How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

It is hard to imagine the construction and repairwork, which would not be used drywall. Because it makes the internal partitions, boxes on water and sewer pipes, multi-level ceilings, arches, decorative elements in the interior. Sheets of drywall line the walls, ceilings significant defects.

Smooth, broken, rounded drywall constructions before painting or papering be putty. How putty plasterboard, not being the master of finishing, we describe in this article.

Tools ↑

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

For independent work you will need:

  • foam rollers and brushes for priming,
  • Stainless steel spatulas width of 10, 20 and 40-50 cm
  • tank mixture, and water,
  • grinder grater with mounts mesh or paper,
  • sandpaper or sanding paint grid,
  • mixer-nozzle on the drill,
  • construction knife
  • Typically the length of 1.5-2.0 m
  • respirator, goggles, rubber gloves.

Materials for ↑

  • Deep penetration primer
  • putty,
  • serpyanka or perforated paper tape for the seams,
  • perforated corners of metal and plastic,
  • fiberglass,
  • adhesive fiberglass.

Caulking ↑

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paintHow putty drywall under the wallpaper and paintHow putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

Every beginner finisher arisesquestion, the better putty plasterboard. For use rough and finish gypsum plaster, cement or resin. On sale is a mixture of dry and ready solutions.

Attention! Following the principle of "like with like is connected" is preferable to apply drywall plaster.

For the decoration of high humidity suitable cement, lime compounds or polymer filler.

For basic finish wizard uses plaster or cement Fugenfyuller Hercules, for the top layer - the finish polymer Bergauf or Ceresit.

Surface preparation ↑

finish quality depends on how well prepared for the application of drywall putty layer. To do this:

  • exfoliated to remove the knife, paper coatings;
  • extend the joints, cut on each side of 5 mm at an angle of 45about (Should get a V-shaped junction), it will increase the contact area and the strength of the finish;
    How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint
  • acting heads of screws tighten flush with the drywall surface or slightly recessed (no more than 1 mm);

Priming ↑

The purpose of the application of soil - create polymeric film that prevents the penetration of moisture in depth and possible detachment of the paper coating drywall, as well as to increase the adhesion to the base filler.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paintHow putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

Deep penetration can be usedanyone but professionals recommend a primer Ceresit ST17. It creates a strong film. It is recommended to apply 2-3 layers, each should be applied after complete drying of the previous one.

Preparation of the solution

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

Gypsum plaster is very demanding on capacity and span, in which the mixture is prepared, and quickly grasped. To prepare the solution should be 0.5-1 hour for instructions on the package.

Falling asleep dry powder into the water, add it to theuntil the surface will not dry islets. This suggests that the observed proportion. The mixture should be quickly stir until a homogeneous composition and lack of lumps and leave for 5 minutes. Caulking should be a density of sour cream. After that, stir again and you can start working.

Attention! after cooking is not recommended to a stirred solution of plaster.

Preparation of corners and joints ↑

Spackling drywall corners begin with training and joints. Here you will need a narrow putty knife and a small amount of solution.

What filler putty joints drywall? For this purpose, part of Knauf Fugen. Embroidered joints are filled with a mixture, and then paste the strips of special adhesive mesh or perforated paper and smooth down with a spatula. The mesh width of 5-10 cm will ensure a strong bond.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

  • External angles are reinforced with metalcorners, fixing them with a solution of putty, as follows: tubercle applied on both sides of the solution and pressed area. Excess solution redress the trowel, removing excess.
    How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint
  • On the curved corners of the drywall fix stepplerom plastic corners and a solution in the same way.
    How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint
  • Inside corners glued with reinforcing mesheach side so that the ends of the grid in contact in the corner, avoiding bending and sealed solution, trying to evenly fill the joint. Sometimes the ceiling between the wall and the edge of the sheet of drywall can be a long distance (1-2 cm). Such angles are sealed differently: a layer of plaster, trying to pin her to the end of the sheet of drywall for better grip and carefully aligning the corner. After drying primed and glued serpyanku shpaklyuyut.
    How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint
  • Places screwing screws in drywall and embedded solution.

After drying putty you need to check whether the thread reinforcement mesh stick, remove them with a knife, carefully cut the uneven sealing spatula and all primed.

spackling ↑

Putty plasterboard on the ceiling and wallsIt is performed differently depending on the type of finishing. If you plan to paste the wallpaper, it will be enough basic and finishing layer of putty. To finish for painting and Venetian plaster need fiberglass.

How putty ceiling ↑

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

The ceiling can be immediately finish putty putty in 1-2 layers. Works are conducted on any wall in good light.

Important! If you plan to apply two coats, they should be applied perpendicular to each other, so that the latter was from the window along.

This is done as follows:

In a wide putty knife put a small amount ofsolution and the broad movements of the wall itself or by itself it is applied to the surface. Once treated with enough space, a layer of permanently equalize moistened with water rule. Wizards are not the rule, but it is useful to novice finishers. Since the whole surface treated.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

If out of the dried layer of putty is notdiscernible dark spots drywall, it is possible to restrict. If the layer has turned out uneven, you need to apply a second. To do this, remove the irregularities sand mesh ceiling primed and shpaklyuyut again. The dried surface is thoroughly sanded, remove dust and deposited it on the ground for painting.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper ↑

To understand how to properly putty plasterboard, video from experienced masters will help you understand all the details.

You will need a narrow and a wide spatula. To coat quality was note some subtleties:

  • spatula should not be bent corners, burrs and other defects on the working surface;
  • in the process you need to make sure that the lumps of dried mortar and other debris do not fall into the solution and a spatula. They will be left on the surface of the strip, which is difficult to handle;
  • the remnants of the solution should be removed from both sides of the working surface of the spatula. The dried solution is better to throw in the trash.

Operating procedure:

  1. Put a narrow spatula evenly small amount of the mixture on the edge of the working surface of a broad spatula,
  2. starting from the corner, undulating movementsApply it on the wall and carefully smooth out movements of the trowel in different directions. You can make a semi-circular motion, wavy, but not direct. Start applying better with a clean area, passing the treated part;
  3. the remnants of the solution collect narrow spatula and again spread evenly over the surface of a wide, adding a fresh batch;
  4. remove defects in the dried layer of sand mesh or sandpaper;
  5. Clean the surface from dust large brush or cloth;
  6. Apply primer;
  7. on the primed surface in the same manner, apply a finishing layer of putty, masking treat after drying sand mesh number 180-220 in a circular motion;
  8. Clean the surface from dust and prime.

As drywall putty before painting and decorative plaster ↑

At furnish plasterboard walls and ceilings in new brick houses, as well as for painting or decorative Venetian plaster should be reinforced with glass surface with a thin.

How putty drywall under the wallpaper and paint

It prevents the appearance of cracks and other defects. Cloth glued onto glass fiber polished and primed putty layer using PVA glue or fiberglass as follows:

  • adhesive is applied evenly onto the wall,
  • impose overlapping (3-5 cm) glass fiber cloth, trying to keep their joints do not end up in the place of drywall compound,
  • canvas carefully leveled with his hands and with a spatula, remove from under it, air,
  • stickers after two canvases place the overlap is cut using a construction knife canvas excess is removed, the joints are aligned,
  • canvas top again cover with adhesive and smooth down with a spatula.

On the dried adhesive is applied a thin layer of the finishputty, carefully leveled and polished masking grid. After sanding and dust extraction surface is covered with soil deep penetration by 1-2 times.

Prepared in this way the walls of plasterboard will be smooth, smooth, ready to meet any finishing materials.

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