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Make a foot shower toptun: master class on making their own hands

Make a foot shower toptun: master class on making their own hands

Escape from the heat during the summer hot days helpShower, so building on his dream of all owners of suburban areas. The most common structures include a summer shower wooden or metal frame with a fixed top capacious water tank. This facility is being built on an elevated site, with provision for drainage of waste water in a small septic tank or drain well. Not every summer resident immediately possible to construct such a heavy shower. To solve the problem allows mobile and compact. Organize the reception of water procedures at any convenient time for this shower will toptun, a variety of models which are implemented in the trading network. Most people, vacationers in the summer at their country cottages, it is easier to buy a finished product than to puzzle over the improvised device. Masterovityh cottagers, to understand the device and the principle of action of selling the invention, it is not difficult to do shower toptun own hands.


How does the shower toptun?

Device soul-Toptun not extremely difficult. Its design consists of a minimum of parts:

  • a pair of pedals rubber with the built-in valve;
  • a pair of bellows;
  • shower nozzle, watering cans.

In some models, instead of the two pedalsdesign shower-Toptun present rubber mat made of durable material used in the release of products for medical institutions. Built in the mat pumps operate on the principle of the famous foot pump- "frog" among motorists and fishermen. Latest using some simple equipment such inflated boats.

Shower-toptun for use in the country

Ready-soul-Toptun offered by manufacturers for use in the country, is not equipped with a shower and a stationary summer shower

Instead, some corrugated hosesmanufacturers using conventional smooth pipes with thin walls. Such tubes during operation of the product, and also during storage may break in two places in the fold, which in the end, may impair their integrity and early failure of the entire mobile shower design. Moreover, the "creases" obstruct the free passage of water through the system. If necessary, the damaged hose can be easily replaced with new, bought on the market, and even built up as desired.

Another model is the soul of the foot

Another model is the soul of the foot, which has the same principle of action, but a slightly different design and component parts used

What is the water pressure and what it depends on?

Active feet stepping on the rug, manshakes heated to the optimum temperature of the water of any capacity:. buckets, canisters, tanks, inflatable pool, etc. The water flows from the shower head under the pressure of 2-2.5 m True uniform supply of water jets must provide the person.. Once summer resident stops working legs, so immediately and stops the water flow. On the one hand, it is not very comfortable, but on the other - an economical water consumption. For a one-time taking a shower requires only ten liters of water. Of course, not everyone will like aerobics while taking a shower. Although many gardeners during this procedure mood rises, especially in women. After all, you can not just rinse with water, but the figure "pump up".

What is still good holiday toptun shower, so the fact thatit can be used even in the bathroom stall, mounted on a summer cottage from scrap materials, even in the open air anywhere in the site. The product is compact and lightweight, so transported effortlessly to the application site.

Option improvised soul-Toptun

To build a homemade foot shower toptun can be as follows:

Homemade soul-foot device Toptun

Scheme of a homemade device foot-Toptun soul, according to which any cottager can try to build their own installation for receiving water procedures in the country


  1. Foot Pump Portable Car.
  2. Rubber hose.
  3. Capacities made of plastic with a lid.
  4. Wooden or rubber stopper.
  5. Tube plastic or metal.
  6. Handshower.

Badge D1 is indicated in the diagram diameter of the hole in a plastic container. Distance D1 D2 should be greater than 10 mm.

Place the container in a sunny place and fillwith water. While the water is heated in a natural way, enjoy a performance of current affairs. In the country are always a lot of work. If no time to wait, you can use heated appliances water. The main scope of work is necessary for the manufacture of cork, which is necessary to make two holes for tubes of different diameters. One hole should be 10-12 mm, and the other a little more than 18-20 mm. In these openings, insert the tube. Note that the larger the diameter of the tube should reach almost to the bottom of the tank.

Next to both a tube put the hoses. Air supply to the water tank is provided with a portable foot pump through the smaller diameter hose. Such a pump in the drivers' environment called "frog". At the end of the second hose attached shower heads. All parts are connected as shown. Shower heads if you want to fix in a tree, fence, wall, country house, to free his hands. Even more convenient to use a holder, which can be easily removed with a hose with a showerhead if necessary.

This simple design is the soul of the foot, it is easycollected by one person, it can be improved. To do this, use a watering can with a crane. After closing the valve, the pressure in the tank is pumped to a level sufficient to ensure that water for some time poured from a watering can a uniform and rich stream. Then again, the pressure a little catch up with the click of a portable pump pedal.

This self-made construction can be soul-Toptunuse the country as a single person or several. In the latter case the person to take a shower, do not worry about the water pumping. This will make the "comrade-in-process." Then friends simply reversed.

Applications such foot shower

In addition to the main purpose of the installation, the pumped liquid from the tank, can be used:

  • car wash, garden windows, walkways and sidewalks, paved on the site;
  • Spraying plants grown in the country;
  • Watering separate beds with warm water.

Homemade shower toptun collected by the process describedthe embodiment is not suitable for use in the apartment during the absence of hot water. With this function, an excellent job model, sold in the retail network. Therefore, for this purpose is better to buy one of the models offered by manufacturers of portable shower units discussed earlier in this article.

The use of soul-Toptun for watering flower beds

Application soul Toptun for watering flower beds. Red hose is lowered into a bucket of water, and black hose equipped with a nozzle-watering (left-overs)

Continuing to use a design cottagethe soul is still not very convenient. Over time, the better to build a steady shower capacity, comfortable cabin, providing a place for dressing rooms and accommodation bath accessories. On cloudy days, the water is not heated to a comfortable temperature, so a stationary outside shower should be equipped with electric heating. As long as hands are not reached before the construction of such a facility, it will come and shower toptun assembled hastily in the home or purchased ready-made in stores specializing in the sale of goods for leisure, garden, fishing.

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