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Bath of laminated veneer lumber with your own hands

Baths of laminated veneer lumber, because of its quality, today gaining more and more popularity. Such structures are characterized by high resistance to environmental influences, they do not require additional insulation, and, importantly, the cost of baths from glued beams is quite optimal.

Bath of laminated veneer lumber with your own hands

Design baths ↑

Right now use many various technologies of construction using glued laminated timber, but the main methods of erection of buildings are almost always the same. Usually bath has a simple design, which only change certain elements depending on the selected project. Usually the bath consists of three rooms (steam room, dressing room and bathroom).

During the construction of baths should pay particular attention to ensuring the quality of ventilation, otherwise, the logs are quickly covered with cracks. Glued laminated timber is good because it is a fairly durable material, therefore, such trouble can not worry. Before the start of construction of the building should carefully consider all the details and nuances so that no further had to rebuild a ready-made structure.

The Foundation ↑

The construction of each building project, regardless of its complexity, start with the installation of the Foundation, among which the most widely tape type. Its popularity is due to the large number of advantages in comparison with many other types of foundations. It can easily withstand heavy loads, has a great life, very simple in its installation. Due to this, it perfect for such facilities, as a.

In particular, the strip Foundation should be chosen in cases where will be installed a heavy overlap. Such a Foundation is usually placed at a depth that is suitable for the ground floor (according to experts, this depth should be 200 mm below the soil freezing). This will allow to avoid additional load on the Foundation, which can begin its destruction. If the construction of the baths takes place on sandy or dry soil, then laying the Foundation above the level of soil freezing. It is not recommended to install Foundation on heaving soils or that freezes too deep.

Bath of laminated veneer lumber with your own hands

Construction of the baths of laminated veneer lumber with his own hands ^ a

To build a bath of laminated veneer lumber is much easier than similar buildings of brick or frame. It is worth to mention that many manufacturers offer material to their customers for an additional fee, the construction of baths with their experts who will do the work quickly and efficiently.

By itself, the process of construction of the bath is simple but can take a lot of time spent on the solidification of the Foundation and the shrinkage of lumber. Only then can you start the finish bath with a variety of decorative materials.

Tips for building baths:

  • When installing timber, it is recommended to insulate mezhventsovogo space with lnovatin or jute.
  • We should not forget about the insulation and waterproofing of the structure. Otherwise, the service life of the bath will be much less, the cost of warming will be greater, and the stay in the room is not too comfortable.
  • All finishing work should be carried out only after the glued laminated timber is fully usage. Shrinkage of the structure can be up to 10 centimeters, causing plating baths damaged.

Bath of laminated veneer lumber with your own hands

Technology of construction baths ↑

First we need to build a Foundation, which should make a layout, to dig a pit, put the formwork and pour directly the Foundation. It’s a brick plinth in the 2-3 range.

The construction of the walls start in about a month, after the final pour the Foundation. Before installing the walls on the Foundation is fixed waterproofing layer, and then begin laying the lumber. For the first row it is recommended to use the most strong and high quality timber, the ends of which do vrubki (this will enable you to connect the beams by special brackets). The lower rows are processed protective antiseptic substances. Used for notching timber, you need to carefully mark and saw through to half of the markup (first across, then along). Depending on the layout and cutting the first row will be drunk all the rest.

When laying walls, you should check the evenness of the series with the help of level. In between the rows necessary insulation. It is best to give preference to pale, and not, for example, mounting foam, as the latter is less durable. If you want, you can buy in DIY stores are more convenient and modern insulation.

After erection of walls, the works deposited for a time during which the timber should shrink. After that you can start doing the layout for Windows and doors. Once doors and Windows are cut out, you can put Windows and doors. If this is done before the timber usage, doors and Windows can lead and warp. Then carry out the installation of the roof.

In conclusion, the bath must be carefully warmed. The Foundation of the covered insulating materials, and the internal space of the bath – heat and waterproofing. Due to this design of the bath will be protected from moisture and, consequently, increased its service life.

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