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Rules of selection of perennial flowers that are planted in the fall

Rules of selection of perennial flowers that are planted in the fall

Flowers, as a decoration of any plot,fill it with bright colors and do not cease to amaze others with their magnificence. Wanting to enjoy the beauty of flowering plants in the next year, many growers already in the first days of September are beginning to prepare perennial flowers that are planted in the fall. Properly combining perennials, you can create floral arrangements that will please abundant flowering uninterrupted from the first day of spring and the beginning of winter.


Why the fall planting perennials is best?

Planting perennials in the fall - the possibilityget a chic result rich blossoming flower beds at relatively low material and labor costs. The reason for this is that the plants planted in the fall, it is easier to adapt and hardened in the cold winter months. With the onset of spring, passing the process of adjusting to the new environment and getting stronger, perennials are ready to direct all their efforts on the intensive growth and abundant flowering.

Easy carrying autumn planting perennials

Aconite, clematis and Adonis - Flowering perennials, showing itself in all its glory when it is autumn planting: they, after wintering in the soil better take root, grow and delight flowering

Another, no less weighty reason for plantingperennial flowers in the autumn, is the ability to pay the grower the process longer time to soberly assess their willingness and ability to more carefully consider the favorable combination of colors, as well as to prepare the ground for planting. In addition, after-heated summer sunlight soil easier to dig. Seasonal rains moistened soil does not require watering of plants work after landing.

To enjoy flowering perennialsthe next year after planting, it is necessary to choose for autumn landings express varieties. When planning a garden the land beautiful flowers in spring, in an effort to fill empty beds, the gardeners frantically buy everything, do not always thinking about the feasibility of such purchases. Therefore, it is more expedient to fill the beds yet even before the onset of cold weather to the fact that with the arrival of spring has to admire their beauty.

Planted plants blooming in spring

Bulbs are planted early flowering beginningthe first decade of September and until the second half of October. autumn bulb drop-off period may vary depending on the characteristics of the current season and the climate area, but not later than one month before the arrival of frost on the ground. At that time, as too early planting can cause sprouting bulbs, which can detrimental impact on the plant at the first frost.

Pleasing to the eye primroses

Spring - is primarily hits bulbs and primroses that reviving the flower bed, creating a spring garden look

To open sunny areas are ideal: hyacinths and crocuses, daffodils and tulips, muscari, hionodoksy, Pushkin, Scylla. Among the primroses in the autumn you can safely seat primroses and anemones.

Spectacular handsome iris

A striking decoration spring flower beds are irises,whose name is translated from the Greek sounds like a rainbow. Variety of colors of the flowers of these plants stand comparison with the most beautiful natural phenomenon

By dividing rhizomes of iris can already start inearly September. At the same time, you can divide the rhizomes of perennial shrubs overgrown peony, sprinkled them before transplanting the ash or charcoal.

In the spring, phlox easily propagated in the falla division of the rhizomes, or by sowing seeds in the ground. Sow directly in open ground can and seeds: digitalis, nasturtium, poppy, Liatris.

Perennial annuals for autumn transplant

For 1-2 weeks before the frost is possible to start planting perennials that will delight flowering the next year in the summer months.

Ready to transplant lilies daylily bulbs and rhizomes

This time is the best for the seating of lilies and daylilies: lily bulbs are transplanted every 2-3 years, daylilies also can grow in one place for up to 5 years

In the second half of September, start to divide and transplant delphinium, phlox, rudbeckia, Aquilegia. Seeds in the ground, you can sow: chamomile, flax, lavender, lavateru, calendula, cornflower, carnation.

No matter in what Perennialsstopped choice ground under his land is desirable to prepare in advance: dig and fertilize, making vitamins, trace elements and antibiotics if necessary. Planting depth depends on the type of plant and mechanical composition of the soil.

Plants are planted for autumn

The final chord of a riot of colors appearblooming in the fall perennial flowers. Since that time they bloom profusely, seat they should be with great care so as to minimally damage the root system, thereby ensuring a long flowering and excellent establishment.

Autumn flower bed with plush balls chrysanthemums

Bright decoration flower garden in this period are: coreopsis, helenium, stonecrops, asters. But the real queen of the compositions in this period are chrysanthemum

Bright "flashlights" Exotic Physalis

An impressive addition to any flower arrangementmay make bright orange "lanterns" plant physalis. Extraordinarily beautiful plant with tasty fruits, widely used in cooking, propagated by sowing seeds in the ground

Features of the autumn planting in the video:

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