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How to make concrete blocks

With the growing popularity of cement wood as a building material, many developers are thinking about how to make your room precisely from concrete block. It can be called one of the best, among others «fellow». Wood concrete blocks used for masonry, have several positive characteristics: low thermal conductivity, high frost resistance, low weight, toughness and flexibility, fire resistance, environmental cleanliness and durability. To perform the laying of walls from concrete blocks is easy, as simple to work with. But to buy a finished product someone may not be affordable. The price of concrete blocks 1.5 times higher than in Peno/gazobeton. Still there is a way to make concrete blocks with your hands.

How to make concrete blocks

The process is quite long and laborious, but in order to save any means. We consider the technology of manufacturing concrete blocks and how you can make them at home. As visual AIDS will be shown some video.

Components for concrete blocks ↑

For starters, you want to know what part of the arbolit. Then you can buy everything needed and get to work on forming blocks. The material is two component, based on the filler (sawdust, chips) and mineral binder – cement. In addition, in the manufacture of the composition will pokidajut chemical additives, active substances that give the material the necessary technological characteristics. All of these components mixed together in the correct proportions, the end result is to form a concrete solution. Because of it will be formed-concrete blocks.

How to make concrete blocks

Sawdust ↑

Also important is the requirements for raw materials. It is important that the sawdust was from a softwood, pine, spruce, fir. Allowed to use hardwood, such as poplar, aspen, beech or birch. As a placeholder you can also use the stalks of hemp or flax. To obtain solid blocks of the correct form that will not rapidly deteriorate under the influence of the environment, need to stock up on sawdust size from 30 mm to 150 mm long and from 5 mm to 20 mm wide.

How to make concrete blocks

Please note! The smaller size of raw material, the more cement need to make the correct solution.

You can’t use green wood. Due to the fact that it is present in sucrose, sawdust should be cleaned from it. A component having a bad influence on the composition of concrete blocks. How to do it we will consider further.

How to make concrete blocks

Portland cement ↑

To ensure the durability of the blocks, it is important to choose the right grade of cement. It should not be less than the M400 or M500. The consumption of binder depends on the brand of arbolit, its characteristics and particle size. Below is the table on which you can focus when you purchase the required amount of cement.

How to make concrete blocks

Now, let’s look at how to make concrete blocks with your hands.

Tools and materials ↑

To perform work you will need:

  • large capacity for kneading the mixture, or mixer;
  • metal pallet;
  • split form the desired size for forming the block;
  • delimiter for form, in case if you want to make several blocks in one form or with cavities;
  • vibrating sieve;
  • vibrator or hammer;
  • bucket, shovel, Vila (they are convenient to mix the composition with their hands);
  • a small bucket or trowel.

How to make concrete blocks

Having everything you need to start preparing sawdust.

Preparation of sawdust for the production ↑

The first thing you want to get sawdust, a large number. You can find them at the sawmill, where workers, for a reasonable price, you will sell it. Waste from turning, so you can get them no problem. Another option is to skip the wood through the chipper and to procure raw materials on their own. This is possible only in the case when you have a special machine. How exactly is the procurement process chips of wood, you can from this video.

The second stage is the cleansing of sawdust from foreign substances, by exposure to the street. Because sucrose affects the arbolit, the exposure of materials outdoors within 40-80 days will help get rid of harmful substances. During this time a bunch of you want to shake and flip to the air into the lower layers of the raw material. For best results, the sawdust liberally sprinkled with calcium oxide

How to make concrete blocks

The Council! If you don’t want to wait that long, then the sawdust can be treated with limestone.

In the prepared solution of limestone covered with sawdust. Keep in mind that 1 mThree you need 200 liters of a solution of lime and 1.5%. In this case, the elimination of sucrose will take 3-4 days. The mixture required to turn over 2 times a day.

After soaking of sawdust blocks is required to further sift through the sieve. This will help to remove the remnants of the earth, organic materials and other impurities that will degrade performance-concrete blocks.

Now, sawdust is ready, you can start kneading concrete solution.

Mixing of mortar for blocks ↑

Your task is to make a solution in accordance with the proportions that will be poured into the molds. The stages are as follows:

  1. In the mixer or other container for mixing is added 1-1. 5 buckets of water.
  2. There is filled with liquid glass in the ratio of 1 bucket water 1 Cup glass.
  3. Then backfilled chips with 6-7 bags. Let the contents stirred for 5 minutes to sawdust soaked with water and liquid glass. When you don’t have a mixer, you can use another container. It should be a shallow-like trough. In this case, contents will have to mix by hand. Wielding the shovel is inconvenient, it is better to use a fork.
  4. It is time to add the cement. Enough 1 bucket. All over again thoroughly mixed until the desired consistency.

How to make concrete blocks

As you have seen, the proportions of solution to water, sawdust, cement 1:6:1. If the mixture is too dry, can add a little more water. All ready for shaping concrete blocks.

Do the blocks with their hands ↑

To make a block, you need to have a collapsible form. It is based on the required size of the product. Standard block size for masonry walls is 500?300?200 mm. With them is easy and convenient to operate. Masonry is quite fast. 1 mThree charged 33,3 PCs blocks.

Molds can be made of wood or metal. It is important to sheathe their walls with linoleum or plastic. Then the solution will not stick to them. It is important that they be collapsible. Otherwise, get the block from the mold without damaging it fail.

How to make concrete blocks

Now it is small. Forms for blocks are to be placed on a flat surface. Then take a metal pan. Then the prepared solution is poured into the form and distributed over the surface. Use a ladle or materac.

To give the unit the necessary strength and density, the contents compacted. For this purpose, ideally use a special vibrator that will expel solution from the air and condense it. If you have such a tool, use a hammer and a rod of rebar. Postukivanie on the walls of the mold to arbolit compacted. A rod of rebar expel the air out.

How to make concrete blocks

Compacted mixture of improvised means: a big hammer, a bar with handles, wood – everything that exists under arms. After tamping the mortar will be reduced by approximately half. Then pour the second layer and repeat procedure. Its surface is aligned with a lid through pressure. Your concrete block is ready. Other products are made in the same way.

Now they need to be placed in a warm room (not less than 15 C?) 3 weeks for drying. After this time the blocks can be used. Suggest you watch video how to make concrete blocks with your hands.

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