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How to prepare mortar for brick

The quality of the masonry mortar for brick depends on the strength of the wall. Additional components like lime or clay help to give the substance of enhanced ductility and unique properties.

Attention! When selecting proportions for all components, of particular importance is the grade of cement to be used when creating substance.

To prepare a high quality solution you need to use water with a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees and not less than 15. The sand should be medium grain.

The process of solution preparation ↑

How to prepare mortar for brick

It is best to create a mixture of suitable river sand. But before to use it you need to take a sieve and do the sifting. This will allow to get rid of various debris and stones.

Before you prepare the mortar for the brick you should know that it will keep the plasticity for several hours, and during this time you will need to develop.

To create a solution most convenient to use the mixer. There are units with electric and manual drive. In the latter case, you will need to work with his hands.

There are many algorithms for creating masonry mortar for brick. Moreover, many construction experts are constantly told about the advantages of one algorithm over the other. In fact to tell the difference pretty hard. So use the technique that you like best. One of the most used algorithms is the following:

  1. Pour into the mixer the water.
  2. Add cement.
  3. Pour the sand and if necessary, add more water.
  4. Stir the substance for two minutes.
  5. The resulting mixture pour into a bucket or other container.

It is very important in the process of creating the composition to constantly stir. Then you will be able to prepare high quality mortar mix that will securely fasten the bricks in the walls.

The Council! When laying bricks, do not forget from time to time stir the solution. If this is not done, the masonry mortar will start to flake.

The solution with addition of lime ↑

How to prepare mortar for brick

Quite often in order to prepare the mortar you need to use lime. Then the staff will receive greater ductility. As a result, the bricks bonded with it, will be much better withstand a variety of loads.

Masonry structure, which is based on lime, is able to maintain plasticity for five hours. So you can prepare much more substance for masonry.

Lime based masonry mortar appreciably improves its spreadability. So it is much easier to operate and faster. It’s ideal when you need to fill cracks and irregularities.

However, the use of masonry mortar based on lime is not always appropriate. Moreover, it is not recommended in places with high humidity.

How to prepare mortar for brick

In all other cases, to prepare the mortar, you must take the cement of grade M 25. It is possible to use other brands. Specifically for this need to achieve a ratio of 1/1/4. The first number indicates how much cement, lime second, and the third of sand for laying brick.

The process of mixing the same with a mix of conventional masonry mortar. First, a mortar is filled with water, then the cement and lime. When you mix this mixture, you will get clinker.

When you make clinker, will need to add sand and add more water. Stirring this mixture, you will soon receive the mortar for the bricks with good plasticity.

If you don’t want to bother with the selection of components, there is a way much easier. It is sufficient to take the finished mortar store. Then prepare a mixture for laying brick is not difficult. All you need to do is add water.

Attention! The amount of water for dilution of dry masonry mortar depends on its characteristics.

Of course, for the mixing of ready mix you will also need a mixer. In an extreme case, fit and hand mixer. Then the mixing will take about 7 minutes. You will immediately see the willingness of the masonry mortar for brick, which can be prepared without selection of the components and their proportions.

How to make a quality composition ↑

How to prepare mortar for brick

The strength of the prepared solution depends on the quality of the components you will use. Also need to consider additional supplements like clay and lime. Of course, the proportions are also important.

Before you prepare the mixture you should also pay attention to the masonry material. For example, if it has a porous base, there will be a high water absorption.

Attention! Immediately prior to use masonry mortar must be mixed. If this is not done, the solution will delaminate, causing the heavy particles will be at the bottom.

There are a number of special additives, which allow to increase the density of the mortar. In most cases, the coupling elements add:

  • crushed stone,
  • sand,
  • lime,
  • clay.

But only their list is not limited. The main advantage of ready-made solution that it has nothing to add. But, if you prepare the masonry mix with your hands — its quality will be much higher. Moreover, with the aid of special additives it can give all sorts of properties.

Four Golden rules of making masonry mortar ↑

How to prepare mortar for brick

The construction industry is constantly evolving. However, there are a number of unbreakable rules, followed by all builders, if you want to cook quality masonry mortar:

  1. The more cement, the higher the elasticity of the composition.
  2. The proportions should be determined from the specific tasks.
  3. From the filler depends largely on the end properties of the composition.
  4. The solution, mixed with clay or lime, can be used when laying bricks with cavities. The holes will absorb the substance, and the insulation will be broken.

These four rules will allow you to cook quality masonry mortar, which will become a binder in a wall of brick.

A little information about the brands of cement ↑

Everyone, even a novice Builder knows that it is used in the cooking process of the brand depends on the consistency of other elements. All brands can be classified as follows:

  • Popular. This group includes the brands with acronyms, 25, 10, 50, 4, 75.
  • For specific works using the brand 100,150 and 200
  • Stamps, with the abbreviation 0 and 2, practical are not used.

Interesting is the process of assigning marks. To confirm the quality of the masonry mortar that is already cooked, it needs to wait until it hardens, and then to carry out compression. Depending on the results of the cement gets its acronym.

How to prepare mortar for brick

Mobility ↑

To prepare the qualitative composition for brick, also consider this parameter as mobility. They largely depend on components that are added in the mixing process.

Attention! For each type of brick there is a composition with optimal mobility. Your task is to prepare it.

There is a proven method to accurately measure mobility. You need to take a cone with defined parameters. Its height should be 15 cm. The angle of 30 degrees, and weighs exactly 300 grams.

To prepare the optimum composition for brick need to take the cone and dip it into the substance. Look at how much the figure will fall in the cement mixture. Based on this figure, you can choose the best brick or change the characteristics of the material and adding certain components.

If you use brick, it is necessary to prepare the composition, in which the brick will sink to 10 cm Possible small error in the range of a few centimeters.

Attention! In turn, for hollow brick, the norm is 7 inches. A valid error of 1 centimeter. Otherwise, it will be necessary to change the composition.

The results ↑

To prepare the composition for brick easy. Importantly, to specify in advance the brand and to decide with additional components. This will allow a precise adjustment of consistency and to make a good mixture, which will ensure the reliability of the whole structure.

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