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Choosing curtains for gazebos and verandas design secrets

Choosing curtains for gazebos and verandas design secrets

Outdoor patio or gazebo - a favorite place forleisure garden inhabitants. In the hot afternoon of the roof arches sheltering us from the scorching sun or summer thunderstorms, and in the evening to create relaxing pleasant meetings with friends and family situation. But to make you stay as comfortable as possible, and the surrounding space more comfortable, open wall construction cost issue, choosing the appropriate curtains for gazebos and verandas.


Types of outdoor curtains for gazebos

Outdoor blinds are designed to not only fulfill an aesthetic function, acting striking design accent but also to solve practical problems:

  • protect from sunlight and annoying insects;
  • skillfully hide the shortcomings of design and advantageous to emphasize its advantages;
  • with the onset of cooler days to keep heat inside the building.

Presented on the market can be arbitrarily curtainsdivided into three types: fabric, PVC fabric and protective tents. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them can simplify your task of selecting options that fully meet all expectations.

A cozy gazebo overlooking the garden

Properly selected curtains can create an atmosphere of home warmth, leaving the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air

tissue webs

Outdoor curtains of conventional textiles excellentsuitable for glazed pavilions and open-performance designs. They do not interfere with natural ventilation, creating the most comfortable conditions for rest.

Very impressive look of silk curtains, organza, chiffon.

Light and airy fabric curtains

Lightweight fabrics, curtains or suspended on the wings in the form sborochek, bring to the interior of the gazebo or porch notes of lightness and airiness

More dense and heavy fabrics such as canvas, linen or teak, it is more convenient to hang on the type of Roman blinds, forming them into concise folds.

"Sail" in the garden

Lightly fluttering in the wind cloth, resembling sails act worthy of interior decoration in a Mediterranean style

Curtains made of natural materials, for example,straw, bamboo, hemp, can emphasize the eco-style buildings, naturally fit into the landscape design. Particularly impressive curtains made from natural materials look as frame pavilions and terraces, built of wood.

Rope-yarn curtains

Rope-thread curtains, decorated with beads, beads and tiny leaves, and having a light translucent structure amaze with their uniqueness and beauty

Bring notes of romance and create the atmospherehelp privacy curtains made of fabric Blackout. Due to multiple layers and the special structure of the fibers, the material is completely keeps light, obscuring the room at 90-100%.

Thick curtains to create an intimate atmosphere

The original is obtained by combining the options of fabrics with different densities, when Blackout curtains adds a transparent veil, creating the effect of "day and night"

But textile curtains are good only in the warm season. They will not be saved in the wind and rain. And the service life of products, even with careful care and saving mode is limited to 5-7 seasons.

To the curtains of light and translucent fabricsinsect repellent, experts recommend washing after each impregnating them with special water-soluble compounds, which can be purchased at garden centers.


Spending time with the comfort in the outdoors would be desirable not only on fine days are, but in bad weather. For this purpose the best suited protective curtains for gazebos.

Tent curtains - reliable protection from the rain

Fabric curtains are the kind of barrier that protects the inner space of the insect attacks, rain and other climatic somersaults

In the expanded state such fine curtainskeeping you warm. The days are cool to create a comfortable environment under the arch of the roof of the gazebo, you can safely turn on the heater, do not worry that the heat evaporate out.

Dense fabric for curtains - a combination of aesthetics and functionality

Curtains awning or barrier fabric - the most popular option, successfully combines functionality and aesthetic appeal

The basis for their production stands tarp orPVC coated fabric lavsanovaja. On sale there are also synthetic fabric coated with Teflon and acrylic paints. Additional coating material provides resistance to fading and degradation by UV rays. The last treatment the material is able to withstand temperature fluctuations from -25 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Rolling curtains acrylic paintings

Acrylic fabrics are often used in the manufacture of roller blinds - structures with U-shaped grooves, which provide sealing at the sides

Acrylic fabric has good moisture repellent properties. Indicator material density averaging 280 g / m2, Which ensures a high strengthcharacteristics. Fabrics of acrylic famous by the fact that they are able to dissipate penetrating through them the sun's rays, creating an interesting lighting effect in the room. The only drawback of the material is its stiffness. This leads to the fact that the frequent folding and storage when folded curtain locations not appear folds and creases microcracks.

In addition, this protection puts a mark on the exterior and interior of the porch. Therefore, the choice of products should be approached thoroughly, carefully weighing all the "pros and cons".

Transparent PVC curtains

Colored and transparent PVC fabric adorn many gazebos today.

Garden furniture, decorated colored PVC canvas

Soft curtains made of PVC material on the outside and functional parameters are very similar to tissue: they can turn, lift and tie

The difference between the colored and transparent PVC webs only in that the latter is made without adding them in the cord fabric.

If we focus on the qualitative characteristics that PVC curtains more practicality and reliability of its competitors. Fabrics made from PVC materials occur have many advantages:

  • They are lightweight, but strong.
  • Good stretch, but at the same time retain its original shape.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • They are easy to operate and sew.

To remove dirt, wipe the surface sufficiently soaked in soapy cloth solution. When repairing a defect can be corrected by using PVC adhesive.

Transparent curtains - the effect of open space

Many opt for the transparent curtains, focusing on aesthetic parameters. After all, they are well miss the sun's rays, creating the effect of open space

Transparencies great pass solarrays without breaking them, and therefore can easily replace the glazing. Using these curtains can safely furnish space textile upholstered furniture and not worry that it will deteriorate from moisture.

If we compare the quality characteristics of transparent and colored PVC fabrics, then the first is still inferior to the second.

The successful combination of one-color curtains and transparent

It is interesting to look products, combining transparent and colored cloth. Inlays make a cozy gazebo openings

A major shortcoming of all polymermaterials is that they retain moisture and heat accumulate with increasing ambient temperature. Being in the heat in the gazebo, the walls of which is framed by PVC fabric, it would seem that at the time he found himself in a greenhouse. For this reason, in the walls of pavilions, framed with plastic curtains, not recommended grill and heaters.

If, however, often raise the curtains for ventilation andput the curtains, they will remain creases. To get rid of them, some masters recommend proveshivajut blinds on sunny days to warm the material alone disposes. The main thing - do not pull. Otherwise, you can only spoil material.

Criteria for selection of the street curtains

The choice of the type of curtains depends on the kind of task they are designed to perform.

But in any case, there are a number of requirements that apply to street curtains for gazebos and verandas:

  1. The strength of the material. The fabric must withstand the short-term wind loads.
  2. Resistance to weather conditions. They must reliably protect the inhabitants from any kind of precipitation.
  3. The combination with other design elements. The canopy shall be in harmony with the architectural ensemble of the gazebo and the overall design of the site, adjacent to the building.

If we focus on the color palette, thenfor registration of porches and gazebos are more suitable curtain, painted in natural colors. Outdoor curtains of light shades did not aggravate the design and visually not overload the space.

Outdoor curtains with floral ornaments

In order to diversify interior of the premises and at the same time it organically fit into the surrounding landscape, you can choose curtains with floral ornaments

If plain fabric seem boring to you, bringing the atmosphere of bright strokes help canvas with contrasting patterns.

Colourful curtains veranda

Colourful curtains of colorful hues create a special festive atmosphere, making the interior a more vibrant and saturated

It is better to choose such colors that are in harmony with the other elements of the bright landscape site design. Otherwise, a gazebo will look at the site as a foreign object.

Those who seek unusual solutions, will love the idea of ​​registration openings bamboo curtains.

Bamboo curtain roll

Like the Roman fabric curtains bamboo curtains can gently disperse the daylight, bringing into the room a romantic atmosphere

As an alternative to traditional curtains are ideal as horizontal and vertical blinds made of bamboo.

If you want to create a "paradise", it is worth considering the idea of ​​decorating the gazebo canopy.

Gazebo with a canopy, like a fairy-tale palace

Decorate building canopy supplemented with curtains of cloth, you get a fantastic effect, making the arbor-like fairy-tale palace

If the opportunity allows, buy in storetwo types of curtains: for daily recreation and special events. Then, at a gala event held within the walls of the cozy gazebo you can surprise your guests, favorably apart design accents with the help of smart fabric curtains.

Methods of fixing the curtains

Method of attachment outdoor curtains depends largely on the production of construction and design characteristics of the material.

Elements of fastening of curtains

Fasten the curtains by means of special straps and hooks that fasten to the screws on the perimeter of the open apertures gazebo

Curtains suspended by fixing with staples, which can be performed in one of two options:

  • rotary elements;
  • sliding system;
  • brackets and straps.

Rotary system using staples consideredthe most reliable. To install it through the eyelets, evenly spaced along the perimeter of the canvas, insert clamps, spring-equipped turning mechanisms. By turning the curtain brackets fixed in the deployed position, and the web is stretched.

The fastening system with rotating brackets

The fastening system with rotating brackets capable of holding a heavy fabric, not allowing them to break even in windy weather

By placing the eyelets on the perimeter of the canvas, you will be able to freely deploy curtains in whole or in part, and after the operation is free to twist them into a tight roll.

Veranda and arbor are openrooms, daily exposed to corrosive media. Therefore, when choosing a guide for attaching the curtains should choose products made of non-oxidizing materials.

No less convenient and sliding mounting system of curtains on street veranda. The method involves the installation guide and connected with her rollers, or mounting rope with carabiners hanging on it.

The sliding mechanism attaching curtains

The sliding mechanism of the guide rollers and allows the curtains to move horizontally, ensuring full disclosure of the wall or, alternatively, creating a dense screen

If you plan to hang the fabric, ropescan be replaced with metal beams and hooks - to the curtains sewn straps. To tighten the blade, it is only necessary to put it on the hole in the bracket and secure them with Velcro straps.

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