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Make a house for proteins with their hands from a log and of edged board

Make a house for proteins with their hands from a log and of edged board

The reason for the acquisition of suburban area oftenthere is a desire to leave the city hustle and bustle and stress, to be closer to nature, to relax, to breathe fresh air. If the site is located near the forest or the park zone, where there are squirrel, friendship with these funny animals can bring a lot of pleasant moments. Proteins - the curious and friendly animals, who often settle far away from human habitation, if you do not see in this neighborhood danger to himself. House for proteins with their own hands will be the manifestation of the care and attention that the small mammal is undoubtedly appreciate.


Step by step construction of belchatnika

The choice of material for a comfortable home

The little rodent has its ownaddiction that should be considered when choosing the material for the future of the house. In nature, proteins prefer to settle in the hollows of oaks or conifers. This wood and should be preferred. You can make a home out of birch and aspen, but this is quite a risky choice. If the house for proteins constructed from poplar, a similar structure will definitely be empty.

Squirrel in winter

The squirrel - a nice animal that you will be grateful for a warm house

The principles of creating a home for rodents

Squirrel - animal with a character thatevident even, depending on the area in which she lives. American squirrels local farmers do not love because they pose a serious threat to crops of maize and cereals. There driven by rodents show remarkable ability to get along: a small house for them can be even a cardboard box, bucket or plastic container, lying around in the attic of the house.

Gift proteins from bikers

Domestic proteins proud and picky, but the trough of bikers drew attention

Domestic proteins proud and choosy. How to make a house for the proteins that it is not empty? Keep in mind that each individual requires a private space, but prefer to settle protein families. Therefore, the best option would be a two-storey house with an internal partition.

When creating the house must not be usedtoxic and odorous materials. The more natural the product, the greater the chance that the animal wants to live here. Too much is not necessary to build a house - proteins can freeze it. Inside the home a better place moss or cotton wool from an old mattress - extra protein will plug the gap and equip a cozy nest.

Necessary tool for the job

Before operating the tool should be prepared to have everything at hand.

  • square cutting;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • Hacksaw on a tree;
  • drill;
  • nozzle "Ballerina";
  • sandpaper;
  • screwdriver;
  • waterproof glue, odorless;
  • screws;
  • pencil.

Now you're ready to go.

The use of edged board

To build the most simple, but enoughcomfortable housing for the proteins required three-meter boards board width of 30 cm and a thickness of 1.8 cm. Drawing house for proteins enough to keep in your mind, because there is no particular difficulty in the proposed designs do not. This can be seen, if consistently perform the following steps:

  • Measure 55 cm boards and saw off workpiece: turned back wall of a house the size of 55h30 cm;
  • on the rear wall should be noted at 5 cm from the top and the bottom - the free portions useful in order for them to be attached to the tree house;
  • It is to saw the side walls so that the two parts come 45h25 cm;
  • device for an internal partition carved detail 20x25 cm;
  • upper house cover must be 30x30 cm, and the bottom - 25x30 cm;
  • two small plates come in handy for making the porch;
  • in the upper left part of the facade should be using the "ballerina", make a hole to enter the diameter of not more than 7-8 cm.

As you can see, it is possible, without resorting to the drawings,to make all the details of the future house. Now you only have to collect the design itself. All items dwellings should be carefully treated with sandpaper to small animal is not injured. First the house foundation to collect on glue, and after making sure that everything is in order, fix the screws. If the adhesive has a sharp and persistent odor, refuse his application.

Building belchatnika of edged board

Stages of construction belchatnika of edged board

Using logs to build a house

Houses made of logs more closely resemble their natural proteins Housing - hollow, so they settle in them with pleasure. Necessary for the construction of the beam must not be less than 40 cm diameter The procedure works.:

  • Cut the wooden circle in the 4 cm thick - is the roof of the future house;
  • Next item - a log length of 40 cm, which form the basis of the home;
  • to be lazy to be hollow cavity of this size, the thickness of the bottom and the walls was about 3 cm;
  • make entrance nail house roof and attach at the entrance porch to a thick branch.

This belchatnik looks natural, so the problems with matching its design section can not be.

House of logs

This belchatnik looks natural and matches any design

Features installation of the finished structure

Ready belchatnik not need to varnish and decorate - a protein that "beauty" only scare. In addition, natural is always attractive and durable artificial.

Installation of the house for proteins

Five meters from the ground - the height, small animal provides a sense of security

During installation should take into account:

  • five meters from the ground - the height, small animal provides a sense of security, so belchatnik post below is not necessary;
  • the inlet should be oriented to the east or, in extreme cases, to the south;
  • consider the most frequent wind direction in your area to the entrance to the house is not blown;
  • House better tie than to nail down: take care of the trees.

Now that the house is ready, expect furry neighbors. A little trick: arrangement close to the feeder house can significantly reduce the time of your expectations.

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