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How to arrange a flower bed under a tree: the formulation of tree trunks

How to arrange a flower bed under a tree: the formulation of tree trunks

It is immersed in greenery and fragrant flowersGarden dream of many owners of suburban areas. But for the successful implementation of ideas and the creation of beautiful artistic image have to use every centimeter of land. Practice shows that experienced gardeners lush and ornate flower beds can equip not only outdoors, but also to use for these purposes and the tree trunks of trees.


Principles of everything around-trunk beds

It is rare to find a holiday or vacationarea in which we would not grow fruit trees. But these plants with spreading crowns and well-branched root systems occupy a lot of space on the site. How to make rational use of near-wellbore area under the trees to make a garden more elegant and attractive, but it does not harm the plants?

The elegant flower garden in the backyard

Flowerbeds and vegetable composition is better to break under the mature trees. Because immature young seedlings in the garden are more vulnerable

Young seedlings need careful maintenance. Their tree trunks must be left open, since they are necessary for the application of fertilizers and irrigation. The notion that the roots of the trees are growing, leaving the ground straight down wrongly. Some of them are located in the upper layers of soil, buried by only 40-50 cm. This point should be taken into account when choosing a place for a bed, so that the roots of neighboring plants do not hurt each other in the struggle for life-giving water and nutrients.

For example: birch, walnut and horse chestnut have a powerful shallow root system. Any plants in the tree trunks of these trees are uncomfortable. But the apple, hawthorn and rowan have a tap root system. They are happy to let their crown under the ferns, ornamental grasses and flowers, allowing you to turn the bare tree trunks in the picturesque flower beds.

Tree trunks of trees

Though showy perennials capabletransform every corner of the garden, planted under trees is not quite appropriate, among the great variety of plants you can always choose flowers that thrive in a little shade

When you create flower beds around the trees should beadhere to the same principles as in the arrangement of flower beds in the open countryside. The only difference - carefully select plants that will be comfortable in the conditions of lack of moisture, and light, and gently (with minimal damage to the root system of the tree) to cultivate the soil before planting flowers.

What you need to consider in the first place?

Thinking place everything important flower gardenimagine, will look like a tree planted by the plant in a few years. When choosing colors should take into account the particular composition of the soil on which they prefer to grow their resistance to temperature changes, lack of moisture.

At the site of the future arrangement of the flower bed usingsmall blades clear the soil from small roots penetrating the soil, debris and stones. The roots of the trees at the same time it is not necessary to touch. But we must advance to determine their thickness, having dug a shovel in several places the future of the flower bed, buried at the bayonet. If every time a shovel rests on an extensive network of roots, for a bed is better to look elsewhere. The variant of entrenchment roots, in which "interfere" pushing branches aside, creating a small "pockets" under the landing of flowers. If the arrangement of flower beds without partial pruning of the roots of the tree can not do, then when the work should be guided by the principle that we can "chop off" no more than 10 percent of the root system. After cutting the roots have to be shortened and the crown of the tree, reducing by the same amount.

The bottom of the excavated hole, intended forseating arrangement of pits plant flower beds line the non-woven fabric or fine mesh. This will prevent the penetration of plant roots and interlacing, and will slow down their growth.

Drainage - an important point in the regeneration of a flower bed. That water does not stagnate in the flower garden, the bottom of the "pockets" lining desyatisantimetrovyh "cushion" of gravel, pebbles or sand.

Shredded bark mulch

The empty space between the clumps of flowering plants can decorate sawdust, wood chips or shredded bark

Prepared fill the hole halfwayfertile soil mix, which is the third part of the earth, dug in creating landing pits. Plants are planted in the holes so that the root collar of each was above ground level at 2-3 cm. The ground tamped and watered.

A flower bed with moisture-loving and shade-tolerant flowers

If the site is dominated by soils saturated with water, then when you make a flower bed preference is given to moisture-loving plants

What plants to choose songs?

Most perennials karisivotsvetuschihprefer sunny fertile areas. But placing a flower bed under a tree to reach such conditions is impossible. Even if the tree is clear thinning crown of flowers planted underneath it will get only a portion of sunlight.

Therefore, when choosing plants should be givenshade-tolerant and shade-loving preference colors. To make a flower bed under a tree ideal dwarf varieties of conifers, bulbs and annuals.

The successful combination of conifers and annuals

Picky annual and conifers grow naturally in forests and therefore are accustomed to constantly compete for moisture and the sun's rays

In conditions of partial shading will feel comfortable perennials such as a host, lily, anemone, foxglove, ivy, primrose, Lysimachus.

Making wood tree trunks can be solvedtwo problems at once: to achieve a decorative effect and to protect fruit trees from the encroachments of harmful insects. Nasturtium is able to protect the trees of cherry and apple trees of the apple sucker and blood aphids. Marigolds and daisies well deter aphids and nematodes, and lilies of the valley saves stone fruits from fruit rot.

A flower bed with spring flowers

Because home gardens prevailfruit trees, crown that creates a pretty thick shadow, an excellent option processing tree trunks will be landing early-flowering ornamental plants

In early spring the bare branches of the trees will not prevent the penetration of light in the flower bed, allowing primrose pleasing to the eye even before the opening of leaves at the crown.

Ready scheme for arrangement of flower beds

Options for creating a spectacular planttracks on tree trunks set. It can be multilevel beds circular shape, the outer edge of which is decorated stunted plants, and the interior space is filled with a high color.

When placing tree trunks of trees placed along the fence or buildings that are visible only from one side are more suitable semi-circular and asymmetric flowerbeds.

Terraced flower bed under a tree

It is interesting to look floral arrangements, designed in the form of improvised slopes equipped with retaining walls around the trunks of trees

In multi-tiered arrangement of compositions should betake into account that the tree trunks of fruit trees can be filled to a height of not more than 10-12 cm. Filling soil root collar of the tree can cause stem rot.

Option # 1 - Spring Kaleidoscope

For the arrangement of the flower garden in autumnclean the area around the tree trunks of wood from small stones and roots of weeds. Enrich the soil is possible by making compost and organic fertilizers.

Flowerbed "Spring Kaleidoscope"

A motley composition of flowers, blooming after each other in the early spring, fill the still waking up from hibernation site in bright colors

Bulbous impressive look in small groups: they like scatterings of colored glass pieces kaleidoscope sparkle in the sunlight. Daffodils, tulips and crocuses are planted in groups, placing them at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. In the foreground a small flower bed planted tubers Corydalis - herbaceous plants, received its name from the bizarre shape of a flower. The empty space between the bulb is filled glades bushes creeping along the ground periwinkle.

To protect the bulbs against frost and ensure conditions for their growth and full flowering in early spring, before the cold snap them better shelter spruce branches or foliage.

Option # 2 - contrast primroses

It is not necessary to give a flat circular flower garden. Worthy framing contrasting flowering lawns serve as decorative tiles, flower garden with the help of which you can give lyuboyu form.

Composition "contrast primroses"

Colorful spring composition, successfully combining miniature Proleski soft blue colors and showy irises saturated yellows, bring to the site vivid contrast

The bulbs of daffodils planted and also Proleskifall, placing them in small groups around a tree trunk. After flowering daffodils in their place are nice grassy "bushes", collected from smooth elongated leaves that remain decorative until mid-summer.

Option # 3 - solar paint

Eratis early spring, decorated with tinygolden yellow flowers, decorative greatest shows only the sun. Fortunately, the crowns of the trees in the early spring did not give dense shade, allowing this extremely beautiful herbaceous plants manifest itself in all its glory.

Flower Garden "solar paint"

Fancy Bouquet of spring primroses also based on color contrasts, where the blue and purple crocuses profitable stand out against the pale yellow ERANTHIS

At arrangement of the flower garden, first think throughpattern composition. According to the planned contours crocus corms are planted, and in the background - rhizomes ERANTHIS winter. After the spring flowering crocus withered flowers are not removed, thus giving the plants reproduce by means of seeds.

Slideshow examples of gardeners

With the help of colors, even the empty space under the treecan be converted into picturesque and pleasant for relaxation corners of the garden. Spectacular floral arrangements framing tree trunks, soft colors decorate the garden and fill it with charm.

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