Balcony and a loggia

Differences between the balcony and a loggia

The difference between the balcony and the loggia is reflected in theproperty value. Therefore, most of this difference is only important for builders and those involved in the sale or purchase of real estate. Simple ordinary people use these facilities, regardless of their name and often do not even think about their differences.

Balconies and loggias can be made topotentially necessary things or be used as a little extra room. However, substitution of concepts and terminology of this lack of knowledge can result in very layman to financial losses.

External differences from the balcony loggia ↑

Private builder to easily explain how it is possible to determine that before his eyes: a balcony or a loggia.

The first thing you need to pay attention to whatbalcony is always a projection of the wall of the house. The concept is derived from the balcony of the word "bar." The first balconies were only fixed projections. Later they began to enclose the sides.

Differences between the balcony and a loggia

Balcony all too obvious - it's part of the house,often supporting structure. None of the rules of construction do not approve the demolition of load-bearing walls, so it is logical to assume that the balconies have a stationary character, rather than a balcony. Especially in recent years in the post here and there heard cases of landslides balconies on old buildings due to overload. But more on that later. Word loggia is of Italian origin and is translated as a room or gazebo. Therefore taken loggia considered the prerogative of the buildings owned by aristocrats.

Differences between the balcony and a loggia

That's all external differences loggias and balconies.

The main significant differences ↑

  1. In calculating the estimated cost of housing tobalcony or loggia crucial is the total area of ​​the property. When calculating this indicator area indicates the object with a balcony with a reduction factor of 0.3, and a balcony - 0.5. This primarily concerns the premises of standard sizes.
  2. Patio strictly limited and always loggiacan be increased by reducing the adjoining room. In the latter case, it all depends on the architect or designer rooms. This takes into account the minimum acceptable amount of natural light that reaches the room.
    Variants of decorative solutions and the use of the balcony and the loggia you can see in the video
  3. Due to the fact that the side wall of the loggia, as a rule, capital - it is easy to turn into a small office or a veranda with a seating area.
    With a balcony will not work: it is not designed for heavy loads. Heavy furniture and interior decoration can greatly worsen the condition of the mounting balcony. The bearing capacity of the loggia higher than that of the balcony, because the plate jamming is present on three sides at once.
For example, the old balconies with balustrades generally unusable. They are the external decorative element at home.
  1. The law prohibits any manipulationloggias and balconies, which can negatively affect the appearance of the building. Therefore, property owners with unusual antique facades should not even think of the glazing and the redevelopment of the premises to your liking.
    Differences between the balcony and a loggia
  2. Well, the most important difference in the character of the building elements: a balcony - mounted design and a deep loggia built. This loggia is much easier to warm than the balcony.

What are the similarities loggias and balconies ↑

  • Loggia is often confused with the so-called "French" balcony. This is due to the fact that the usual projection from the balcony available. French balcony is more like a large window or a door with bars. This balcony has no space, and therefore does not affect the value of the property.
    Differences between the balcony and a loggia
  • Misleading popular with builders balcony-loggia. Half of this space is placed in a building, and the other half is a projection.
  • Both rooms can be glazed. And you can leave intact.
Attention! If you are planning a radical modificationbalcony, it would be nice to coordinate their actions with those whose house is on the balance sheet and maintain. This can be HOA, HBC and organizations with other legal forms.

All these details should be included in the overhaul and decided to expand the area due to the balcony or loggia.

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