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Steam from a laminated board with their own hands

Baths of laminated veneer lumber, thanks to itsquality, are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Such structures are characterized by high resistance to the environment, they do not require additional insulation, and, importantly, the cost of baths of laminated veneer lumber is quite optimal.

Steam from a laminated board with their own hands

Design baths ↑

Now I use a lot of different technologiesconstruction using laminated veneer lumber, but the basic methods of construction of buildings is almost always the same. Usually bath has a simple structure, in which the only change certain elements depending on the project. Usually room consists of three rooms (steam room, changing room and washing).

With the construction of the bath should be given specialto ensuring the quality of ventilation, otherwise, the beam quickly covered with cracks. Glued laminated timber is good in that it is a fairly durable material, so about such troubles you should not worry. Even before the construction of the building is necessary to carefully consider all the details and nuances, so that later do not have to rebuild the already finished construction.

Installation of foundation ↑

The construction of each building project,regardless of its complexity, begin with the installation of the foundation, among which the most widely used type of tape. Its popularity is due to a large number of advantages compared with many other types of foundations. He is able to easily withstand heavy loads, has a long life, its very easy to install. Precisely because of this, he is perfect for such facilities as sauna.

In particular, strip foundation is better to choosein cases where the overlap will be set severe. Such a foundation is usually placed at a depth that is suitable for the ground floor (according to experts, this depth should be about 200 millimeters below the frost line). This avoids an additional load on the foundation, due to which its destruction can begin. If the construction of the bath takes place on sandy soil or dry, then lay the foundation for higher level of soil freezing. It is not recommended to install the foundation on heaving soils or that freezes too deep.

Steam from a laminated board with their own hands

Construction of saunas from laminated veneer lumber with their hands ↑

Build a bath of laminated veneer lumber is much easier,than similar buildings of brick or log. It should make a reservation that many manufacturers offer their customers a material surcharge construction baths with their specialists, who will perform the work quickly and efficiently.

By itself, the process of building a simple bath, butIt may take a lot of time spent on the solidification and shrinkage of the foundation beams. Only then can you begin to finish the bath various decorative materials.

Tips during the construction of baths:

  • With self-stacking timber is recommended to further insulate mezhventsovogo space using lnovatina or jute.
  • We should not forget about insulation and waterproofingstructures. Otherwise bath life will be much less, its warming will cost more, and stay in the room itself is not too comfortable.
  • All finishing work should be carried out only after the laminated board sits down completely. Shrinkage of construction can be up to 10 centimeters, which is why the bath paneling damaged.

Steam from a laminated board with their own hands

Construction Technology baths ↑

First we need to build a foundation for what should be done counting, dig a pit, put the formwork and pour directly the foundation. It makes brick plinth in 2-3 rows.

walls Construction begin in about a month,after the final pour of the foundation. Before starting the installation of the walls on a foundation waterproofing layer is fixed, and then begin stacking timber. For the first series is recommended to use the most robust and high-quality timber, to which the ends of the cuttings do (this will later connect the beams by means of special brackets). The lower ranks of the processed protective antiseptic substances. For notching used lumber required carefully mark and propylene halfway mark (first across, then along). Depending on the layout and cutting of the first row will be the rest propyl.

When laying the wall should check the evenness of the seriesusing a level. At the same time between the rows necessarily need installation of insulation. It is best to give preference to tow, and not, for example, mounting foam, since the latter is less durable. If desired, you can buy in DIY stores more comfortable and modern heaters.

After the erection of walls, deposited on the worka time during which the timber must shrink. After that you can start doing layout for windows and doors. As soon as the doors and windows are cut, it is possible to put windows and doors. If you do it before the timber sits down, the doors and windows can lead and distortions. This is followed by the installation of the roof.

At the end of the bath should be thoroughly warmed. Structural adhesive qualities insulating materials, and the interior of the bath - thermal and waterproofing. This bath design will be protected from moisture and, consequently, increased service life.

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