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Stealth planting a lawn in the hot summer: how to ensure the germination of grass during the dry season?

Stealth planting a lawn in the hot summer: how to ensure the germination of grass during the dry season?

Green lawn in the area - a great placerelaxation, and almost every host tries to take at least a couple of meters below the green zone. But it happens that the resettlement area became engaged in the summer when it's hot days and grass planting time has passed. In this case there is two options: either wait for autumn, when the temperature drops and there will be a favorable time for sowing, either on their own risk to sow lawn heat.

Naturally, the patience to wait until the cold snapenough not to each family, because vacant land immediately obzhivut weeds. And it is not necessary. If you draw a crop with certain precautions and tricks, even the worst heat of the shoots will not spoil. How better to plant a lawn in summer - look at all the details.


The initial landing phase: preparing the ground

Correction of soil composition

Despite the fact that all have a lawn grassgood survival in any soil, though the composition of the earth is correct. If the soil is clay, then fill in its digging peat, humus and sand (in equal proportions), and if the sand, then add more dense soil, for example, wood.

Focus on your feelings: Take a lump of soil in your hand and try to form a ball of it. If it turns out very tight - zatyazhelaya land, it should make it easier (diluted with sand or peat). If the ball rolls around, but loose and ready to fall apart - normal soil. If at all it is impossible to roll - it means soil is too crumbly and will not hold moisture.

soil Preparation

If the land is infertile, remove it by half a meter in depth, and dilute with useful components -. Peat, humus, sand, etc., or fill the prepared soil

It will not hurt to make a complete fertilizer, which will speed up the germination of seeds and give them extra food.

The rest of the usual soil preparation: remove the debris, stones, roots, level ground, mark the border.

Creating a protection against dry soil

So proryhlit soil, cleaned and ready to takeseeds. But do not hurry. Under the scorching summer sun dries the earth immediately, and it harms the good germination. So first of all create a defense in the land itself from its fast drying. To do this, remove all the soil 30 centimeters, tamp the bottom and pave it with cardboard. These may be all kinds of boxes, newspapers in several layers and so on.

This layer does not hinder the air circulation insoil, but will retain water in the outer layers, not missing her deeply. And the grass will not experience lack of moisture. By the way, cardboard and himself perfectly absorbs moisture, and then gradually releases it. So the soil is wetter than usual. By the fall of the paper layer peregniet, and that its function is over.

Alignment surface

cardboard on top of the soil and scatter shottamp his rink, and on narrow areas - normal short board. Lay out the board, from the edge of the area, and jump on it. Under the weight of the power of the land is leveled. Can you bring it to engage children. They gladly will jump on the boards.

To align the surface of the earth as much as possibletamped go over it with the back of a rake. They pulled too much, and the soil will be as smooth as the knee. If a rake will pick out small pebbles, it is better to remove them as a blade of grass in these points is still not germinate, and the sod will uneven.

rammer lawn

Pritaptyvanie board is useful for those areas where the bulky roller can not turn around: between tracks, in flowerbeds and winding rabatkah

Nuances of summer sowing: how to ensure the viability?

Now you can proceed to the most responsibletime - planting seeds. Summer sowing enough to produce at rates specified on the package with an herbal mixture. An unexpected advantage of planting in hot weather is poor germination of weeds. If the spring they poured almost the same amount from the blades of grass, in the summer (starting from the second half of July), their activity is significantly reduced. And while the hatch so-called autumn weeds, the lawn has time to enter into full force and suppress them.

Time and density of sowing

It is better to plant grass in the evening, so that it does not immediately start to fry the summer sun. Just before landing a good spill soil by sprinkling.

Watering the soil

The hotter the weather is, the longer it is necessary to water the prepared soil, so that it soaked with moisture at least 5 cm deep

Watering the soil for the lawn

If the land still standing puddles (Photo 1) - to plant early, it is necessary to wait until all the water surface and absorb slightly pristynet (photo 2)

Wait until completely absorbed and scatter the seeds. If the land area is small, better to spill edge, and then the rest of the area. So you will ensure an even distribution of grass.

Seeding lawn

Carefully plot spilling edge, start sowing all fields, focusing on the application rate specified on the package with herbal mixture

After sowing certainly Zamulchiruyte sitea layer of dry soil or peat. Grass should hide from the sun. Crumbled mulch, spill it, and let dry. So it is easier to roll on to the seed and push them into the wet earth. To flatten the mixture, using all the same board or roller.

Protection from the sun blades

In the spring or autumn of these measures would be sufficient,grass to give good seedlings. But in the summer the temperature of the upper layers of the soil warms up so that hatched seeds can easily burn. And if they manage to grow and, at the tender blades of grass will collapse the whole force of the sun's rays. To save the seedlings need immediately after planting to close the entire area of ​​white non-woven material. It will reflect the rays and lower the soil temperature. And the moisture evaporate will be less.

Along the edges of the lawn material fastened boards,reinforcement or any other heavy objects, and if the area is large, it is best to pin down and midway. To do this, type in the corners of the pegs and string cords on the edges of the plot (criss-cross), that he passed through the center, down the thread flush with the ground. Twine will squeeze the material, and will not let him be lifted by the wind.

Shelter lawn

Light non-woven fabric does not prevent the passage of oxygen into the soil, but reflects a significant portion of the sun's harmful rays, sizzling tender shoots

How to care for the crops?

Ready to shed the lawn should be daily (morning andnight), spraying water, drizzle over the non-woven fabric. He will miss the great moisture in and will not give it to quickly evaporate. By the way, on uneven areas, where there is a bias in one direction, a cover will prevent erosion of seeds and tightening them in a low place water streams. Therefore, seedlings will be more uniform and amicable.

The first shoots of grass

The first thin blade of grass will start to make its way in about a week after planting, and if the site is not to hide, while the seedlings will be delayed for another week

With careful watering the first blade of grass seemafter a week. Wait until the grass grows up to 3-4 cm., And only then remove the cover. Then pry his hands all the weeds and mow the lawn. The first blade of grass will be thin, so it is advisable not to walk on the lawn until it will get stronger. You will see it on the turf powerful and juicy, thick greenery.

Another nuance summer planting - do not feed the youngseedlings fertilizers, especially nitrogen. they can burn the root system at high temperatures. It is better to wait for the rainy season, and even did not make anything, especially if you added in the preparation of the soil fertilizer. Reserve power supply in the open ground grass is more than enough, and forcing extra growth weakens immature roots and leads to the freezing of certain areas in the winter.

Summer lawn

That looks so old lawn in early October - a powerful grass, healthy juicy colors, and the chances of a good winter had higher

Planted in July grass in early autumnIt looks completely formed. It is perfectly winters, rarely freezes, rather than at the autumn planting. In addition, if the mixture will rise bad (and it depends on the quality of seeds!), You will have to reserve time podseyat bald spots before the cold weather. But in this case it would have to cover non-woven fabric each recovery site to ensure normal climate crops or re-lay a whole lot, as you did in the case of the first crop.

As you can see, at a certain care can grow a beautiful lawn in the heat. Grow the roses in Siberia, so why can not ascend to the grass in the summer ?! It all depends on the efforts of the hosts ...

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