Balcony and a loggia

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

Emergency (fire) on the balcony or staircasebalcony seems to homeowners in high-rise building significant problem. Basically it prevents build extra meters, but some see it as a threat to the integrity of their property.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony
Photo 1. View from the window, to be not the most optimistic

In fact, the fire escape on the balcony dictateddesign and planning solutions building. In accordance with the building regulations (SNIP 21-01-97) in high-rise building should be an emergency evacuation descent. These may be internal or external metal ladders. In some buildings, they are placed on the 5th floor and above, as most fire engines equipped with ladders up to 15 meters.

It is also forbidden to dismantle emergency rulesstairways and escape hatches brew - access to it should be open. Each apartment building has a common property: utility rooms, stairs and ladders, attics, fences and so on. To him also include slabs and balcony slabs. Therefore, a loggia with emergency exits can be regarded as "his" only to the emergency.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony
Photo 2. emergency staircase is located on the general "fire balcony" In some houses the new series. However, there are still new buildings erected on the old projects.

Council. Buying an apartment in a newly built house, is acquainted with the floor plan. If the project has nezadymlyaemaya entrance staircase (it passes not next to the elevator shaft, and separated by a wall) or "fire balcony", then worry about the "extra" stairs on their own loggia is not necessary. By the way, in the contract to a new apartment common emergency exit is usually not indicated.

Cut or not cut the fire escape? ↑

In reality, this is often an emergency exitis a great danger to the inhabitants than the fire. Operation of the building for several decades, resulting in deterioration of all communications and constructions. In addition, management companies (REU, housing office, etc.) are active against fire escapes as a last resort. Outcome sad - rusted hatches and wobbly ladders are not only unable to fulfill its function, but also pose a threat to the life of the residents.

Council. Before deciding on the dismantling of obsoletedesign, you need to assess the overall condition of the home. Ask the date of construction, the general technical condition, the time of the last overhaul, and so on. It is also necessary to examine the approach - how many neighbors have already got rid of the stairs. At the same time find out - how often comes Inspectorate EMERCOM (put every 5 years). If the majority of the neighbors still retain the ability to evacuate, you should not break the functionality of the system.
Important! In accordance with Part. 4 Art. 20.4 of the Code of Administrative Offences of unauthorized dismantling of the structure of the fire protection system shall be punished by a fine of 3 to 4 thousand. Rubles for individuals. Officials will have to pay 15 to 20 thousand rubles, and legal -.. 150-200 thousand. If a violation is detected again, the amount of the fine for individuals increased to 4-5 million, for officials - 20-30 thousand, for legal -. 200-400 thousand or suspension of activity for up to 90 days.

Removing the fire escape on the balcony or loggiaIt is an illegal act, fraught with unpleasant consequences. If the tarnished reputation of administrative punishment, and a small fine seem "small change", the law applies more stringent measures. Failure to comply with inspection requirements MOE faces at least a subpoena. In addition, if a fire escape plan is listed in the BTI, any legal manipulation of the apartments will be impossible.

However, the biggest trouble is expected infire case. If later it is proved that the evacuation of residents was not possible because of lack of emergency stairs to the concrete balcony, then its owner will incur criminal liability already. By the way, no authority will not give permission for the dismantling of the fire escape, if there is no alternative. It remains the only reasonable option - replace fire escape. The law does not prevent it, it is sufficient to obtain the consent of the authorized officials MOE.

Finishing Fire hatch ↑

Fire Safety Rules of balconies and loggiaswith emergency exits and prohibited osteklyat warm - it may prevent entry of fresh air for breathing people during evacuation. However, experience has shown that the competent services are quite loyal to finish this part of the residential building. Firstly, closed loggia can ensure that the evacuation passage edges will not crumble and crumble, and hatch - rust. Secondly, ennobled the room gives them the confidence that with the fire exits in the apartment everything is in order.

Council. If glazed balcony is not in his plansowner, then cover both hatches enough paint to match the floor and the ceiling. So you can protect the metal from the impact of natural forces. With the existing corrosion hatches can either strengthen the metal corners, or replaced altogether. In the case where the top floor through the joints of the water flows, the slit must be sealed with foam.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

Typically, fire hatches trim the samematerial as the entire room: paneling, plastic panels, MDF, particle board, laminate, ceramic tile, etc. Skylight decorate extra cover. Close the lock fire exits permitted, but they must be easy to open in an emergency. (For example, in case of loss of keys lock should easily get out blow.) A well-decorated fire exits not violate fire safety regulations and look quite attractive.

Council. To escape hatch in the ceiling was notuncontrolled ventilation, it is warm. To do this, cut out a rectangle of any insulation on the internal dimensions of the passage, and glue it to the hatch (suitable liquid nails). The space between the upper hatch cover and the ceiling can be left without filling.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

Ideas for decoration fire escape ↑

There are many interior solutions loggias with fire escape - is only the matter is approached with imagination.

1. The simplest solution is to paint the stairs in the tone of the walls - the so-evacuation system is not evident.

2. Decorating hemp, string, and so on. Suffice ladder braid suitable for balcony interior material, and it will be an original design solution.

3. If you live in an apartment growers or growers, fire stairs are reliable stand under the pots and vases, or the basis on which to hang the planter.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

4. Permissible to change the design of the emergency stairs - most importantly, that it remains functional. Generally, typical ladder mounted at a certain angle, and occupies a lot of space. Therefore, you can manually cut the part and installed in a vertical position.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

5. In addition to the compact, vertical fire escapes quite practical. They can serve as not only a clothes dryer, but "Swedish wall", which can be kneaded and children, and adults.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

6. If an emergency staircase does interfere, it is possible to install a folding design that fits inside the hatch. More than a budget option - a rope ladder.

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony

Beautiful fire escape on the balcony
Photo 10. Who said that the fire escape on the balcony looks unaesthetic? The main thing - do not limit yourself in the works

Decorated fire escape on the balcony canbecome a "highlight", but do not get involved in the process. It must be remembered that it should be readily available and it is convenient in the case of an emergency evacuation. If evacuation is not possible on the balcony due to circumstances beyond your reasons, then look for alternative saving options.

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