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Hanging glass shelves

Entering the apartment or house, you won’t just be in the kitchen, in the office, in the living room and find yourself in a certain environment, where a large part of your life. To you and your family were comfortable in your own home, it is important to create conditions suitable physical, aesthetic and spiritual needs. It is from the careful thinking through of all interior parts depends on the comfort of living, the mood of the inhabitants of the dwelling.

Features of shelves made of glass ↑

At the moment, hanging wall shelves with glass are in high demand from homeowners. Such suspended structures are increasingly found in modern interior. The reason for this demand glass shelves are the advantages of glass compared to other materials. The glass surface is easy to maintain, they can clean the dust without fear of deformation of the material due to high humidity. In addition, hanging glass shelves create the effect of lightness and weightlessness structures, which is especially important in small spaces.

Despite the fact that the glass is quite brittle finishing materials, shelves of it is able to withstand substantial loads. The Shine and elegance of glass will appeal to lovers of luxury and comfort.

Shelf ladder ↑

If desired, you can choose wall shelves of any shape, size, tone, texture. For example, in the form of ladders suited for sleeping quarters. On these glass wall shelves you can place a small Desk lamp, books, decorative objects, family photos. If you want you can choose a combination of glass curtain shelf. For example, perfectly complement the clear glass hammered metal elements, or an array of natural wood.

Attention! Hanging shelves allow the use of different color shades, it is important to follow the General style.

Good solution for living rooms is using wall systems consisting of multiple glass shelves that are height adjustable. If you wish, you can change the location of the individual elements of the system, by making a conversion in the interior.

Hanging glass shelves seem to hover above the air, helping to save space in the room.

Features angular designs ↑

Wall shelves of this type are not only very attractive but also quite practical. They have a long service life, easy to install, besides, considered by designers as a separate element of the decor.

The Council! The best option is to install the corner glass designs in bathroom.

They will be a great addition to the overall ambiance of the bathroom, if you care for them you don’t have to buy special tools. Advantages of choosing angular designs – the possibility of a significant space saving. This factor is particularly relevant for owners of small apartments where bathrooms are often not larger than 2 square meters.

Floral glass shelves ↑

Choosing under shelf colors of clear or frosted glass, you will not need a separate decorative element of the interior. The design of the shelves, you can pick any, given your taste preferences. If the Windows in your property are arranged over the entire height of the room, you can position the glass shelves from ceiling to floor along the window. They will not interfere with the penetration into the room sunshine, it will fill a living room with comfort and coziness.

Will be nice to look and glass shelves mounted on a solid window. They can install the boxes with seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers, potted plants without fear that they will interfere with the penetration into the room sunshine. Also with the help of these designs you can easily solve the problem of a narrow window sills, and protect flowers from encroachments from Pets. Examples of the glass shelves presented in the video

Options glass shelves under the TV ↑

Modern interior design would be appropriate a hundred, which is equipped with the original glass shelf. On this table you can put a TV, VCR, computer. For making this piece of furniture use a durable glass that can be completely transparent, matte, lightly tinted, combined with natural wood or metal. The combination of glass base table and chrome legs is the best option for the style «modern» either «hi-tech». In the center of the shelf you can install a modern TV and an additional shelf to place DVD’s or magazines.

Shelves for books ↑

Manufacturers offer different sizes, shape, style, kinds of glass shelves, so make your choice even the most demanding customer.

The Council! Design in the form of shelves not just of the towers will be an original element of the interior, but also help to solve the problem of lack of space.

Glass shelves will look more elegant compared to the massive wooden structures. In addition to books they can locate and items from personal collections, porcelain figurines, decorative detail.

Attention! Below the shelves were safe and durable, use them for tempered glass.

Original details ↑

In addition to placement on suspended structures of books, Souvenirs, family photos, you will be able to make them more ambient light. Around the perimeter of the shelf can be mounted a led strip or set on shelf a few spotlights. Led strip mounted on a glass shelf will give the room a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. LEDs don’t have heat and ultraviolet radiation, so it is absolutely safe for health. This kind of lighting appropriate in the room of your little Princess, and in the parents ‘ bedroom. Led lighting has a huge colour range, it is appropriate in any interior.

Attention! When you choose for additional lighting of the led backlight, you also will be saving electricity.

In order for your apartment or house had a modern and stylish look, select wall shelves that is made of glass. They will not seem cumbersome, will help you to make positive changes in the appearance of your home.

Features material ↑

At the end of the last century such material as glass is not used in a separate hinged shelves, it could only be seen inside the massive sideboards. Currently, the attitude to glass designers revised, and this material became popular in all types of design. Given that glass is a cold material, it is advisable to complete it with a finish of warm tones. Glass has some disadvantages that are important to know. In the first place – the fragility of this material. If the shelf is used for unhardened glass, put on such a construction is possible only small decorative items. Furniture makers long ago abandoned the ordinary glass, replaced it with a hardened material.

In addition, as a disadvantage, can be considered the transparency of the glass. All the dirt and dust that is in the apartment will be clearly visible on your curtain design. To avoid such problems, you can give preference to the closed glass shelves or just permanently removed from the shelves of dust.

The Council! Lovers of cleanliness and order can use when decorating the interior hanging shelves made of colored frosted glass. They will not be clearly visible dirty fingerprints.

Among the advantages of glass structures in the first place to highlight their durability. Glass is resistant to high humidity, so the shelves of this material can be fastened on the walls of the bath, kitchen, hallway, not fearing that they quickly lose their original aesthetic appearance.

Conclusion ↑

Glass shelves may have a rectangular shape, unusual rounded edges, a complicated configuration. When choosing stained glass, you will not just freshen up your interior but also make it modern and easy. Place on a dish and cosmetics, decorative vases and Souvenirs, and even a TV. Just remember that glass is not resistant to mechanical damage, to eliminate the scratches from the shelf would be very problematic.

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