Design wall shelves

Lately fans have wall shelves has become much more. Instead of bulky cabinets, these easy and original design set and owners of city apartments, and the owners of country houses. Wall mounted corner shelves have an interesting design, plus they help save quite a lot of space. In addition to books, household appliances, they can store Souvenirs, decorative candles, table lamps.

The shelves in the house ↑

To do so the shelves and you can own hands by choosing the material that best fit the selected in the design of the room style. The kitchen wall shelves with an interesting design, made by hand, just need. In addition to the dishes, they mistress has jars of spices, coffee, tea, and various small items.

In the bedroom or bathroom wall shelf perfect for flower vases, table lamps, cosmetics, photographs, Souvenirs. To ordinary shelves become a true work of art, use the advice of professionals.

Shelf – equation ↑

Created this shelf design was by Brazilian Marcos Bredero of the company Estudio Breder. It allows you to organize everyday life, to place all the objects on separate shelves. He recommends that those items that are needed most often using the wooden parts of the equation. The most popular books, for example, should be placed in the center, in parentheses. Here should be those items that you need today.

Then in brackets have the accessories to use which the owner intends in the near future. At least the shelves will be those items that will be needed soon.

Shelf tape ↑

Regiment of the Italian Arianna of Vivenzio presented in the form of a rubber elastic bands, stretched between two metallic elements. The outlines of the design varies depending on its content.

Shelf-Tetris ↑

The name given to the invention of the German company Moormann. Wooden shelves, which are located vertically and horizontally at various levels, able to accommodate both small and large items.

You can pick up the design in vertical or horizontal design, depending on the size of the room. In order for the plan seemed complete, a shelf filled with a variety of accessories.

They can be portraits in the frames, photos, flowers, Souvenirs. Objects placed on the open shelves, will be another original element of the room.

The shelves design options ↑

Beyond the practical benefits, any wall design should perform an aesthetic function, making the apartment a unique personality. Making shelves can be different. Currently the actual open model is made of plastic and glass. Shelves curved fancy shapes: circle, rhombus, with simulated waves are present «the highlight» in General style decision.

When you combine multiple shelves into a single unit, it is possible to get an unusual composition. Such a modular system can be placed over the head of the sofa or bed, between the Windows, in the center of the room, depending on the taste preferences of the owner of the property.

The Council! Shelf to accommodate documents and books must be in the office on the Desk. An interesting option is a hanging shelf, the table having a place for diverse literature, and computer monitor.

Interesting wall shelves in the nursery can accommodate toys. In the room of the student needs and a full bookshelf, made in a standard or an unusual form.

The living room wall design it is desirable to complement the dramatic lighting, adding to the room of mystery and secrecy. Glass shelving is appropriate in the bedroom and in the living room. It is possible to place on these shelves of Souvenirs and small decorative items.

The Council! For bathroom suitable shelves made of stainless steel, combined with glass. A good option would be a corner shelf fixed near the shower or before a bath.

Openwork wrought-iron racks on the wall will become a genuine decoration of the room. They can be placed in any room of the apartment. Currently on the market are mostly creative model wall shelves, made in the form of one Board. They fit in high-tech, modern, loft, made them out of glass, MDF, particleboard. Wooden shelf fit into the eco-style, they selected a smooth ostrogany Board, which can be painted in any color. If you use the technique of decoupage, artificially can «wear out» wood, and do-it-yourselfer shelves for apartments, decorated in «modern». For wooden shelves used exotic woods with a beautiful pattern, as well as acacia, oak, walnut.

For creative apartments and office space can make a bizarre construction of metal profiles.

Shelves in different rooms ↑

Each room involves the recruitment of a group of items according to which are chosen wall design. For example, in a hall it is possible to mount two shelves. Wall models are needed for placing glasses, keys, colognes, perfumes. Outdoor design ideal for storing shoes, brushes, creams, sponges. Shelves for shoes can be with drawers, compartments for storage of means on care of footwear. For living room interesting solution would be some straight shelves of the TV, whose invisible fixing. They can put frames with photos, beautiful statues. Such design will help to decorate the empty walls.

Shelves made of wooden boxes, will be the focus for branistii and vintage.

The Council! Instead of wall shelves in the bedroom will be appropriate and bedside tables on both sides of the bed. Such a solution is suitable for small bedrooms, where we can’t install large bedside tables with drawers.

For narrow and long kitchen curtain design will be the perfect option. They will be a great alternative to the bulky mounted cabinets with solid doors. In this case, this room will not lose its functionality, but will not be too loaded. Professionals offer at such kitchens to do the full length of the headset one long shelf, or on either side of window or plate to place a few shelves, placing them one above the other.

In the pantry, baby room shelves can be mounted in rack structures. On the open shelves to place toys, books, small items. If necessary, they can always be easy to find.

The bathroom is the original open glass shelves with metal profile need for gels, shampoos, Soaps and numerous toiletries. In the lockers of similar little things to keep inconvenient as you will have to use them repeatedly.

Conclusion ↑

Besides the decorative function and the space to store many things, wall design have an important practical value. If the shelves to make a point or led illumination, they will become a source of additional light in the hallway, the bedroom, the nursery. Boundless diversity of modern models of wall shelves. Some types have a maximum number of functions, others are aesthetic appearance, and others are striking sizes and shapes.

The Council! For rooms of unusual size it is better to book shelves according to your individual measurements and desired shape.

Armed with the right materials, tools, selecting the sketch of the future wall design, you will be able on their own to make a unique and multifunction wall system for the hallway, living room, bedroom. Order shelf fits into the overall style of the room, it should be made of the same material as most of the furniture. Color wall designs should not differ from the General background of the room.

For these wall shelves are not overloaded look, professionals recommend not to fill them too many different items. The moment, definitely need to remember when choosing wall shelves for your apartment.

Interesting options for the design of wall structures presented in the video

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