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How to hide the roses in the winter - all about saving the "queen of flowers" from frost


What varieties are most afraid of cold?

Each variety requires individual wintering conditions, so first of all remember to which group belong roses bushes growing on the site.

  • Very afraid of frost chaynogibridnye roses and some varieties pletistyh.
  • More resistant varieties are considered to be miniature and floribunda. When creating shelters for them the main thing - do not overdo it.
  • Rose Park - the most "hardened" type plants. Most of them do not require a special cover.

It happens that you do not specify which specificcultivar growing in your flower garden. In this case it is necessary to provide shelter roses in winter at least in order to protect their root system from excessive moisture and create a favorable climate for the winter trunk. The protective "Robe" will make less palpable heat, provoking winterkill branches.

Preparing for winter rosary

Aborting feed

Begin to prepare the plant for the winter period it is necessary tosince the end of August. This is the time when you should stop the rapid growth of plants, stop watering and fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. Permission is granted only occasionally pour a little potash fertilizing to the trunk and branches of woody faster.

Do not loose ground

Since the beginning of September stopped all kinds of looseningsoil around the bush, so as not to provoke the growth of young shoots. This saves from dormant buds wake up, especially if the temperature is recalled in September year.

We carry out pruning

A mandatory condition for successful wintering rosesis their pruning. It does not only require climbing and park variety. To cut branches should be at the level of the height of the future shelter to be able to hide the entire bush. All greens (leaves and young shoots) - cuts, because they still do not withstand frost, and slightly shorten lignified parts.

cleans debris

From under every bush raked accumulated debris, such as dry leaves, grass, etc., In order to avoid fungal disease spores which like to settle in such places.

treat the bushes

To strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to moisture bushes sprinkle rose Vitriol or Bordeaux liquid.

Spud each rose

To improve aeration of the root system is necessaryafter spraying okuchit rose, lifting the ground about 20 cm. In winter the loose soil holds plenty of air, which does not allow frost to get to the roots.

hilling roses

Hilling bush will create good aeration, which becomes a barrier to the cold

At what time should start work?

Knowing exactly how to prepare roses for winter, and makingall necessary steps, begin to expect a stable cold. This happens somewhere in the middle of October. Previously, the term harboring roses for winter is not worth spending.

The signal for the beginning of work should serve as a coveringstable freezing temperatures (around -6?), which will be held a week or more. In southern winter may be slightly delayed, so wait.

Remember: better to hide the plants later than prematurely. Weak shoots are not afraid of frost. It rose only harden and will accelerate the maturation of the branches. But premature shelter provoke the growth of young shoots and buds wake up, which, of course, the winter is not necessary. Be sure to keep in mind that will decide when to close the roses in the winter, the weather should be dry. If before it rained or sleet - wait a couple of days before the drying of the soil under the bushes, because excess moisture can cause different fungal infections, and in the closed mode, the plant quickly caught the disease.

Types of cover for different varieties of roses

In any type of cover that you choose,prerequisite for a good winter should be an internal air gap, ie, Rose and the material must not come into contact tightly. This will protect the bushes from damping-off in late winter, when prolonged thaw begins. If the shelter is too tightly covers the branches, it disrupted the normal flow of oxygen, and the plant is "suffocating."

Air-dry shelter: for Hybrid Tea varieties and floribunda

Many gardeners prefer the option of air-dry shelter, which keeps a constant temperature (up to -4?) And well ventilated. The procedure for sheltering such:

  1. From metal rods or wire weave frame 60 cm high.
  2. We enclose them in the form of a cone bush.
  3. We stretch the metal on top of the insulation. It is possible to cover roses for winter lutrasilom, glassine paper, cardboard and so on. We fix the material to the frame with twine.
  4. Cover created "house" polyethylene, which does not let into the precipitation and moisture.
  5. Below the entire film fall asleep soil.
Laying lapnika

If a rose each to cover the spruce branches, the rodents are not attracted by the branches and the trunk

Shelter containers

Instead, the frame can be covered with bushes containers with holes, but after the frost cover film

Panel cover: for climbing rose

Climbing roses are longer than other varieties withleaves, so with the onset of sustained cold it is necessary to cut off all the leaves with petioles. Otherwise they may rot winter and transmit the infection to the kidneys.

The procedure works like this:

  • Prepared bush and connect beam to bend to the side, where the branches stretch.
  • On the ground spruce branches spread out (it will protect vines from rodents) and laid on top bush.
  • Prishpilivayut bent in several places wire to be clamped to ground.
  • We bring down the wooden panel 2: L = length of the bush, width - about 85 cm.
  • We put on a bush shields in the form of a house, and not to have gone round, strengthen pegs, scoring them in the ground.
  • House polyethylene cover, fully coveringends and falling asleep film from all sides ground. (If the ground under a bush, not yet frozen, the ends of the foil, lift, and after the onset of cold weather stable - close).
  • If the winter will warm, the ends of the corners reveal to establish ventilation.
Laying climbing rose

The branches put on the ground in the direction in which they are folded. This will prevent cracking of the crust

Shelter shields

If you drive into the ground wooden pegs, they will not allow boards to slide under the weight of snow

Shields protect the climbing roses growing in rows. But if the hive is located in the center of the flower beds and other plants around the winter, the heavy boards may damage them. In this case, do the following climbing rose shelter for the winter:

  1. Related vines do not put on the ground and fix the column, nailing next few pegs and pegging it to the plant.
  2. Make-frame of metal pyramid and place it around the plant so as to avoid contact with the branches.
  3. On top lay a fiberglass, pulling her with string and prisypaya below ground. She would not let into the frost and provide excellent ventilation.
  4. If there is no glass - pull Sponda or other non-woven fabric, and on top - polyethylene (not sure on the air vents, or during warming vypreet bush!).

Jute bags: carport shtambovoy roses

Stam bushes, planted in tubs should spend the winter in a cool, dry basement. But if the plants are planted in the soil, it is best to hide their crown jute bags.

For this:

  • Pull on the crown of the bag without a bottom and knotted at the beginning of the growing point of the crown.
  • Poured into dry leaves or spruce branches tamped.
  • Knotted bag on top.
  • The trunk sheltering burlap.

When the shelter is ready - Wish roses calm winter and joyful awakening of spring!

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