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Choose a suitable stone for the alpine slides: what species to choose?

Choose a suitable stone for the alpine slides: what species to choose?

Create a rock garden - a very real idea. Some gardeners do not really thinking, planted any favorite plants and flowers surrounded by stones of any species and size. But if we approach the matter thoroughly, to get acquainted with the art of creating this remarkable garden composition and find out what colors are more suited to creating a rock garden, which stones for alpine garden you can use a rock garden will create a much more professional. Before the creator of the composition is the next task - a man-made hill should look natural, reminding scenic stretch, lost in the mountains. Artificial decor in its decoration is better not to use - natural effect in this case is lost, and the composition may look fake.


Harmonious composition

All components in the rock gardens should forma harmonious combination of: stones and plants should be well combined size, color. rock groups and individual boulders should be placed so that the composition can look like a less artificial

The best stones for rock garden design

Stones for the alpine slides, first of all,perform a decorative function, but different breeds have different degrees of fragility, a different degree of absorption of moisture, so some of the properties of the stones have a better idea to make the right choice. The most common today to create alpine used limestone, sandstone and granite. Consider the properties of the stones in more detail.

Option # 1 - granite

It is a dense stone, do not absorb moisture. Granite can be of different colors - reddish, greenish, gray or almost black. Working with dark stone requires taste and experience, or the composition may turn gloomy. Granite is heavy, it is difficult to handle, but in rock gardens a stone looks very good. This stone has an impact on the acidity of the soil, so the granite rock gardens is recommended to plant conifers, heather. Granite boulders are large, fragile in their company colors look particularly delicate and elegant (eg, shallow varietal tulips).


This composition with large granite boulders does not look too bright, but very natural, like a cabin, created by nature itself

Option # 2 - sandstone

This stone is to create alpinethe most frequently used since It has excellent decorative qualities. It's a smooth stone with a coarse structure and a rich range of shades. Sandstone can be beige, pink, brown, cream, reddish. It is a good base for planting, forms a spectacular combination with any of their views. When you create a slide with sandstone do not need to pick the flowers specifically, landed on the hill all you like.

The combination of sandstone and pebble

Sandstone is good for the fact that the formsexpressive combination sdlrugimi stones. For example, in this case water rock gardens are well combined sandstone and pebbles used for masonry walls of the creek

Option # 3 - limestone (tufa, dolomite)

The decor of the slides used dolomite and tufa. They are well absorb moisture, air, help to normalize the composition of the soil, are optimal for growing alpine plants. Over time, the limestone begins to grow lichens, moss boulders giving even more scenic views.

Limestone - soft stone, while making it a linesmoother, and treat yourself it can be effortless. Colours limestone and wide - you can choose the stones with an amazing bluish tint, gold, beige. The use of these stones opens space for creative ideas. Limestone should not be combined with plants that grow in acidic soils. Dolomite - a material strong and durable, can be white, black, gray and brown. On the hill is especially beautiful translucent white dolomite.


Dolomite soft brown-beige color - suitable stone to create a composition. Especially because alpine plants in such a company will feel good


Tuff is beautiful shades - from white to dark pink, easy to process, transmit moisture and air. Good stuff to create an original beautiful rock garden

Option # 4 - clinker bricks

Sometimes used for rock and decorclinker, but are not rectangular, and oval or irregular. The bricks are laid in layers, using shades of different colors. This slide looks good, and if the house is decorated with clinker brick.

Also these stones, you can also use the slate rocks, stones, having a layered structure - they are very nice on the hill.
Boulders for rock can be purchased atspecialty stores, or pick their own, sometimes on the side of the road, you can find a suitable specimen for the alpine slides at the pebble beach, especially with large boulders, too, can find wonderful material. Pebbles on a hill may be different sizes - set up the accents, using large rocks and areas can distinguish between small and medium-sized stones.

clinker brick

Clinker brick - not a typical material for the alpine slide, but it may well be used, particularly if it was used to finish the house and garden buildings

The pebbles, slate, limestone

To create an alpine slide and well chosen plants and stones. Shingle, slate and limestone are beautifully set off by conifers, hosts molodilom and flowering plants

Rock garden can be made from stones of the sameor more species. In the second case, the combination should look organic to avoid conspicuous otherness stones at each other, such chaos disperses attention. Large boulders can be slightly bury in the ground, creating a rock output effect on the surface.

How to choose the stones?

If you want to plant bright flowers, stone betterchoose a neutral color - it will act as a background. If you are using are not particularly expressive plants, choose bright stones - on the background of the plant will look more expressive, more contrast.
In a heap of stones of different breeds there is a risk that the slide will turn into a pile of rubble, use the stones of similar shape and close the color gamut.

Unsuccessful composition

Example unsuccessfully created a composition - and the stones, and plants are too chaotic and in large quantities, the emphasis is not placed

Harmonious composition

In this case, a rock garden with a small pond looks very harmonious - areas with large boulders in the distance, decorated with pebbles pond, ferns and hosts groups form a unit

Rock garden of boulders

A good rock garden of boulders - the plants bloom on the upper and lower terraces, horizontally and vertically between the stones, as a result of the composition looks natural and vividly

It has the meaning and the height of hills - sharp stonesangles are more appropriate for the high embankment, and for flat compositions are more suitable stones rounded shape. The water looks good rock gardens lined with layers of sandstone. Gorka on your site should look harmonious, without breaking a single style.

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