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Outdoor Shower for dacha: circuit device + step by step construction of their own hands

Outdoor Shower for dacha: circuit device + step by step construction of their own hands

In the hot summer shower for the garden - not a luxury,and the necessary outbuildings. Shower enables refreshing wash away the dirt after gardening. The presence of the soul in the area provides a comfortable stay in the country, especially if you are not near a reservoir suitable for swimming. When designing suburban soul taken into account its size, the materials used and the location where you plan to build. Booth must be quite large, so it could comfortably accommodate all necessary and move freely. Comfortable height shower - 2.5 m, the cabin found most frequently, the amount of which is 190/140 mm and 160/100 mm. Want more details? - Read on, now we are building a summer shower with their hands together with!


The choice in the area and place the base unit

For the summer garden is better to choose a solar showerplace away from other buildings. In the sun, the water heats up quickly, it is convenient if you plan to build a shower without heating. If the tank is painted in black, the water will heat up faster. Think also of the fact that the water supply to the shower was comfortable, preferably automated. Climb up the ladder with a bucket of water to fill the tank - not the best way.

So, the place chosen for the soul. Now you need to prepare the base - remove the top layer of soil, level the ground and cover it with sand. To create a proper base is counting on using pegs, slaughtered at the corners, and the rope stretched over them.

Shower can be a lightweight construction,and perhaps capital construction. Type of foundation depends on the materials used. If the shower will be brick, concrete foundation is used, the depth should be at least 30 cm before you begin to fill, prepared the place pipe -. You need to lay the timber wrapped with roofing material. Pouring concrete base is performed using the guides and the level that it was smooth. When the base is ready, you can perform the clutch. Brick shower is more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, if it oblitsevat tiles. But this is an expensive time-consuming option.

Option # 1 - Budget frame of canvas outside shower

This option will allow you to build a summer cottageshower without the high costs. After all, if you come to the country only in the summer, you can do a simplified version. For example, to build a canvas shower, using a metal frame.

Metal frame would require the largest costs,but still much cheaper brick. For the construction of the frame soul need: canvas fabric (3/5 m), metal profiles (18 m, 40/25 mm), a tank for the soul of plastic, preferably black (volume 50-100 l), Shower Heads, eviction? and tap with a thread. Details such as watering, nuts, sleeves, tap, gaskets and washers are very popular materials, so often they are sold one set, which is especially convenient.

Frame canvas shower

Canvas is easy to build a shower, it is comfortable and functional, for the winter tarpaulin fabric can be removed, the frame shelter cellophane to avoid rusty

Similar to this design - in shower to testify from a flat slate. It has exactly the frame, but in this case replaces the square profile (40/40 mm).

Water from the shower base must flow in the direction of the drain pipe and fits on top shield (typically made of wood), which makes a person stands and hygiene.

Ready shower

If there is no desire to build a shower, you can buy ready-made - for example, a cabin made of polycarbonate, or completely open, and enjoy water treatments directly in the garden

Council. Better flow of water to make a water-resistant layer - put a film of PVC, gidrostekloizol or roofing material on the sloping embankment. The slope is such that the flow from the shower has been directed towards the trench or the drainage capacity. Well, if the stock is ventilated, it dispels unpleasant odors.

The problem of water flow can now be successfully solved,using a septic tank. When you install a septic tank should not be placed directly under his shower. In summer, when consumed large amounts of water may burst into a septic tank and drainage work badly, the result will be unpleasant odors. Stoke is better to arrange a few meters away from the shower, close to the septic tank.

Council. Plants well, growing in wet soil, would be appropriate next to the soul - they will perform drainage function.

Option # 2 - thorough construction on pile foundation

With a fairly high altitude in the design soulshould be stable base. To build a strong summer shower designs can make a pile foundation from the pipes. Pipes must be 2 meters high (100 mm diameter) to be drilled in the ground under them polutorametrovoy hole depth. Above the soil pipe should rise by about 30 cm timber frame dimensions -. 100/100 mm.


To drill holes for support, you can call a team, establishing fences, work will take about half an hour

On the ground metered rectangle sizeshower, set in the corners of the foundation supports. The next phase - installation of beams and pillars ligation. Rama is convenient to collect on the ground and seal the structure with long bolts. Then, ligation is done within the frame structure - it will lag in the shower floor. Hard elements are placed between adjacent columns in the thickness of the wall.

Paul can be made with slits between the boardswater runoff. But sometimes you have to take a shower in cold weather, and blowing out the air gap does not add comfort. It is also possible to install the pallet, from which water will drain through the hose. More convenient would shower, consisting of changing rooms and compartments for bathing, which can be divided curtain for the bathroom. In this locker room should be separated threshold to avoid the flowing water.

As the outer trim battens are most commonly used, sheets of water-resistant plywood and fiberboard. If all buildings on the site are made in the same style, a shower should not be too different from them.

If you want to use the shower onlyduring the summer heat, it should be warm. The preferred use for this purpose polystyrene. As an interior decoration should be used waterproofing materials - plastic, foil PVC, linoleum. Wood paneling proolifit need and paint.

Summer shower

capacity installed on the roof of the structure forwater. It can be connected to the water supply or filled via the pump. Well equipped with a barrel sanitary valve, which will cover the water when the tank is filled

To better water heated in the tank can bedo for the tank frame, acting as a greenhouse. It is the size of the capacity of the timber and fitted by film. In this framework the water in the barrel will stay warm, even if the sun will hide. Wind will also cause reduction of its temperature.

As the saying goes - you have to see:

A selection of examples of schemes and devices shower

Drawings summer shower below will help you choose the right size, choose the right material, to visualize what kind of shower you want to see in their area.

Possible skin soul

Plating options soul different materials: boards, paneling, water-resistant wood panels, various types of tanks


There are some simple tools that allowuse the shower more comfortable: a - float intake will take the warm water from the upper layer; b - valve driven by a foot pedal (via block thrown fishing line off the pedal, she joins the return spring and to the tap, opens at a right angle, which will use water sparingly); in - advanced circuit connecting the heater to the water tank will allow water to warm and circulate evenly

Shower Tub

Summer heated shower: 1 tank, 2 - tube and 3 - valve for the water supply from the tank, 4, 5 - Blowtorch, 6 - head, 7 - tap for the water supply of a watering can

Selection of design, materials, work on drawing - the important points that should be paid attention to the process of creating the soul was uninterrupted or error free.

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