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Barbecue metal with their hands: do portable barbecues on all the rules

Barbecue metal with their hands: do portable barbecues on all the rules

Barbecue - multifunctional invention thatIt has Eastern origin. The peoples of the Middle East so called brazier of copper. She looked like a bowl on legs, fitted with wide horizontal fields hemispherical cap with a flat top and a handle for carrying. This device is not only used for heating and cooking the food, it was heated blankets to be covered already warm. Today, gardeners and gardeners grill - a favorite device for cooking kebabs. Around him, the main feast is organized during all the holidays that we spend outdoors from early spring to late autumn. But best of all, it is a snap to make a barbecue with his own hands, and it will be a real adornment of your leisure time.


What good is a portable BBQ?

It is possible to build a permanent structure thatIt need not be set each time it appears in need. But let's think about it a lot in your yard space to squander it? If you have come to the conclusion that there are other ideas of buildings worthy of attention, but still want to barbecue, the portable metal products - this is what you need.

Barbecue - log

No one can say that this amazing BBQ looks not so aesthetically pleasing than the one that is made of bricks

Another unusual BBQ

And this brazier happy eyes: it turns out, do not need to hit the size and weight of devices to be in place and by the time

Barbecue future

Look how unusual and, at the same time, this one is functional barbecue. And in fact make such a miracle is not so difficult, but how cleverly devised

The main advantages of barbecues made of metal, are obvious:

  • Mobility. Whether dismantling construction gives in, it still can be removed in a utility room in the event of bad weather or at the end of the season. Carefully savings BBQ will serve and delight for a long time.
  • Fire safety. manufacturing and material dimensions of products allowed to be quiet - even random fire at its operation is unlikely.
  • Low cost. On this side of the question even to say no, because the difference in the cost of materials and work is obvious.
  • Production speed. With all technologically sound breaks to build a product from a brick will have at least a month. The metal structure can be operated immediately.

Proponents of capital barbecues claim that the metal products is not so aesthetic. With this you can bet. If the case is entrusted to the master, the output we can expect a real masterpiece.

Step by step design manufacturer

Master, which is used to work with metal, notIt needs a hint: he knows how and in what order to do things. We tried to tell him who makes his first products made of metal. It is important that first experience was positive, if not lost the desire to build and create. A skills and skills - can be acquired. Therefore, the first BBQ, which we will do with his own hands made of metal, is extremely simple.

Design size

For an average of ten skewers kebabwill be sufficient. If necessary, it is possible to make the second portion until the first guests enjoy. Barbecue with meat strung on them should not interfere with each other, but also a large gap between them should not be to the heat from the coals not to waste. From these considerations we define the length of the product.

Standard length skewers involves placingon it 6-8 pieces of meat. Making BBQ increasingly uncomfortable: small-sized products are easier to carry, and it does not take up too much space. Depth barbecue determined exploitative practices such devices. Meat should not be too far away from coal to propechsya well, but up close and put it not: burns.

It looks very nice BBQ

It looks very nice BBQ, but think about it: how much coal will have to lay in the box to not prokoptilis kebabs and propeklis?

Metal Grill

In this model, there is nothing superfluous. Approximately the product, but only for ten skewers we will do now

Individual size in a brazier - its heightfrom the surface of the earth. She was selected based on the growth of the cook. Let him who will cook, will take a skewer in his hand, and will keep it parallel to the ground. The back does not bend! The distance from the skewers to the earth and makes us the right size. This usually 80-120 cm from the top edge to the ground construction.

Preparations for the box base

Let's do a simple box with legs. A good barbecue has a secret: the quality of the material and dimensions. The correct choice of these two parameters affect the time spent on cooking, and the quality of food. Everything else depends on the skill of the cook.

As the sheet material is usedmetal 2-3mm thickness. Thinner last for the whole season and burned, and the fat will be heavy when carrying. So, mark up the sheet size using the elbow, to avoid distortions:

  • 90h15 cm - 2 pcs. (Front and back);
  • 90h30 cm - 1 piece. (bottom);
  • 30h15 cm - 2 pcs. (Side walls).

Cut parts grinder. It follows that their edges were smooth.

Oxygen required for combustion, which means thatwe must ensure that air flow inside the box base. For this purpose, the front and rear walls of the holes must be drilled. At a distance of 2 cm from the lower edge of the article carry out direct, noting the line of holes. Drill holes with a diameter of 10-15 mm in increments of 5 cm from each other.

Next in line - welding. Doing their best with an assistant, who will hold the product in place.


Welding work should be carried out for the first time together with a partner, who will hold the parts in position; be careful

Fasten legs products

For the legs use a 25x25 cm area, ormetal tubes 30mm in diameter. Their length should be individualized on the basis of the growth of the cook, as mentioned above. It turns out that they will be 65-105 cm.

Using tubes gives us the opportunity toproduct is collapsible. For this we need the 4 bolts and nuts with a diameter of 15 mm. Bolts must be carefully welded to one side of each of the tubes, which we will use as the legs. It is important not to spoil the thread!

Barbecue is ready

Barbecue is almost ready and soon it will be possible to use it for its intended purpose and make sure how things are made with their own hands, more pleasant to use

In each corner of the bottom of the box drilled by onehole whose diameter is slightly larger than the bolt, welded to the legs. From inside the drawer base welds on nut holes. Looking forward, the metal has cooled down, then turned in a nut bolts.

Corners can simply be welded to the base, orfasten with 2 bolts and nuts. Corner superimposed on the angle of the box, the top and bottom hole location is planned to be drilled through the wall and the area. Bolted joints leg is attached to the box.

Base metal barbecue ready. It is possible to weld the handles on the side walls, or to make a canopy for fire wood shelf, attach the hook to poker. All subsequent actions will prompt your imagination, but now we can use the result of their labors to cook juicy, fragrant and delicious kebabs. Bon Appetit!

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