How to choose the right ceiling moldings

Repair coming to its logical conclusion,which means it's time to think over the choice of ceiling moldings. What should be a quirk to the ceiling and the walls have acquired a harmonious and complete form? What should I look for when buying it: the material, size, matching the interior space? Today we look at all the nuances of how to choose the right ceiling moldings.

The role of the decorative edging ↑

Ceiling plinth (or in another way - "baguette""Quirk") is a decorative edging made of plastic or wood, and the envelope of room around the perimeter. Its main mission - to camouflage the joints between walls and ceiling. In addition, the fillet has a number of important tasks:

  • veils defects, roughness and slants left after the repair space;
  • is an excellent cover for communication: Internet cable wiring, water pipe;
  • It transforms the space, making it visually larger or smaller;
  • hide the gaps between the ceiling and wallpaper.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

The first step to a harmonious interior ↑

Once in the hardware store, you will come across a huge range of decorative moldings, designed for every whim and refinement. What is considered the best baguette?

foam moldings. This option is a low-cost and simplein circulation. Fit the it is easy enough to work, you will need only an ordinary sharp knife. However, the foam has a significant drawback - a fire hazard, fire giving off pungent smoke destructive to health. His second drawback - the fragility and transience. If handled carelessly on a material form dents and fractures.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

expanded polystyrene molding characterized by a high degree of strength andIt is a bit more expensive than its counterpart foam. Just like the latter, it is easy to cut with a knife, but does not allow damage to the structure. Completely safe in terms of fire Styrofoam can not be named, he quickly ignited, but after a while goes out. The surface of the material is smooth and white, it does not need to be painted and cleaned of dirt with plain water.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

Wooden plinth It is the most expensive of these,but its specifications are disproportionately higher. Binding made of wood, give the room a luxury, reliability, aristocracy. Aesthetic appearance, durability, wood moldings will be compensated by the cost of purchase and installation of the material. Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • the complexity of the processing and assembly;
  • high degree of occurrence of flaws at an independent facility;
  • exposure to timber deformation processes of decay, mold and insect attack.
Attention! Wood treated with antiseptic and covered with a varnish, will be able to "repel" aggressive external factors and will last much longer.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

In fact, there is no precise recommendations, which material should be selected. It all depends on personal preference, are tight purse and duty plinth.

We determine the optimal width baguette ↑

Similarly, materials serving as a basis forroof edging, stores a wide range of baguettes different widths. In this connection there is the legitimate question, what value is the width of the baseboard?

  • Wide baguette visually smoothes the corners, giving the room a certain roundness. As you know, this situation creates a feeling of tranquility and peace, a positive effect on the psyche of the tenants.
  • Wide baseboards perfectly masks imperfections and flaws joints, wall and ceiling.
  • The width of the border has a direct impact on the size of the room. Thus, narrow plinth makes the room visually larger while wide - produces the opposite effect.
Important! To increase the size of the room, choose the size of the fillet is not wider than 6-7 cm in rooms with low ceilings surround the plinth installation is unacceptable -. It will clutter the interior.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

Choose a color ↑

Skirting light shades, reminiscent of thethe color of the ceiling, will visually "extend" the room, making it spacious. Wide moldings, matched in tone walls, significantly reduce the size of the room. Fillet of bright, contrasting colors permitted in rooms with high ceilings. In this case, it will create a spectacular, unusual design. But at the same color skirting boards should participate in some elements of the interior.

Attention! The color of the baseboard must be identical to the shade of the ceiling, or interior will look tasteless.

How to choose the right ceiling moldingsHow to choose the right ceiling moldings

Identifies the form of the plinth ↑

Having defined the material, color and widthroof edging, it is necessary to think about its form. The dilemma usually is what the plinth prefer: a trivial variant with simple lines or luxury baguette with intricate patterns? The second option is ideal for the interior of the baroque or rococo, which hovers the spirit of antiquity, demonstrates luxury and pretentiousness. Plinth with difficult terrain also difficult to establish and to keep clean.

How to choose the right ceiling moldings

Thus, the choice depends ceiling moldingsa variety of factors: the interior and the size of the room, edging operating conditions and its technical characteristics. And not to advise you designers and sellers, the last word still remains for you.

At the end of the article, we offer you a video on how to properly glue ceiling moldings:

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