connect the electrical elements of the actuator. Then enjoy elements of manual control.
  • Gather the cloth shutters with bolts or traction springs.
  • Lock the traction elements to the drive shaft, while the springs drop the hammer.
  • Limit extreme position of the lowering and lifting, installing special locks.
  • Test canvas.
  • Repair all seams and openings. Also it should install the plugs and all kinds of accessories.
Attention! Ensure that the canvas worked fine in all positions.

If shutters were installed with all the rules, garage doors will operate a long time and qualitatively.

Shutters on the garage

The pros and cons of rolling shutters ↑

As with any subject shutters have a number of pros and cons. That is why before buying you should weigh all «for» and «against» in order to fully satisfy all your needs, because in the light there are no ideal things.


  1. To install shutters almost everywhere. They can be any size and shape.
It is important! With the exception of garages with very high ceilings above 4m. But mostly it is not a problem, since these garages are rare.
  1. Shutters will protect your garage from unwanted guests is much better than a normal gate. Another advantage is that the shutters can be set the alarm.
  2. Shutters is not only profitable but also comfortable, as they do not require special care. And common gates from time to time require lubrication, painting, etc.
  3. In addition to the above shutters are a very good design decision. They literally fit in any decor and does not occupy much space.


  1. The main disadvantage of shutters is that they should not be used in heated room. Since their main function is protection. They tend to miss from the street the cold air.
  2. In the winter you may have problems with the raising of the shutters. Snow can fall through the cracks, thus preventing movement. In order to avoid this above the garage installed the visor, which prevents freezing.
Attention! Also in the winter before opening it is better to knock on the gate to knock down all the icicles.
  1. For many, the main disadvantage of shutters is their cost. Even if you choose the cheapest – this will result in a tidy sum. Not to mention the additional functions.

Shutters is a modern and comfortable solution for many motorists. They will not only make your garage more comfortable, but also to protect it. With them you can not be afraid for the safety of your vehicle.

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