How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

Periodically appear on the market innovativematerials for construction, installation and finishing of the apartment. Special attention is paid to the design of the room ceiling today. For their decoration successfully use modern lighting.

New types of lighting ↑

To modern fixtures include:

  • Rope;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • neon lights;
  • LED strip.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us dwell on the LED strips.

LED strip: that is, the advantages of ↑

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

LED strip isitself directly strip of flexible material, the base of which has a fixed LEDs. As a rule, for its production of LEDs used in two basic types:

  • SMD 5050 (5060);
  • SMD 3528 (3028).

LED devices 5050 are much higher,but have a higher capacity. From a visual standpoint lamps are also different from each other. They can be arranged in different ways, namely with different densities. As the number of diodes and increasing brightness.

An important advantage of the LED lampstype is the ease of installation. Another feature is their low cost. It should also be noted that the market represented a huge selection of LED devices of different colors and shades. On the upside and long srokekspluatatsii tape.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

Preparing for installation ↑

The installation includes the important step astraining directly to the installation. It is necessary to determine the order, with a density of lights will be located. To create a basic lighting system, LED nuzhnovybrat model type SMD 3528 (with a density of 120) with a density of 5050 or 60.

Further defined with the meter and sourcepower system. For this portion of the perimeter made calculations that will host the backlight, the area is calculated. The next step is multiplied by the power consumption per square meter in the illuminated area. Which power supply suitable for montazhav this particular case, can tell the sellers at the time of purchase. Directly on the tape itself plotted mark places to cut. Typically, three pieces of this LED.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

Spike simple band comes under "+" to "+", "-" to "-". If you are using RGBmodeli, soldering contacts is carried out in accordance with the marking.

The wires that go directly to theIncluded are considered not entirely reliable for installation, so they often solder. For these purposes, use stranded with fixing lugs on the back end, with cross section of 0.75 mm.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

it is not recommended zazhimy.Primenyat ordinary pliers - to install terminals use only special tools.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

Thus, wires are obtained, which will have more contact with the qualitative dimmer power supply or controller.

Contacts are placed directly in the shoe, and fasten them with screws.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

For even more security, use shrink tubing, through which creates additional strength and insulation contact.

Mounting ↑

When installing the majority of LED strips are used to connect the two schemes:

  • parallel connection;
  • circuit with two power supplies.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

Installation methods ↑

One of the most popular ways to install LED device is one in which the tape itself is not visible, but it comes from a soft and warm light through a suspended ceiling.

How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

To make such coverage, you must:

  1. Make installation of the metal structure of the ceiling frame;
    How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling

  2. Prime the surface and putty;
  3. Provestikabel for power wires;
    How do I install the LED strip on the ceiling
  4. Clean and clear space for installation;
  5. To carry out the installation directly.

Mounting Kit, typically has an adhesive tape, whereby the tape is attached to the ceiling cornice.

For more information about installation can be found in a special video.

If there is a need for great lightingpremises, it is not recommended to use the band longer than 15 meters. This is due to the fact that lamps which are closest to the power supply will be a short period of time to burn out due to the high voltage network.

LED ceiling lights with his own hands: Tips ↑

When installing the LED strip on the ceiling there are a number of points, following which can make the process and the result of the highest quality.

  1. Installation of the ceiling should initially have a project, that is, you need to think through all the details have yet to purchase all the necessary components;
  2. Installation takes place by means of Velcro. In this case an adhesive layer is located on the back side of the tape. In addition, it is protected by a special film. Before you install, you must choose the right size for the slope and shelf PVC corner. It is mounted in the recess by means of small screws. This is done based on the fact that on the drywall adhesive strip with unstuck over time, but to the PVC material is attached permanently. This is especially true of a stretch ceiling - it has to be removed even when the required minor repairs;
  3. The wires must be soldered as a more possibleCaution. Basis - plastic, and do not suffer the LEDs from overheating. It is best suited for this purpose flux for soldering paste. As for the solder, the well-proven POS-61. It is important that the melting temperature was not more than 160 degrees. If you do not have a sufficient level of melting small parts, it is better to entrust this work to professionals;
  4. It is not recommended to connect with more than threemeters of tape. Wirings in a large mass can not always withstand a lot of stress. Therefore, the section of a length up to 3 meters, it is better to attach to the control the individual wires;
  5. If the installation is done on their own, be sure to observe the polarity of the wires and the appointment;
  6. Trim and cut the LED stripnecessary only for specific lines. For convenience, they are initially designated enterprise - the manufacturer and the better use of sharp scissors or clippers, side cutters;
  7. Remember the importance of the illumination color, because itIt has a considerable impact on the psychological perception. For example, yellow-green, and green is able to soothe and relax, red excites the mind, and the yellow color is neutral.
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