Modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design is a true art. Professionals are offered various ideas, taking into account the size of the room, preferences of the owners, tangible opportunities. So there is a small bedroom in which it is difficult to implement traditional ideas, it is necessary to choose an individual option. Designers prefer to work with smooth ceilings and walls, so prior to finishing, you need to take care of the alignment of the decorated surfaces. In the photo – version of the design of a small bedroom in modern style.

Modern bedroom design

The specifics of the arrangement ↑

Such a thing as «modern bedroom» talks about her style direction. There he has his own distinctive features that distinguish modern bedroom among other interior solutions.

Modern bedroom design

Attention! For the modern style is characterized by ideas suggesting a combination of comfort and practicality, comfort and originality.

Bedroom design in contemporary style is a serious task that requires the prior preparation of the project, thinking through the smallest details.

The Council! If you find it difficult to choose a direction for the appearance of your bedroom, the modern style is the best choice.

Modern bedroom design

To create such an interior, will suit almost all materials and colors. Despite the priority light natural materials are allowed and dark colors, synthetic materials. The interior of modern bedroom combines several decorative elements of furniture, finishes.

Modern bedroom design

Features a modern interior Lounges ↑

To implement the bedroom modern design, it is important to consider some features:

  • The combination of natural and artificial materials;
  • The combination of one room interior design ideas and items from different styles.
  • The use of technological innovations;
  • Freedom of choice of combination of colors;
  • The choice of practical, comfortable, functional furniture

Modern bedroom design

Organization in the kitchen, modern bedrooms ↑

Small space and improper layout of the room require the use of the modern style. All the ideas inherent in this design direction, it is possible to use when creating the initial draft. Among those flaws, which are present in small bedrooms, note the awkward entrance to the room, insufficient space for installation of furniture, poor lighting, low ceilings, one small window. Bedroom option in «Khrushchev» shown in the photo.

In order to eliminate such disadvantages, and implement the initial project, follow certain rules. Ideas for decorating bedroom contemporary style presented in the video

Color scheme ↑

Modern room for sleep and rest involves neat colors. For the small bedrooms are not suitable for complex and multi-component combination of colors. It is important to choose the base color, then for him to pick up the other two colors. With the variety of shades you get a colorful room in which it will be difficult to count on a restful sleep and comfortable stay. Interesting ideas tricolor design bedrooms photo.

Modern bedroom design

The minimalism of the selected environment ↑

In Khrushchev a very small room, so the interior should be used a minimum of furniture. To save room in the free space, you can purchase a bed with a large drawer. It can be folded bedding, without cluttering the surrounding space. Furniture should not be too overall, then you will be able to make a bedroom a truly homely and comfortable to stay.

Modern bedroom design

The Council! Refrain from purchasing large cabinets, Wallpaper with a large pattern.

Finish options ↑

In the selection of materials for decoration, do not overload the room complex figures and ornaments, choose a calm tone. Don’t forget that all the ideas used in the design of this room should be designed to create a peaceful and calm state in the bedroom.

Modern bedroom design

Among the hallmarks of modern bedroom interior we note the ability to create complex ceiling structures. You can pick up a suspended ceiling or plasterboard multi-level design. Ideas for decorating the ceilings depend on the taste preferences of homeowners, the ceiling height, material resources. Among the popular models – curved construction made of plasterboard with built-in lighting of the halogen lamps. Use this idea to create artificial lighting in the room is optimal to emphasize the smooth curves of the ceiling structure.

Modern bedroom design

Attention! To create a harmonious and unusual interior design of the ceiling is desirable to use the same material for the flooring.

When selecting materials for decoration of walls, it is better to choose plain Wallpaper or flesh-colored textured plaster.

Modern bedroom design

For spacious sleeping rooms on one of the walls to paste a big picture or fotoprint, vertical or horizontal vivid Wallpaper.

For a small bedroom it is better to stay in mixed colours Wallpaper, with an unusual texture.

Modern bedroom design

Materials for decoration of bedrooms ↑

For decorating bedroom walls modern style you can use the following materials:

  • Plastic or cork panels;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Paint

As materials suitable for the floor design, suitable for parquet, cork, laminate, natural Board.

Only in the most exceptional cases, can be used as a material for the floor linoleum.

Modern bedroom design

The Council! Pet owners advised to pay attention to this stuff.

To improve comfort in the contemporary bedroom, as additional elements you can consider rugs with a large pile.

Among the major pieces of furniture to blend perfectly in a modern bedroom is going to be bed with a good mattress, a chest of drawers or wardrobe, small bedside tables, wall shelves for books and accessories.

These elements are quite enough for modern Lounges, all other subjects are often unnecessary.

For bedrooms that you can use as «secondary» details easy chair, a computer or a coffee table, laptop, TV. The ideal option would be the allocation in the bedroom closet space, then you can prevent the installation of the wardrobe.

Modern bedroom design

Small room bedside tables would be irrelevant, instead you can take advantage of wall shelf designs. If the shelves are made of frosted high-strength glass, decorated with additional led illumination, they will add to the room an airy feel, lightness and a certain romance.

The secrets of interior decorating bedrooms ↑

When making sleeping room in modern style, special attention is paid to proper lighting. In a small room should be enough light. It is better not to use the classic chandelier, and find a modern spot lighting, by installing them in different functional areas of the room.

The Council! Can be done in the form of a supplementary source of lighting bedside lamps and sconces.

Modern bedroom design

Interesting solution designers to consider the use of led strips embedded in the gypsum cornices. Proper selection of lighting – a pledge of success of the created interior of a bedroom.

It is advisable to pay attention to the curtains used in the design of modern bedroom. Multilayer structures that complement the colors chosen for the interior, will fit harmoniously into the bedroom, protects the room from prying eyes, excessive sunlight. Also interesting decor will be the setting on the wall opposite the bed, a rack with paintings and fresh flowers in pots.

Modern bedroom design

Conclusion ↑

To create in your bedroom a harmonious modern style, it is important to follow the advice of professional designers. To obtain the contrast you can select brown and beige. Better to buy a small amount of furniture, making the main elements of the sleeping room bed. Do not forget that the bedroom we close the working day, and start a new.

Modern bedroom design

It should be a place full of dreams, of the relaxation, peace, rest. With attention to detail design, it is possible to get rid of stress, accumulated fatigue and recover strength for new ideas and new labor feats. In the design of modern interiors, it is important to eliminate unnecessary stimuli, then you can create «Paradise» even at 12-14 square metres.

Modern bedroom design

In order for a small space to organize closet, you can experiment with zoning. Original mobile curtains or partitions would help to highlight in the bedroom is a place to store your personal belongings. From design your bedroom in a modern style, remember that the bedroom is for sleeping, then all of the furnishings «you will find» place, will help to create the room the comfort of home.

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