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Make a picket fence of metal: the old guard in a new way

Make a picket fence of metal: the old guard in a new way

Fence for suburban or rural areamust perform two mandatory functions: to serve as a protective barrier and be part of the decor. Picking the right material for its construction, it is possible to emphasize the dignity of the cottage and build a truly reliable and durable protection. Not surprisingly, more and more vacationers are choosing metal picket fence - it is fully in line with your requirements.


The advantages of such a construction

Thanks to the modern production of compoundelements chalet fence transformed: from clunky with rickety fences rusting pillars are turned into beautiful, aesthetically decorated fence.

Components - shtaketiny kick -processed polymer composition, tinted in different colors. It is very convenient to create color harmony with the cottage - a shade of the fence, you can choose the color of the roof tiles, siding or brick.

Metal - strong and durable material,therefore, the metal fence will last much longer than wood products. The manufacturer gives a guaranteed lifespan of the fence built - up to 30 years. The guarantee applies to the color coating - up to 10 years, so in the coming years can not think of any of the painting or to repair.

A fence made of metal picket

Despite the democratic value of the material, a metal picket fence looks impeccable, especially in combined version with brick pillars

Color spectrum

A wide range of colors allows you to build a fence, based on the design of the entire suburban area: light colors make the fence almost imperceptible, bright - emphasize on the attention

One of the main advantages of metal partstheir low price. Average price shtaketiny height of 170-180 cm - 50 rubles. If you calculate the cost per meter of finished fence, you get a completely acceptable amount - about 300 rubles. It is much cheaper than a similar cut stone or brick fence. Low price different wooden fences, but they require constant attention: severe handling special tools, painting, frequent repairs.

Mounting Method

Fence is attached to the joists hidden or open way, respectively, to fix some of the options are required decorative metal studs

Features of bearing and protecting products

The carrier of the villa metal fenceare the pillars, and enclosing - steel fence. For the manufacture of the pillars used a variety of materials, so it is often treated with combination fences: a metal fence is combined with brick, concrete and even wood. But also metal support demand - usually a pipe with a diameter of 60 mm and above. We must remember that the fence elements heavier than simple wooden slats or mesh-netting, so the supporting pillars need to be strong and firmly dug.


Self-constructed brick support, the cost of which is much higher than metal picket, may be replaced by budget option - rolling columns, manufactured in the factory

The distances between the supports are filledmetal picket fence, fixed on the crossbar of the profiled tubes of a size - 20x40 mm. And sometimes use a larger cross section, but this is usually sufficient.

Support from the pipe

Metal pipe, painted in the color of the fence are the most inexpensive supports, moreover, they are quick and easy to install

Sam fence - this is the profile of certain elementslength, made of galvanized steel plates and covered by a polymeric top decorative coating. The polymer can be more vivid or neutral color: red, brick, blue, gray, green. The thickness of the galvanized sheets - half a millimeter.


A metal fence is different in shape profile and the number of bends. This type is V-shaped, slightly rounded shape

Profile Options few. By varying the length, width, curves and design the top of the manufacturers have different stylistic coloring. Here are three options for the metal fence that look completely different.


Option "Classic" differs rounded ends shtaketin and dense arrangement - two rows of elements on both sides of the fence do solid


Lightness fence "Gothic" provides a pointed shape and location shtaketin: they are mounted on both sides in a staggered manner, but at short intervals


Option "Neptune" is different from "Gothic" only form elements - shtaketin upper ends are cut into three pieces and resemble a trident

Fence "gaining" fast, performing the same type of motion. The main attention - to the accuracy of marking and fastening strength.


If you look at the picket fence of metal from different angles, it changes its appearance: from a solid turns into a transparent

self-installation of the fence Technology

It would seem that such a smooth and beautiful fenceit is impossible to build the home. In fact, everything is simple. Installation of the fence is to clear the layout, installation of support pillars with jumpers and assembly of the main body.

Preparation of materials, tools and construction site

Please see the rangepicket the store and choose a suitable one. In order not to buy extra items should be carefully measure the perimeter of the fenced area, and then, on the basis of calculations, to buy the necessary amount of profiles and pipes. You can take a raw galvanized steel, but then have to separately purchase primer and paint, and then spend time on treatment. It will be a little cheaper, but longer time, and a decorative layer lies not so professional, like a factory.


Armed with a tape measure, you need to as accurately as possible to distribute shtaketiny between supports - it affects the aesthetic component of the fence

Crossbeam will be two - the top and bottom, sowhen calculating the length of the perimeter to be multiplied by two. Selecting the log large, their length -. 2-12 m buy the bar, considering the optimal distance between the posts - from 2.5 m to 4 large intervals impractical - is too much load on the joists, they can sag. The calculation is made easy: 25 m fence required 10 supporting pillars, the same 5-foot bars (or twenty, if they are half as long - 2.5 m).

The distance to the ground

The distance from the ground shtaketin fence protects the elements from rapid wear. However, it should not be so large that people or animals easily penetrated into the territory of the site

Shtaketin standard width - 100 mm or 120 mm. Their number depends on the "transparency" of the fence. The greater the attachment interval, the fence will be airier. There are also dull options when fence mounted butt or lap, but on both sides. To create a "transparent" enough intake of 5 products in 1 m - distance between shtaketinami will be equal to their width.

Fasteners used to fix elementsfence - screws or special screws with washers that prevent rapid deterioration of the polymer coating, and prolong his life without repair. Sometimes special fasteners used to sampling, also made from the profile.


To fix the steel section to the bars is great galvanized fasteners - it is as durable as fence elements

The tool is best to prepare in advance. For earthworks needed a shovel or drill, for fixing parts - screwdriver. It may be necessary and welding machine - it depends on the design of the fence and the gate and the gate. Cord and laser level will help to accurately distribute the items.

The plot for the construction must be cleaned of debris and grass, leveled. Perimeter mark out the pegs between which the pull cord. Indicate the exact location of the poles and start to work.

color range

An interesting effect is obtained by using a dual color: bright outside fence, and on the inside - light, not conspicuous

Mounting of support pillars

Pulls out of the pit, which should be no depthless than 50 cm. For more reliable fastening of the post in the ground just enough to fill the hole with soil or sand, you need to concreting. Prepare a solution of the standard procedure, and you can buy ready-mix or make your own - from cement and sand. Each post should be strictly vertical, so it's best as often as possible to use the building level. The distance between the posts vymeryat taking into account the length of the beams. The established support must be secured for a while - until complete drying of concrete (at least two days). This is usually used wooden supports.

Pouring concrete

Concreting of metal poles - a mandatory step in the construction of the fence. From the quality of the installation is dependent pillars durability and reliability of the fence

Article topic: Setting the fence pillars: how different designs of installation

Building metal constructions

It is planned to place beams and fixtures usingscrews mount them around the perimeter and at the same time check the accuracy of marking. Then we arm marker and consistently for the entire length of the fence marks the spot fixing. At this stage, it requires patience, attention and accuracy.

Section width

Given the standard width shtaketin, define the spacing between the elements of the fence. The greater the distance between the profiles - the "easier" fence

The fence will look perfect in a singlecase - if the distance between shtaketinami same. It remains the most simple - tie shtaketiny screwdriver. Beautiful and reliable fence is ready, you can do the installation and wicket gates.

Ready fence

Durable metal picket fence - a great option for fences suburban area. It compares favorably with wooden counterparts in the neighborhood

Sometimes as horizontal beamsused timber. It is not as durable as steel with polymer coating, and therefore requires additional processing with antiseptic and paint. Of course, the distance between the supports should be small - wood harder to keep the weight of the metal picket.

Video example of proper installation

As the saying goes, better to see with their own eyes, and all at once becomes clear:

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